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Mt. Fandom
So it turns out that being in a relationship takes up some of the free time I used to have to tackle television. Which is absolutely fine, as TV is a consolation prize for not being in a relationship, but it also means that much like last year, I probably will not have time to tackle more than half of the episodes below. And this is half as much TV as I had on the watchlist last year. But just for my own peace of mind, I thought, what the hey. Let's figure out exactly how many episodes of TV I have on my imaginary DVR, shall we?

Revolution: 12 (starting at 2x11)
Community: 9
Glee: 19
Reign: Entire season minus 1 (so...19-21)
Law & Order: SVU: Entire season minus 2
Castle: Entire season + 1
Grey's Anatomy: 2 seasons

Watching Live, Supposedly
Under the Dome (season 2)

Starting Values: May 7, 2014
Survivor: 1
Criminal Minds: 3
Intelligence: 2
The Crazy Ones: 4

2 Broke Girls: 5
(starting at 3x20)
Sleepy Hollow: 5
Two and a Half Men: 6
The Mindy Project: 8 (starting at 2x15)
NCIS: 7 (starting at 11x17)
Revolution: 12 (starting at 2x11)
Community: 17 (starting at 4x10)
Glee: 19
Reign: Entire season minus 1 (so...19-21)
Law & Order: SVU: Entire season minus 2
Castle: 2 seasons
Grey's Anatomy: 2 seasons

Movie List 2014

I am super lazy this year and I don't know when I will get around to adding the books, seeing as it's June as I type this, but I have no other good place to record movies, so...
* = rewatch

titles and what notCollapse )


Castle some more!

Castle GIF
I watched 5x23, and it was indeed as uncomfortable and demoralizing as I thought it would be,because of reasons; and also my plans to catch up with the series before the end of the year might be stalled a bitCollapse )
To calm my crankiness, I watched the bonus features and HOLY GOOD LORD, if ever there was a Castle DVD you needed to buy, it is THIS ONE. Not only is it it the best season by far, it also contains 100% amazing special features.

Martha's Master Class and your Home Is Your Castle are the best, but they're literally all greatCollapse )
I have 2 weeks of Under the Dome to catch up on:
2x09-10Collapse )
They also showed a "special sneak preview" of "Scorpion," and I just...I really want to love it because Kat McPhee (I'm so glad she keeps getting hired), but I just cannot find it in my heart to do so. It has the same bland feeling of Dude Overload that H50 or NCIS: LA has. I may give its premiere a shot, because it'll air right before the Under the Dome finale, but I have low hopes. And also I might prefer to watch Sleepy Hollow; not sure yet.

Thrift ALL the things!!

I have had some pretty epic luck lately in my thrifty shopping, which almost makes up for not getting to go to very many garage sales.

4 old books...Collapse )-----------------
Savers and Day 1 of the 50% off Labor Day saleCollapse )
And last but far from least, pop is on sale at Walmart, specifically 12-packs of cans and specifically Vanilla Coke (Zero) (which is like NEVER on sale) for $3. That's already a good price for cans -- they sometimes go down to $2.50 but only if you buy 4 at a time -- and for vanilla flavoring, well, I am just in heaven. They also have a bunch of tanks on clearance at $3 apiece, which i about on par with Savers and Goodwill's regular prices, and although I normally avoid their clothes, layering tanks don't have to be great quality -- you just need a bunch of them. Cheap is the way to go.

Meanwhile, my holiday weekend may only be as long as a normal person's weekend, but so far here's what I have done with it:
Weekend o' Joy has greatly improvedCollapse )

Cats, Castle and Who?

Castle GIF
From a shop I edited today: Oh man...I understand that is not everyone's cup of tea, but I TOTALLY want to shop for a car at the dealership that has "stray cats on the premises with food bowls set out for them"! Even though I also feel like it is not ideal to mix outdoor cats and a parking lot full of vehicles.
I am weirdly tempted to watch the new Doctor Who episode. I've carelessly spoiled myself well by reading reviews from all the usual Moffat haters whose main concern is whether women have enough agency, and concludedsome things! mild spoilers but unrelated to plotCollapse )
But what I actually did was watch more Castle, because I'm in love with love.

