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[sticky post] Reading / Movie List 2016

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles will eventually be linked to my Goodreads reviews. [UPDATE: I am so, so bad at updating this list. Goodreads is super accurate, though!]

* = reread or rewatch

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Watching the promo for NCIS: LA 8x03 again, because apparently F all the shows I claimed I was going to watch I'm just gonna commit myself full time to a ship that is literally sailing away toward hiatus, when my eye is caught by two recommended videos for NCIS: New Orleans featuring Percy and LaSalle and some very unexpected wording.

What the damn hell?Collapse )


Eh, I'll ghost tomorrow.

eMusic.com just sent me their best offer yet -- $100 in bonus credit for rejoining at the $11.99/month membership price -- so HELL YEAH time to drown myself in a deluge of song downloads. Did I mention that songs at membership price are only 49 to 89 cents? And that I can easily cancel in the next month to avoid any additional charges? (but my music credit disappears when I do, so I gotta spend it quick)

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Speaking of thrifty buys, I found "Life Partners" at the dollar store. I don't often love indie movies small and low budget enough to become Dollar Tree fodder, but when I do...

Self Reminders/Motivation To Get To Work:
a) there is a YMCA fundraiser garage sale at the fairgrounds this weekend, starting Thursday. It's open until 7pm the first two nights. I want to go to there.
b) my deadline for purging some books is Sunday, because next weekend is Half Price Books Clearance Event. I am very, very excited. And more importantly, I need to remember to TAKE PHOTOS OF THE HAUL / WRITE ABOUT IT, because I'm really sad at how few and far between my posts about my collecting excursions have become and I want to be able to relive the rush of acquisition.
Due to life commitments blowing up, I've missed 3 episodes of Supergirl, but I figured the odds of me watching them on my own before next week, or even taking a Youtube tour, were lower than my odds of developing a block about it and never watching it again, so I just jumped in where I was when I got home at 7:55.

Today"s episode focus is the one where The Flash comes to visit.Collapse )

It's that time of year. Densi Time.

Last week, when work was being particularly insane and unmanageable, my self control snapped and I decided to randomly find out everything that happened with Kensi & Deeks in season 7. All at once. Despite my original plan to actually watch some of the episodes from last year so as maximize my exposure to their shared screen footage.

Wading through the tag was slow at first, and I was starting to worry that I had gone unspoiled because it was a dry year, but then I landed on this post and it gave me a pretty solid launching pad of their most important moments in gif form, which led to YouTube clips.

Now departing the harbor: the 2015-2016 shipping tour.Collapse )
Today, I decided to rewatch some of the clips only to be informed that the new season has started. I clicked on one clip just to try it and WHAT IS THIS 2-EPISODE FESTIVAL OF SHIPPING GLORY.

Unrelated: my comedy-syndication channels have made some changes to their pre/post-primetime evening lineups and for my own sake, I need to record them because this is more relevant than primetime scheduling at this point.
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Finally: the only new show I've managed to watch so far this season is The Good Place. Not intentionally, I was just really desperate for some TV that was on the actual TV, and I missed Superstore's premiere (which I have since watched and adored) but happened to catch this nonsense two nights in a row.thoughts, not very spoilery or longCollapse )
I basically vanished off the internet for a week because I was so busy either working or trying to get ready for this weekend. I did it, and everythng went according to plan or better so I had a completely perfect weekend, but now it's Monday and I didn't have time to catch up on anything online-related so I'm hiding out from both Tumblr and my email in order to concentrate on the only thing I actually finished, albeit not in time to catch up with the show.

Season 13 finale of NCIS, "Family First"
lie down try not to cry
But in that really good, beautiful, wonderful way.Collapse )

Coolest title, coolest CD art, and songs I 100% love. It also somehow feels the most Celtic, even though fully half of it is heavily Mediterranean/Middle East influenced.

album art and track by track analysis hereCollapse )
(queued post because otherwise I'll forget like I forgot my 10th(!) anniversary of joining LJ)

It's the one year anniversary of the day my swift descent into Twilight Trash became inevitable. To celebrate, here is the Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 review that I wrote in its entirety but never got around to posting in January because I wanted to watch the film one more time to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything from the notes. Only I didn't get around to checking it out again before work and fandom took over so eventually I just shrugged and left it unfinished. And we all know that until I process a thing in writing, I can't move on to its sequel.

So now here I sit, the canon territory 88% explored and then abruptly abandoned without a backward glance, leaving me somehow perfectly content with one last movie on the line that I may never see.


Oh right, almost forgot to post the actual review.

