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[sticky post] 2015 Reading List / Movie List

Gonna try keeping a regular book list on LJ again, with the links going to my Goodreads reviews. Mini movie reviews will be added to this post as before. Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it and might buy, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. * = reread or rewatch

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I finished out the season of Law & Order: SVU, which more to the point means I caught up on the first 3 episodes fairly soon after they aired, and then when I came back this weekend to start with episode 20, I was confronted by a little "part 3 of 3" symbol that meant I had to rewind and go round up the other parts of another double Chicago crossover to get the whole story. This one was a lot more involved than the last one, so it's a really good thing I didn't listen to my impatient gut and skip them.

Things happened. Dark things.Collapse )
as for the rest of the SVU episodes:Collapse )

May. 20th, 2015

I watched the finale of How I Met Your Mother on TV tonight, you know, the one that ends with Barney & Robin's wedding, and after spending the first half mentally punching my TV about all the asinine anvils about bad luck and bad signs and how Ted is Totally The Guy She Should Be With! that they pretended they were bringing up for the purpose of overcoming...I started crying when Barney made his real vow and cried through the end of the episode, with a brief pause only to giggle with glee at Trevor Hudson. Gosh, what a good finale. A good, good, legendary series finale for the ages.

Also, I finally figured out what that piano number I couldn't quite place at their wedding is. Sandcastles in the Sand! Of course! In fairness, I could never stand listening to that song before this song, when I finally decided it was interesting, so it was not in my mental wheelhouse before this month. But how great.

Haven't seen Survivor yet because I had to work, so Mom & are watching it sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, I finished NCIS.
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In "shows I actually love" news, I watched the trailer for Under the Dome season 3 and my heart instantly exploded into a thousand monarch butterflies.

At least there is one show still alive in this world that brings me unfiltered joy!Collapse )


I have now watched the remainder of NCIS this season, with the exception of the finale, because the penultimate episode (Lost Boys) was one of those WHOA HEY HOLD THE PHONE WHAT DID YOU JUST BLOW UP episodes and I still need time to wrap my head around it.

quick recap of the earlier episodes first, thoughCollapse )

A rant with accidental wordplay.

Pet peeve of the day: people who complain about people who complain about the price of adopting a shelter dog.I see this ALL THE TIME. It"s tiring.Collapse )
In other news, I finished this season of Criminal Minds.
another 2 episodes, I guessCollapse )
I also finished The Odd Couple and was pleased as punch to see Lauren Graham appear as Oscar's ex-wife. Just keep recycling the same few women in Perry's characters' lives over and over; I love that.-
Survivor last week, but only the last 5 minutesCollapse )

Oh no.

I really want to see Pitch Perfect 2. In theory. In theory, I've been excited about it for as long as it's been announced. However, I am extremely worried by the fact that 90% of the promotion I've seen for it so far centers on Rebel Wilson. Every scene. Every joke. ALL HER. Why? I will straight up boycott this movie if she becomes the star of it. Or if I even get a sense that she might be the star. I'd rather miss out than risk being subjected to that.


Cool pets I have zapped with my 3 Neopets lab rays in the past 2-3 weeks:
-Mutant Cybunny
-Chocolate Cybunny
-Water Uni
-Halloween Poogle
-Custard Chomby

All but the first one have been rehomed or have plans for new homes, but if anyone still plays and they want him, let me know.

Cool shows I have watched in the past 2-3 weeks: 1
Survivor, and it required great effort on my part to see this before a new episode aired.Collapse )

Ranking the Seasons, Day 6: CSI: New York

A long abandoned project, I know! I just found the working draft in My Documents, so I'm restarting it and then I'm gonna post & run.

Comment with a show and I’ll rank its seasons from favorite to least favorite

True story: once upon a time in 2007, I built the major foundation of my flist through this fandom.Collapse )

Previously on this meme: HIMYM.

Posty posts

I have been storing up a lot of TV-related thoughts. I'm actually like 2 weeks behind on ALL of my shows, even Survivor!, so some of these reactions are hilariously overdue, but you're going to pretend they are important anyway.

1. First of all, am I crazy or does this random person I know look a lot like Tyler on Survivor?
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2. Second of all, I'm so glad I kept this particular Grey's Anatomy icon from 2007 around even after I stopped watching the show, because CHECK OUT HOW IT'S GOTTEN RELEVANT AGAIN.

On McDreamy"s exit and why Shonda Rhimes might be a worse person than Ryan Murphy.Collapse )

3. In other news, ABC also renewed a bunch of non-garbage shows and that's cause to celebrate! I haven't investigated the details, but The Middle and Castle are both renewed! So was Nashville, which I continue to entertain extremely vague notions of watching someday. And The Goldbergs, which is boyfriend's favorite show.

they also renewed some sucky ones, unfortunatelyCollapse )

My LJ homepage did a thing.