"The Squab and the Quail:" hey, jealousyCollapse )
(apparently aired out of order because of the Boston Marathon bombings, but honestly, it makes more sense coming after the above)

That is nothing like I expected but I'm so glad nobody spoiled it. It could have been a season finale -- the non-rage-inducing, non-cliffhanger kindCollapse )
Also, even though I haven't been spoiled on anything except the Sofia V. gag, I think I might just give up on even watching this year's Emmys, never mind trying to blog it. It's disappointing, but the State Fair took priority. What kind of damn fool network airs those on a Monday, when people have a life, instead of Sunday night, when there's absolutely nothing to do and you're tired from having a fun, busy weekend?
(in terms of always being behind and watching it on my own inconsistent terms, in a semi-isolated bubble, and how strange and weird it's going to feel when the episodes run out)

This has been an awful mess of a weekend, minus the brief run I was able to make to Savers for the 50%-off-books sale weekend and little bit of time boyfriend and I spent together, and my post is going to be an awful mess in response.

-Savers netted me I Haz a Hotdog ($1), which I gave to said boyfriend to improve his mood after feeling under the weather, but the real find was Jewel's gorgeous and artistic memoir Chasing Down the Dawn for $2.50.

-Meanwhile, boyfriend time netted me quality television...but you know what's hard? Choosing random episodes of How I Met Your Mother to show someone who hasn't seen the majority of the episodes. He likes what he's seen of the show in syndication but I never know if our humorous tastes will match up.

Ergo, a vote: what are the best episodes of season 3? I've tried the premiere and The Bracket and I just don't think I've nailed it yet. Each one makes me feel guilty for steering him into buying season 3 instead of season 2 when he had the option. My Ted/Robin hatred coupled with my anger at the temporary Marshall/Lily breakup blinded me to the fact that season 2 has way more standouts.

-Speaking of tastes not syncing up...

Community, 5x04
Chris liked it, I was not so enthused.Collapse )

P.S. dollsome and crackers4jenn both abandoned their posts re: reliable Community episode reaction posts. THIS HAS BEEN AN UPSETTING ROUTE OF DISCOVERY. If you're down and Television Without Pity's shut down, where do people talk about this show?? How do I know if my feelings are right? How do I know what happened beyond the like four things my goldfish brain can remember happening in any given non-stellar episode?

In which I am almost a bad person

Castle GIF
I was on YouTube (like a fool, like a fool!) yesterday to review a clip from the 100th episode after I had to return the DVDs, and you will be very pleased to know that even though I ALMOST went on a wild binge of season 6 Caskett scenes, I tore myself away after only sneaking two.

from the second episodeCollapse )


Grumpy Cat has left the building

Castle GIF
Or, "Castle, season 5, part 2." Because wow, nothing brightens your mood like a pair of pretty people in love + hilarious hijinx. I'm just going to ignore that actor I loathe occasionally showing up as the coroner instead of Lainie and hope it's only temporary while she was off having a baby/filming a movie or something.

5x13-20Collapse )
Mt. Fandom
1. I am presently drinking appletini flavored Crystal Light, and it is AMAZING. Thank you, Dollar Store. Where I also found these amazing Nonni's Biscotti Bites.

2. I found the creepiest thing in an antique store last week:
a taxidermy yellow duckling dressed up in an easter bonnet/shawl. I couldn't tell what it was at first, as it was on its side amongst a bunch of small dolls, and I picked it up thinking it was a little toy. A very realistic toy... "OH EW!" Its papery little feet were the worst. It was admittedly very soft, but way too much like a dead body in a way that larger taxidermy somehow isn't.