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What has technically six parts and abruptly disappeared in February after I forgot to queue the last third of it? THIS PROJECT. You can click this link if you forgot what the series is about (other parts are under the Loreena tag).

I am not as familiar with this album as others because it doesn't have as many standout favorites, and nearly all of the songs are supersized at 6-8 minutes. I do know that with the notable exception of Bonny Swans and perhaps Santiago, this is by and large a very slow and peaceful collection of ballads, lots of high vocals and fewer easily identified lyrics. According to The Internet, she "drew her inspiration for this album from 15th century Spain, where the cultures of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam coexisted uneasily, tied together by a common tradition of religious mysticism."

album art and track by track analysis hereCollapse )

News Items, Personal and Pop Culture

1. Despite actively working for 6 hours today, I still have 85% of an entire day's worth of work overdue because it is so hard and/or full of problems that rely on responses from other people to fix, and also stupid hard. Plus no editing progress on the stuff due tomorrow.

2. I guess Naya Rivera wrote a memoir? and I am gonna read it as soon as I can get it through a library, because Glee alum, even though nothing the media has gleefully reported about its content is doing anything to elevate my impression of her as a not-that-great person.

apparently singing a snappy duet does not fix conflicts IRLCollapse )

3. I haven't checked out what Rachelle LeFevre's been up to in a while, so imagine my shock today when I saw the newest entry on her IMDB is AN AWESOME-SOUNDING MOVIE STARRING DIANNA AGRON WHERE SHE HAS 2ND BILLING, "Hollow in the Land." Unite ALL the pretty ladies! *fist pump*

4. Oh and also: Billy Burke to Guest Star On Chicago P.D.

Lemme just double check my reaction to tripping over that headline...
Now to investigate if he's taking the evil route or picking up the badge & shield again:
[vagueish role details]character gets caught up in a murder case ... playing a legendary retired baseball player

I'm gonna go with evil, but I'm okay with it, because everybody's got a dark side. Should he ever stop managing to star in movies on an annual basis during the off season, he should feel free to make the crime show circuit his bread and butter a la Michael Welch..


Maybe I'm not the worst thing ever!

I have only a week left to finish out NCIS before the new year starts, and I don't think that's enough time to process the finale given the spoilers I know about it, but I'm going to try. Just as soon as I bundle all my thoughts on the trilogy before it in case the finale shatters all coherent thought about what came before.

NCIS, 13x21-23
this snowball just kinda kept spiraling. like a mixed metaphorCollapse )
Speaking of Malibu Country, I finished it. I'm not sad it's over, but it remained a pleasant ride to the end.
a bit more in the way of ramblesCollapse )
Lastly, for no reason at all except paranoia, I continue to put off finishing my remaining R&I books.Having a book fandom is weird. All the rules change.Collapse )
Supergirl, 1x13-14 + a sneak peek at 15, a.k.a. MY EMOTIONS. My non-shippy emotions!

I took great notes but then I accidentally deleted them while I was editing and shuffling the 20 other documents tonight, so please enjoy this recreation that is way longer than it needs to be.Collapse )
On a completely different and worse note: I've been accidentally watching Two and a Half Men reruns again, mostly due to being too lazy to change the channel after Community, but also because they're currently running season 1 and it's BLOWING MY MIND.

how is it so...not completely horrible?Collapse )

Random Stuff Collection

I'm busy organizing and condensing my frillion documents that contain Zoo thoughts, so to start with, here's another edition of a classic ship meme, last filled out here.

I. Choose 5 OTPs without looking at the questions:
1. Mitch/Jamie [Zoo]
2. Jackson/Chloe [Zoo]
3. Deeks/Kensi [NCIS: LA]
4. Amy/Jonah [Superstore]
5. Miles/Rachel [Revolution]

20 questions ahoyCollapse )
II. Also, I wrote up a thing in July that I really should have posted then, because the best answer is "Supergirl, literally Supergirl herself," but I'm going to post it now anyway. For discussion purposes! Because I could still use more examples. And because I like my phrasing too much to let it die in a recycling bin without seeing the light of day.

Talk at me about shows that focus on female characters pining after men instead of the other way around, and it is portrayed as the beginning of an epic romance.Collapse )
III. So the Rizzoli & Isles series finale aired last Monday, and hanging out in the Tumblr tag was a good way to repress my anxiety about Zoo.

spoilers for how it ends...are referenced even though this is actually about a specific exit interviewCollapse )
So last Monday I was able to watch the Blake Jenner-inclusive episodes of Supergirl and oh my god can my world just be all Kara blushing and giggling like a dork and Grant family dinners.

no actually why is this not the entire showCollapse )

*checks clock*

Zoo mood check?Collapse )

-So far today, I have managed to take a 70-minute walk, do the dishes, recycle a grocery sack of empty pop bottles and do a load of laundry on top of doing a room sweep so that it is presentable enough for someone besides me to enter, so I feel pretty good.

