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[sticky post] Reading List / Movie List 2017

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles link to my Goodreads reviews. Theoretically. Let's see if I do it this year.

* = reread or rewatch

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Looking for NCIS: LA, I accidentally watched (most of) The Good Fight on TV last night, even though I've only seen The Good Wife in promos.more words about feelings hereCollapse )
Also, general thoughts on the status of my viewing relationships with Criminal Minds, Scorpion, Supergirl, Superstore, and other comedies, at least one of which also starts with SCollapse )
On a completely unrelated note, I scrolled through my profile today and was saddened to see strikethroughs on two of my 45 remaining mutual friends' names (exactly 9 of whom I have seen on LJ within the past 2 years), but way more upset to see the CSI Fanfic Awards community in the same status. Who deleted that and why? Literally for what reason could you not just put up a notice saying the awards are closed, and leave the rest of that history right the fuck where it was as a monument to the decade past? I am so Put Out that I felt that the need to curse for emphasis. For added emphasis, let me quote you a thing from 2007 Me that I'd forgotten: Nominations are now open at csifanficawards, which is a wholly awesome place and may in fact have been the tipping point in convincing me to create an LJ.
Lastly: Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner filed for divorce (like 2 months ago, that's how behind I am) and I am mad (if not surprised) because gdi don't separate the pretty like that before I have sufficient photos of your complementary prettiness and/or before you pass it on to a new generation.

Son of a....

I forgot I had this window open, got frustrated with endless page reloads trying to play Guess The Right Script Of 29 That Will Let Me Click This Button in a new window, and hit "temporarily allow all" in NoScript, causing ALL my tabs to reload. I seleted "yes" to restore draft, but it restored the draft of what I already posted instead so I lost my whole entry for the day. :(

The shortened version is:
behind this cutCollapse )
I am having a Feeling about it.Collapse )
I wanted to do a much better TV post with multiple topics, and I still hope to do that one day soon, but this just demanded to be let out and it will not keep for even 24 hours.

P.S. I am really annoyed that I kept all my Jane the Virgin thoughts on Tumblr (poorly organized, of course) and never got around to posting what I thought about the s.2 finale, the premiere, or anything else. I would like to have a proper record.

Who you gonna call!

Today's Favorite Shopper Narrative Line is: "As a recently-deceased woman, I appreciated this helpful information."

(she was going for "recently widowed")

Lost Treasures Found (In A Drawer)

Trying to find more magazines I can recycle, I emptied one drawer of my 3-drawer storage container, and beneath all the magazines, I found...

paper stuffCollapse )


Book Tetris

That is the only remaining solution. My shelves will never be organized again. All that matters is arranging them to fill all cubic shelf and out-of-the-way box space with as little damage as possible.

Most recent cover count shows approximately 85 remaining homeless books (floor, nightstand, dresser), and if I can just square the majority of them away, I'm going to declare victory. I'll make my peace with the other 80-odd displaced books living in stacks on my desk and lined up at the foot of my bed.

and related stories! you know this is fascinating. I mean you, Future Self.Collapse )

Quality Data Project: DVD Edition

I thought it might help me sort through my books if I sorted out all the DVDs and put them in their own section. Which made me realize I'd never actually inventoried or even counted how many DVDs I own, and that maybe it might be good to determine exactly which ones I have before I start buying duplicates. So. Accounting only for DVDs, and not the many stupid VHS movies I still have because I'm Just That Afraid they'll end up being my only copy if I don't get an upgrade first...this is what I own.

The short version is: 37 movies and twice that many seasons of TV.Collapse )

Guess what? Freezing rain!

Went to go see "Hidden Figures" today, and it was as amazing as I thought it would be, which is to say the only thing I could find wrong with it was making Katherine repeatedly running half a mile to the "proper" bathroom and back a plot point. Chris made the excellent observation that the hidden message of this movie is that Jim Parsons ruins everything, but even he was a delight with his fragile threatened masculinity. I walked out all, "my face hurts from smiling!"

And then my face hurt from the cold rain that hit it, which was momentarily vexing and then immediately terrifying as I stepped into the parking lot, which was doubling for the evening as a skating rink. Slid over to the car and found it too was covered in ice. And of course, I drove us there, because guess who didn't check the weather report because why would she think she needed to, that's right, this gal. Do you know how many days this winter I have stayed home specifically to avoid any chance of driving in these exact conditions. Much less these conditions after dark.