3. While researching that on eBay to see if it was a common thing (it appears that it is - though the modern ones tend to have disclaimers stating they are natural deaths), I found a super cool thing on Etsy: felted wool animals. They look amazingly realistic, or at least they do from this particular seller, and I want twenty of them (I can afford zero). The cat is one of my favorites so far, but here are some other neat examples:image cutCollapse )

4. I was listlessly scrolling through the homepage today, blocking journals left and right, when I happened upon one that sent me to a game of link-tag and ultimately resulted in me seeing this and doing the virtual equivalent of throwing a stack of papers in the air as I stormed the internet to see about the humanly fastest way to get a free copy of A Single Man* into my hands. I have always bypassed it on the grounds of "meh, lacks women," but actually it sounds like it could be right up my alley in terms of tear triggers.

5. Then, frustrated that I could not just drive down and check out a copy immediately, I went through my Goodreads and requested like six more books because I only have one novel checked out of the library right now and that's my cue to obtain a lot more, as opposed to reading some of the many unread ones I own that do not have due dates, obviously.

6. I texted Chris, "I watched that episode again last night. Now I'm addicted to a song with an awkward title and lyrics. THANKS COMMUNITY. And YouTube the Enabler."
His response: o.0 (the song about Excel Dean sings? A song that contains donkey-esque crooning? The mystery!)

Good point. Those are addictive too, but they lack the sense of shame that comes with constantly wanting to sing things like "It said quarter to five, but it was quarter to ass..."
I am sad that this is the only song I've gotten obsessed with so far this yearCollapse )
Under the Dome, 2x08
Moar conspiracy ahoyCollapse )
Since I last checked in with the Community tag [THREE MONTHS AGO??], I have watched the season 4 finale:
it was a nice combination of cracktastic and comfortingCollapse )
And then, since boyfriend went ahead and bought season 5 on DVD (what a novel concept! I mean, it hasn't even been out for a year), we started watching it.

5x01, Repilot Sucky like a regular pilot.Collapse )
5x02, Introduction to Teaching
Significant improvement. Just for Abed's unintentional impressions.Collapse )
5x03, "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics"
And then there's the newest addition to my all time favorites:

Castle, season 5, part 1

Castle GIF
LOOK WHO IS FINALLY CATCHING UP. I'm perfectly giddy about all the sweetness - and it's backed up by plots that, in comparison to the way things were starting to feel kind of routine by the end of season 4, are on fire and super entertaining and fun, which explains how I have powered through this many episodes in a span of only 3 nights.

The first dozen episodes of DOMESTIC CUTE MODE: ENGAGE!Collapse )
Lastly, I have 30 minutes until the next Under the Dome, but I did watch it last week, so let me just throw this in here too:

2x07: let's have ALL the crazy new twists!Collapse )
"Oh, 'creativecasey,' that sounds nice. I wonder if it's someone promoting a writing journal or artistic projects."

*clicks username*

"THANKS FOR THAT UNEXPECTED CLOSE-UP OF YOUR BARE CROTCH. TOTES AWESOME." I now not only don't want to help you figure out what kind of medical issue is all up in your lady business, I actively hope you suffer from pain and irritation for weeks to come.


Bad News

I went out and had a fun-filled day of shopping (except I learned that the last K-mart I know of within 10 miles is closing next month, and the Rainbow Foods grocery store by it has become a Cub Foods), and then heard the radio on the way home say, "Breaking news as of about 20 minutes ago, actor Robin Williams--"
Me: don't be dead.
"was found dead in his apartment--"
"of an apparent suicide."
Me: WHAT???

So now I'm sitting here all stunned and upset because he's a really amazing actor, responsible for a large percentage of my favorite childhood films, and recently had earned a full-time pass into my life by bringing consistent awesomeness with The Crazy Ones every week. And this is just -- no. I'd vaguely heard things about him struggling, but he's magic, it can't end like this.

Under the Dome: Episodes 2-3 + 4

Because I am infinity years behind but I'd still like to record my thoughts before too many new reveals influence them, here are some jumbled thoughts from the above episodes:
Half of them are shipping related.Collapse )
UPDATE: Just watched episode 4. My thoughts are pretty much:
behind hereCollapse )

Oh, I went to the Irish Fair...