Also, I have been super absent and busy like crazy and SO MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED both on TV and in real life that I desperately want to talk about, but right now I am super mired in work (I am working this weekend, so it's nonstop on the day front, and now I am working at the test-scoring place at night so that's another 6 hours I can't be online, between getting ready and the commute).

Edit: let me add some of the random things into this post:

This week on Adventures In Radio Station Flipping, I heard the original versions of 1901, Skinny Love, and Young Blood. Unsurprisingly, they were all terrible.

#Birdy forever #solo ladies fixing music since ALWAYS

(Skinny Love was the least terrible, in the sense of "Bon Iver might be an interesting band to listen to at some point," but it was so far below Birdy's level of beauty-making as to be laughable.)

placeholder title for placeholder post

First of all, I have broken my week-long addiction to A&E's "Hoarders" after watching 2.05, whereupon I NOPED on out of there.Two mothers faced with having their kids taken away.Collapse )

Survivor x2:
Random babbling about 2 weeks of SurvivorCollapse )
In Survivor-related news, a fun group dance to Oh Honey's "Be Okay," including one Reed Kelly* on the left hand side, bringing back all the joy (long forgotten in SYTYCD burnout) of watching choreographed group numbersvideo behind cutCollapse )
Me: *walks into living room*
TV: Do you want to be the first to hold him?
Me: *registers some show, probably British, with a lady in a hospital bed*
TV: Lance would like that.
Me: (realizing what show it actually is) NOPE, not dealing with this. *turns around and marches right back out where she came from*

God, what a waste of a long-lived procedural.


I don't even care what they have for sale, how epic does this artist's house look??? I am ABSOLUTELY going to it.

Community: Season Six So Far

I have only watched the first five, but I am still not very thrilled. I'm so apathetic I'm not even doing individual episode reviews yet.

But will I still write plenty? YesCollapse )

Little Post of Horrors

So there are people all up in this joint defending looting as an appropriate reaction to police violence and you know what, I'd rather learn about the shoplifting community again.

Drive by update

I have a million things to do, but I got briefly side tracked reading an old journal, and I would like us all to coo over how adorably amazed 14-year-old rainbowstevie is by the size of her book collection: "After I cleaned up my room, I decided to list all the items in it. I listed stuff like magazines as one item with a number in parentheses, but each book is listed individually -- around 150 of them(!!)"

*looks at current collection of 600+ and chuckles*

(I would still have that list if my stupid unstable 90s computer wasn't so prone to meltdowns/crashes and erasing all the data on its hard drive. I couldn't even have saved it on a disk, since lists were so much more fun to make in Microsoft Bob, so that's where it was. But maybe that's a good thing. 29-year-old me would probably just get upset about all the toys I no longer own.)


This Week's Happenings

I am so ridiculously excited for this week to happen. Look at all the things going on!

mostly sales, obviouslyCollapse )

In other news, I learned there is a small and widely condemned but definitely existent shoplifting community on Tumblr, and I spent a large part of my evening scrolling through its' members blogs in fascinated disgust.

YOU are the WORST.Collapse )
Various thoughts on various comedies.Collapse )

2 Broke Girls and the Hideous Canary Bridesmaid Dresses
that"s the title I"m usingCollapse )

In other news, I've never actually watched Scorpion, but I'm watching it tonight in hopes I will get to see one of the obnoxious characters die in real time. I don't actually know if he's going to die or live or if it will be a cliffhanger ending, I'm just hoping for the former.this may be the worst show I"ve never seenCollapse )

I want to talk about thiiiiiings.

But I can't remember what I have to say. So I will fall back on my usual standby.

2 Broke Girls and the High Hook-up
APPROVED.Collapse )

God, I love Jenn.Collapse )

Criminal Minds catchup
2 weeks" worthCollapse )

Treasure Trove

I have had quite a lot of luck with thrifty things in the past month or so, but an epic aversion to the amount of effort required to photograph them. Which is upsetting when I find myself in the mood to read through my garage sales tag, and ithere's hardly anything there. I miss my stories about sales as much as the pictures. Time to remedy this! This isn't even half of what I've found, but here are the things I managed before the battery died:

mostly clothes, plus a really neat thingCollapse )
Previously on this meme: The Office.

Comment with a show and I’ll rank its seasons from favorite to least favorite

This is my favorite one yet. I feel real solid about this order and my rationale.Collapse )

P.S. You know, I would not be opposed if anyone wanted to rank the seasons in their own order in the comments section.

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