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[sticky post] Reading / Movie List 2016

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles will eventually be linked to my Goodreads reviews.

* = reread or rewatch

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Holy crap I made it.

Remember Friday's plans? THEY WORKED.just not quite the way I intendedCollapse )

The moral of the story is, I am a gosh-dang CHAMP. I have accomplished 19 hours of work this weekend between the two jobs, while fighting off Midol-requiring symptoms, and I'm still in a relatively good mood and only a tiny bit behind on my regular work! Six more nights and then I WILL HAVE AN ENTIRE REGULAR-SIZED WEEKEND OFF.

TV & movie check-in

Last Survivor catch-up post before finaleCollapse )
Eight Below is a super wonderful movie omg.
ramblings! non-spoileryCollapse )
The Jungle Book is a....not-bad movie.
the new one, I mean. Non-spoilery reaction here.Collapse )
Upfronts took forever to get here this year so now I'm saving my official check of the renew/cancel info until I'm done with the test-scoring project, but media news has a way of getting to my eyeballs in spite of my checks, so I found out that Castle got canceled. I AM SO HAPPY. That is the saddest thing that May 2015 Me could hear, but May 2015 Me didn't know this show was going to explode in a fireball of suckage and be poised to get worse in the future by firing Stana Katic (????), so thank god they're forced to abort mission and provide the happiest possible ending ASAP. I don't know what said ending is, but I assume it is positive. I heard someone say "time jump," and this is probs the only show where that is a good sound.


I retired early with a probably-exhaustion-based headache last night and I fell asleep between 8 and 8:30. Slept until 7 this morning, went out for a 90-minute walk, and generally feel a lot better today. Let's see if I can keep the positivity going for more than a day.

Next goal: pretend all the stuff assigned today is actually due today, and work until my usual deadline, then shower, and hopefully all the time between being done with that and 5pm is free time.


It was going to be "work whirlwind, activate!" but that sounded way less cool. That's my fancy way of saying HOLY COW I NEED TO WORK SO MUCH RIGHT NOW.
a proposed schedule of eventsCollapse )

p.s. I looked up my subject line to make sure it was right, tripped over this, and the amount I now need to watch the Power Rangers movies again is unreal. I will never not love the hell out of every last Turbo Ranger, even more than the original ones. (exception: Kimberly is exactly as beloved as Kat in my heart)

Take over the street, that's how we roll

I don't think I can wait for The Music List to publicly shame myself, I have to tell you about how this song sense-memory attached itself onto my brain and has now been played 20 times today. I got the Furious 7 soundtrack solely for "See You Again," but before I could skip to that, the music of track 1 burst forth, I recognized it as -- I hope -- the song they used for the series recap montage at the beginning of the movie, and now I'm so awash in happy associations that I apparently can't recognize it for the curse-inclusive garbage it is because it has a catchy hook.

It's OK, though, I can tie it to into talking about driving. I'm developing quite a collection of animal world metaphors for freeway driving. Today's observation is that seeing a car pulled over by a cop is kind of like being an antelope seeing a big cat chonking down on a fresh kill. You tense on sight, because it's a predator, but then you realize that they hunt alone within their territory and if this one is newly occupied, it means you are safe for the immediate future and can relax your guard for at least a few minutes.

In completely unrelated news, Eight Below will be the death of me. It has moved into the I WILL NEVER BE HAPPY AGAIN phase of sobbing. The worst part is over and there's a happy ending within the next 40 minutes, but I don't know if I'm gonna make it. TOO MUCH SAD.

May. 10th, 2016

I am 27 minutes into "Eight Below" and I feel the need to inform you that
a) Paul Walker playing kissyface with 8 huskies is making my heart explode. (also, his hair is excellent)
b) I do not know how I am going to make it through the rest of this movie without a fluffy husky to cuddle myself, or even a tiny dog to pet
c) I have been introduced to every dog by name how am I going to handle this movie given that at least one of them dies
d) The only flaw so far is that Jason Biggs is in this movie, and completely intolerable. Can we leave him stranded with the dogs?

Furious 7

Mini review: So we not even gonna try and be slightly believable anymore, huh?

I"ll be serious at the end. But first, we laugh.Collapse )
Oh no. I might have to buy a ticket to Furious 8 when it comes out next year? I thought for sure I'd peace out with Brian, but apparently if Dom's in so am I. I'm just not ready to let go.