And the great band of ALTAN was there!!!! 90-minute set. Free admission. (totally worth the $10 paid for parking within half a mile)

details of that, and other events of the dayCollapse )


Day o' Thrift Experiences

I found another partially-filled-out journal (10 or so entries) while out thrifting. A woman in her early 60s, and this time there was a full first and last name inside the cover, with sporadic entries from 2000-2004. But once again, it was a spirituality-based journal. A little more personal detail this time (in one she mentioned learning her son's 5th child was going to be born with spina bifida), but at least half the entries were about what she read in bible study and it was like all roads led to prayer and her relationship with God.

Yesterday was also the G3 My Little Pony bonanza. If only I didn't hate G3s (21st century before the even-worse TV show version) -- I found more than half dozen between two thrift stores, neither of which were Savers, including one with puffy wings which I assume is G3's answer to Flutter Ponies ("Star Catcher," her name is).

Instead, I bought brand new black leggings on the cheap to wear under dresses when I don't want bare legs but don't want the struggle of tights. Fleece-lined leggings, so not really workable for summer (which is a pity as most of my short dresses are summer dresses), but they do have a nice shiny spandex-y outside.
I have like nine billion TV shows checked out of the library right now and not sure which one to prioritize, so I'm going with The Big Bang Theory, season 6. I never did get around to writing about 2 and 5 (oops), but I have to say that season 6 is like, extra magical.

and not just because of Sheldon and Amy, although I am super glad I spoiled myself on those scenes ahead of timeCollapse )
-I reunited someone on whatwasthatbook with a Lynn Hall book (The Solitary). I feel pretty good about that, not least because no one else had commented on the 4-day-old post.

-A Herberger's Clearance store opened up near my house recently, featuring mind-boggling deals on last year's clearance merchandise -- you can oftentimes find epic amounts of underwear, swimsuits, shirts, dresses and pants for $4-12 apiece, and sometimes less (I saw one particular rack of short skirts going for $2). What's also mind-boggling is how ugly most of it it is. Seriously. Like 2% of that store is something I might wear. Those skirts, for instance? Knee-length or a bit shorter navy and pure lace, like frumpy/old-fashioned church wear. Yesterday I did find some nice Jockey underwear for $2/pair, but when it comes to outerwear, it's just depressing. The worst part is it all looks fine, even eye-catching, until you get up close. It's like the Cheerleader Effect of clothing.

-But speaking of deals that are great, have you tried Nestea's Liquid Water Enhancers? If not, and you like the taste of Nestea, hustle your butt to the nearest Dollar Tree and swoop in.
seriously, they taste exactly like the bottled productCollapse )

-Incentive to be up and about before 8am: if I can start work by 7, I can afford time to get a fancy coffee drink to spur myself along.

And then I sobbed for one million years

A link on Tumblr for a lovely new story-poster took me back to anxioussquirrel's One Good Day, a oneshot AU in which Kurt and Blaine broke up when Kurt left and have had no contact since. 22-year-old Blaine, with a joyless life, has decided to kill himself. He just wants to see Kurt one more time before he goes.

I've read it before, but forgotten how good it was. I am always skeptical of stories that involve mutual-agreement breakups over distance, but because anxioussquirrel is amazing at applying my sad/anxious brain's mindset onto Klaine while making it sound completely believable, every word of this story works. And that is why, out of nowhere, attempting to read that story led to me crying my eyes out for a full hour. It's wonderful, albeit exhausting.
[update: 4 hours. I read it twice. Only dawn or sleep can bring me out of it now.]

Earlier tonight, though, something reminded me of old So You Think You Can Dance routines, and I ended up watching this entire episode all over again (3x20). In retrospect, I think season 3 ended up being the most memorable for me (maybe because I wrote about it?), even though most of the summer it aired I was complaining about how much I missed season 2. Granted, I liked more people in season 2. It's just, Neil Haskell was, is, and forever shall be an incredibly hot and delightfully charming human being/best person who has ever been cast on this show ever, ever. Also Lauren Gottlieb will always irresistibly charm me (and delight me with her skills), and Pasha is basically sex on a stick.