-I've been seeing this commercial for whatever Cigna is all night, and it's AMAZING/I never want to stop watching it. And not just because it has both Patrick Dempsey and a rejuvenated Noah Wyle managing to out-dreamy him. "TV Doctors of America." #doctor poses

Also, this aesthetic gifset exists, and somehow in one page of imagery, with almost no words spoken, it has shunned every sad feeling my distant knowledge of the X-Files revival created and replaced said knowledge with a feeling of immense peace that this is definitely what their life is like now.

Bonus: oh wow there are also words. One of the notes links to a spectacular accidentally-complimentary fic. "Mulder and Scully move into the Unremarkable House."


(this is my new hokey swear, do you like?)

I spent 30 minutes writing an email to get info from this person who basically didn't fill out half her survey. Then I spent 26 minutes on the phone with her this morning so she could provide it that way (and also telling her no, it's fine you didn't use valet, which will be relevant later) Then I spent 20-30 MORE minutes this afternoon turning my notes from the phone conversation into detailed narrative.

And then I discovered, having overlooked it in the haze of the 47 more obvious things that were missing or wrong, this is one of the like 10% of Fancy Restaurants that does require valet service to be used if available. So now it might just cancel and neither of us will get paid at all, in which case I could have been done with the whole thing in about 12 minutes flat. Or four, if I'd gotten her on the phone yesterday.

p.s. guess how much it pays even if I do get paidCollapse )



Weird...I actually wrote a fic. A full 1500-word oneshot complete with an introduction, a conclusion, and all 3-4 scenes flowing together with no gaps asking myself how to get from here to way over there -- a more complete structure than anything else I've done this decade -- produced in two weeks flat.

WRITERLY BABBLE, AW YEAH! Also, general spoilers up through season 2.Collapse )


I have 2 Rizzoli & Isles books left, but when those are done and my library card is back, I can feel myself leaning more and more toward watching the TV show. (still can't believe I locked onto those books during the show's final weeks of airing. what kind of timing coincidence)

The series finale aired tonight and I have full plans to spoil myself ASAP, but in the meantime...doing some casual scouting "round the show canon edges.Collapse )
Jacob Wetterling's remains were found this weekend. I went to college in that town, and so although he disappeared when I was 3, since freshman year I have internalized this case as a personal one. It's hard to put into words the combination of closure and new sadness, knowing that it's only empathy, but still feeling more connected to it than most tragedies on the news.

It feels flippant to put anything TV-related in a post that starts like that, so I'm going to hold off on the rest of the queue, but I wanted to get that out.


Fall 2016 Watch List (sort of)

No schedule this year because I am now one of those terrible people who only manages to watch live TV one night a week if that, because I like being Out In The World more and I am not very good at using my incredibly flexible work schedule to actually have free time before 5pm.

In fact, even attempting to write this post feels silly because I am still SO BEHIND on all of the things. Remember my Master Post Of Things To Watch? And I just posted something to Tumblr I am too lazy to cross-post here (WHERE IT'S RELEVANT??) outlining what I actually managed to watch this past year, because I was so horrified when I realized how few shows I managed to finish by the end of summer, let alone by the end of May.
basically I can just switch my TV back and forth from CBS to the CW.Collapse )


And that person is me, honestly.

Zoo 2.11, The Contingency
You know what why don"t you go ask Under the Dome season 3 how I feel about my anchoring partnership of an OTP having Issues between them for an entire season.Collapse )
In other news, I finally started watching "Malibu Country" only 4 years too late, and while it is trying very hard to essentially be a "Reba" reboot (now with 50% more gay!), I can also see why it got canceled after 1 season. I'm 5 episodes in and the characters are enjoyable for a half hour sitcom -- I could definitely binge on it -- but aren't really ringing true to me as people to care about.
It totally failed to register with me that today is Monday, which means Supergirl is on, until I accidentally turned it on 15-20 minutes before the end of episode 2. I turned it off and ran away about 3 minutes later because I already have a block from which I need time to recover. [update: it was this exact scene, actually.]

1x10 and semi-shippy things.Collapse )
Thematic title courtesy of the best part of Galavant season 2, which I finally finished after 7 months of putting off the second half.

I HAVE A DRAGON.Collapse )
I also finally watched an episode of Supergirl.

I don"t love it.Collapse )

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