In the meantime, I could go back and watch the first movie with renewed appreciation of how all the characters fit together when nobody knew how big it would become. Look at them finding their way! Look at their little baby faces! Wait, this series used to be about underground street racing and maybe some black market/theft rings? Haha. What quaint crimes.

I am now very tired.

To celebrate night #1 without a night job, I...sat around being incredibly ineffectual all day, even worse than a normal Monday, because I gave myself foolish permission to work on Goodreads reviews without a time limit. Then at 5 I shrugged, declared FREE TIME, and spent 4 hours happily exhausting myself.
stuff I didCollapse )----------------

If there is such a thing as reading soulmates, I have found mine.Collapse )
And now...oh god so much work.


I WANT A FANDOM TO PLAY IN. I mean, if I had a fandom it would probably somehow be at least 80% slash, because fandom creates the same number of ships:characters ratio regardless of how imbalanced the genders are, but at least there would be more gifsets. In lieu of that, I will have to create my own playground to revisit later.

Extremely Unwieldy Thoughts on Fast & Furious 6Collapse )

My problem is...

...I keep biting off more than I can chew, post-wise, and then I find myself mired in a mess of text -- surely I do not need all this text?! I could be more succinct! I could stop writing this aside right now -- even though I haven't said half of what I want to say yet, and then I get frustrated or run out of time and just go, "screw it, this is not good enough for public consumption," give up halfway through and mark it private (i.e. saved draft), but never get aroudn to finishing it. 7 out of my last 25 updates are private right now.

I am hoping to rectify that tonight, as I am all done with work & social obligations and about to have two nights off the night job before the next project starts, but in case I don't...this post has been your warning.

I just finished reading this really wonderful memoir that filled me with happy feelings, until the epilogue very briefly summed up the next 5 years and ended with his partner of 16 years leaving him. Now I want to punch everything. So in an attempt to dispel this rage cloud that's not supposed to be here on weekends, I am going to try and focus on a happy story.

The happy story of the Amazingly Huge and Big Church Rummage Sale. NEW FAVE ANNUAL EVENT.Collapse )

I've run well ahead of myself in terms of my next planned Fast & Furious post, but long story short I finally got around to checking his IMDB. While my eyeballs were still bouncing around the page prior to doing a proper analysis, the title "Eight Below" jumped out at me.

Me: Eight Below? *memory flash* Wait is he the lead in OH MY GOD HE IS, 2006 PAUL WALKER AND A PACK OF HUSKIES IN A DISNEY MOVIE LEAVE-ME-TO-DIE.GIF. I am so glad l I have somehow not gotten around to seeing this movie yet.

that"s not even the only five-alarm summoning bell on this listCollapse )


OK. I accidentally watched another Fast & Furious movie instead of making progress on work or sleeping.

How do I course correct this in the next 11 hours, given that I am quite physically incapable of coping with the night job on no sleep.
[edit: a nap from 7:30-10:30, brevity accomplished by the intensely uncomfortable position of "faceplant onto a pillow where the keyboard normally is"]
I have watched four movies this month and they all had "Fast" and/or "Furious" in their title. I still have two left, but my Brian/Mia shippin' feelings have reached critical mass and started to spill out of their holding pen, so this post is skipping to the top of the queue in order to try and let off excess squee.

That reminds me that in my first post about it, someone asked what the appeal of these movies is that they can make so many of them. I joked, "The romance, clearly." Turns out: not as much of a joke as I assumed.

But first we"re going to talk about my continuing love for this ridic franchise as a whole.Collapse )

(above time, which was only for day job last week, does not take into account any time I spend composing longer emails in Notepad -- or breaks/whenever my mouse movement/typing stops longer than a minute) (also, because the contrast is worse than I thought...if you can't read it, that image says "34 hours, 47 minutes")

BUT GUESS WHAT. Despite that, I stopped working at 1:40pm on Saturday AND I still only had to spend 70 minutes on the day job today and now I'm going to catch up on the first posting backlog. The most important thing of all: Survivor.
About nine hundred years ago, I caught up on 2 episodes of Survivor, and I wanted to write about them before I watched any more, so I haven"t watched it in over a month. BAM, SIX EPISODES" WORTH OF COMMENTS.Collapse )

I truly don't have time to dwell on either of these things; I saw the headlines and did a cursory scan and went "nope can't deal with this right now I'm out" and went back to work, but I need to have a historical record of them on the right day so here is an abbreviate version.