And so, off the top of my head, a YouTube tour featuring my favorite numbers that year.
10, plus 4 throwbacks from season 2, with YouTube links in teh highest quality I could findCollapse )
Work is stressing me out a lot, which means I throw reading and "actually watching TV" out the window, in favor of stressing over work 10 hours a day and sneaking in short breaks to watch bits and pieces of old shows/episodes I loved during the day and late at night so that I feel more productive (even though it's a lie). Without further ado, here's what's been playing in my brain.

Music + performance feels, mainlyCollapse )

How I Met Your Mother
This is Zoey appreciation post.Collapse )

The Office
in which I decide season 4 was good and 5 was notCollapse )

Charmita owns my entire heart and soul forever.Collapse )

Nothing big here -- just that I'm really in need of two .gifs of drugged up!Ross from "The One with Ross's Sandwich" because I feel like that's pretty much me all the time with work now:
a) "on account of my rage"
b) "this is not good for my rage"

just fangirling my own former glories, nbdCollapse )

Jul. 26th, 2014

UGH CANKER SORE. I should probably not be surprised, between the stress and having eaten a can of pineapple for lunch three times this week whilst also drinking pop, but at this point it is driving me mad enough to actually google "canker sore treatment." So I tried the "put an aspirin paste on it for a few minutes" method, and HOLY COW. Pain neutralized. Magic!

Speaking of super great things, I went to a quadruple-win estate sale today, all because my dad was kind enough to call from there and say, "Do you have a book called Waggin' Tails?" I do, actually, and in the interest of not hoarding/having a good copy already I declined it, but what I heard was maybe other old dog and/or children's books?? So I threw caution to the wind, dropped work for an hour and tore out of there like a bat out of hell, and OH GOODNESS. In no particular order, here's what made it epic:
this got longCollapse )
1. I updated my last thrifty shopping post, previously picture-free, with a few clothing pictures here.
2. New thrifts from the past two months! These have come from flippin' everywhere -- Savers, Goodwill, Value Village, possibly a couple from garage sales -- and of course I remember prices on almost none, but lots were from the 50% off 4th of July sale. A couple of these might also be older and just ones I forgot to take pictures of before.

Part 1: Clothing and accessoriesCollapse )

Part 2: new toys and mostly-old books, including a semi-rare one!Collapse )

Jul. 18th, 2014

So I had some things I was going to say tonight but then OH MY GOD CHRISTOPHER.

YOU CAN'T JUST SHOW UP TO A WEB Q&A WITH YOUR DOG AND SPEND FIVE MINUTES OF IT DISTRACTEDLY PETTING AND COOING AT HIM and still expect me to function as a human being or care about the fan questions in the middle. I'm sure when I read the books I'll enjoy that part more, but right now I'm just going to need you to spend like an hour in front of a webcam playing with Cooper and Brian ASAP. (wow, that came out sounding dirty. I think I'll leave it as-is and cackle my way out)

Achievement unlocked!


On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “mortifying” and 10 being “A+ successful interaction,” I’d give myself a 7. Positive, but probably the least memorable interaction ever. Under pressure and without adequate planning, my brain defaults to autopilot, so I believe I came across as quiet/sweet/a little starstruck but polite, literally only saying “Hi,” “Good,” blurting “it’s nice to meet you” (“oh, it’s nice to meet you too!”), and then an awkward “Bye” when I meant to say “Thank you.”

In fairness, I tripped on the last part because I was temporarily dazed and dazzled by his deliberate eye contact. As I walked away, realizing I had not registered a single thing about his appearance except how very stunningly colored his eyes are, I did have one clear if not coherent thought bubble up from the dizzying buzz in my head:

His voice is like angel dust and cotton clouds.

(Much more detail coming tomorrow, but wanted to post and run while I'm still on this high. I give that man an A+ for making each 5 second interaction feel so genuine and personal. And he really does have the most honey-coated voice when it comes to greeting people in a situation like this.)

P.S. My enthusiasm is so boundless at this point that I even came out of Facebook hibernation to announce that this happened. Might regret that one in the morning, but right now I can't seem to stop shouting this on every possible platform in hopes someone will get as excited as I am.

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