two horrible things have happened today and I know they"re not equal but they feel equalCollapse )
[actually the second thing is related to Castle. So it"s technically a spoiler and therefore gets a spoiler cut.]
2. But prior to either of those things, I randomly visited TV Line and holy #%*(#^ m-f-ing hell what do you mean "STANA KATIC IS OUT". The hell?! THE HELL? Oh god please don't let season 9 exist even though it probably will, and again I say, THE HELL!!!!!!!!!! How you just fire one of your two stars who is ALSO half the OTP (ruined mess though it was) AS A "COST SAVING MEASURE." I will get ALL OF THE FEMINISTS involved in this and rally around with Misogyny banners and wage inequality rhetoric, so help me, I will.
I just, I don't even know. I don't know or care how they're going to write her out. If they kill her, at least we know for sure that show couldn't be saved. If they end up separated, that's not any worse than season 8 already was. If they give them a happy ending and claim she's just offscreen the whole time, OK, but I saw CSI try that and it is the FARTHEST thing from a guaranteed permanent happy ending unless the show gets put down for good right quick. So whatever. I had almost zero hope of it redeeming itself anyway, but there was always the chance, and now it's really gone.
So. I will just be over here holding my memories of the last episodes I saw at the end of season 7, cradling them in bewildement and wondering how this beautiful, perfect show went so far to hell so fast.
And now, back to numbing my brain with work so I can maybe have time to do a fun thing tomorrow. The second I get a break, a real one and not an LJ-writing frenzy to get it out, everything will be glorious.
The only thing worse than having a million points of work to do is not having any music to listen to while working on it. And I have reached the Overstimulation Point with Spotify's music binge so that none of it satisfies me; THERE'S TOO MUCH I DON'T KNOW WHAT I LOVE ANYMORE, and it's THE WORST. My latest attempt to course-correct is by trying to fall in love with some of my older CDs again. I chucked in Carla Bruni's "Quelqu'un M'a Dit" on a whim, not expecting much because I think I pretty much only love the first and last songs and so haven't played it in years...

cut for spaceCollapse )

Your turn: do you have any CDs that spark a Rush of Feelings?


**this is a queued post; I'm not here**

Accidentally visited TV Line last week and got hit in the face with a tantalizing spoiler-filled interview related to The Mindy Project's midseason premiere (and what lies beyond, so fair warning before you click!), which I of course immediately read, so here are some reactions about that episode because THIS SUBJECT LINE IS TOO PERFECT NOT TO UTILIZE FOR THIS SITUATION

Read more...Collapse )

Popping in quickly to question one thing:

I am about to suffer "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" out of sheer stubborn determination to watch the entire series in the order it was produced, even though this is the redheaded stepchild movie that has basically no connection to anything else* and I will probably hate it. The summary talks about a "teenager" being sent to live in Japan and create the title plot, but so far, the camera has only focused on this one nameless guy and I'm getting a sneaking suspicion that I have to ask:

AM I SUPPOSED TO TAKE THIS BURLY, CLEARLY GROWN MAN currently starring as the male agent on "NCIS: New Orleans" [Lucas Black] seriously as a teenager? A high school teenager?? Because even in 2005 or whenever this was filmed, this dude was over 22 and looking near 30, and yet he is the first one billed on IMDB, so I guess I am?


(this is straight-up ridiculous. If he is doing anything on a high school campus, it's clearly teaching. Maybe being the principal. Or the worst undercover cop ever.)

[*edit: turns out this movie will retroactively be made important, so it's good I watched it when I did. Probably. Or maybe it would have been better after the 6th movie; I dunno]
I realize Goodreads has like 25 million members (possibly way more than that), and 1346 reviews of books I've read in my entire life (including some picture books) doesn't feel like it should be that epic a feat...but this little infographic still made my night! I'm inadvertently so much better at GR than every other social media site, and this fact will never stop both being hilarious and feeling truly appropriate to how I live my life.

*title phrase musically brought to you by my newest love in the collection from my greater love, The Musical Moments of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,with just a little more narrative that is cut to save space on your barren flistCollapse )


GUESS WHO HAS SPENT 15.25 OUT OF THE LAST 26 HOURS WORKING (counting my night job but not the 15-minute break at said job).


Guess who is not even halfway through reviewing what was assigned today, much less beginning to edit it, and still has 2 left over from yesterday due to circumstances beyond her control! And is also assigned to work this weekend, so no days off until the 10th!

NYYYYYYYYROOOOOOOM! (sound of me revving up and zooming off to shower in order to be presentable for night job)

p.s. excellent commenting work, all! I cannot wait to read/review in more detail

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