Obviously, I made it home okay -- I took back roads, went slow, and the temp was still hovering around the freezing point so it definitely could have been icier than it was -- but still, I would prefer to never have to do that again. As I only semi-joked to Chris, "this is why my earliest reported date for test-scoring availability is not January 2nd."


Tee Vees

Criminal Minds, 12x10, "Seek and Destroy"
once again, I have little to say beyond: well, that was certainly an episode.Collapse )
NCIS: LA, 8x13, "Hot Water"

What a productive weekend.

Further on my strange new love for Scorpion('s OTP), the library was kind enough to have the season 2 DVD in stock for me, and according to RescueTime I have spent a solid 7 hours in the past 4 days skipping and dancing through this set.

Spurred on by a fantastic ship primer I found on Tumblr outlining exactly what the best episodes are and why, I watched all of those and then I sampled everything else in search of enjoyable case-working moments too small to mention. I do not actually have the patience to watch entire episodes, but I can apparently watch large chunks of them provided I can jump past any scenes that fail to contain Toby or Happy.

Oh no. I might be watching this show.Collapse )


Gettin' money, diva's gettin' money

I cashed in my change jar at the bank to the tune of...$18.69! *curses the penny she just spotted on her nightstand*

Granted, I'm pretty sure most of it was quarters, which I'm going to try to be better about using rather than sacrificing an extra dollar bill when I pay cash. But still, I had a pretty hefty bag of coinage there, about half of which I collected over the past 3 weeks from all around the floor and various drawers and pockets while cleaning.


Sound the New Ship Sirens!

Previously found only once and under the tag "bad shows," on Monday night I accidentally left the TV on and ended up watching that dread beast "Scorpion." Which turned out to be the best accident ever, because this episode was "White Out" for those of you in the know, and for those not, the relevant storyline is basically "female team member lost in an Antarctic blizzard, love interest storms out to find her, naked spooning for warmth is a thing that happens as they almost freeze to death." It's like that really wonderful season 3 Castle episode on steroids.

And that became my launching pad to catapult head over heels for Toby/Happy.

I never saw it coming, wouldnt have suspected itCollapse )
Criminal Minds, 12x09, "Profiling 202"
[well, that was certainly an episode]People talked. Rossi had a variety of emotions. I think they caught one of their escaped serial killers. New new guy had no room to make an impression on me; he mostly sat still and looked pretty. /Daya reference

NCIS: LA, 8x12, Kulinda
that was also...certainly an episode, though it turns out it was slightly better than I gave it credit forCollapse )

But on Madam Secretary, there is a literal gift horse, and she's the best dun thing that your eyes have ever seen. /Avril Lavigne voice. Her name is Mandy and we've bonded and I'm keeping her. /Barney Stinson voice #I can keep this up all day #that's what he said #I request the highest of fives
photo bomb!Collapse )

It's a work weekend.

According to RescueTime, I've been on the computer for 37 of the past 60 hours, of which approximately 26 were pure work. I was ahead of the game until I decided to go ahead and sleep a full 7.5 hours, which caused me to wake up at 10:30, so I didn't get started on making contacts until my usual time and now I'm actually a little behind, because I'm waiting on 3 people to reply to me from yesterday's stuff, but I only submitted 1 of the many things assigned to me today so far, and have yet to even review 3 of them, since they all suck and will require long contacts.

A List Of Non-Work Things I Have Donein bullet point form!Collapse )


NCIS, 14x11, Willoughby
It's January again! Bloodbath time??Collapse )
Recent attempts to sabotage my book cleanout: Chris and I went to a Half Price Books last night as a back-up activity when the movie we wanted to see was sold out. I resisted all temptation...but now tonight, I've gone ahead and found a $10 Half Price Books gift card from 2 Christmases ago that I apparently haven't used yet.

I also found a 25% off coupon for Goodwill that expired 3 days ago. *headdesk* And a $2 off Target coupon for disposable razors, though that one expired 2 years ago. What else will I find this evening?? [edit: a $1 off coupon for Glide dental floss, aka the only kind that doesn't slice into my gum or get snagged and fray on my teeth, that expired a year ago. I don't usually need coupons for the stuff I buy, so my organization system for them is non-existent.]

Book Survey 2016

Copied from myself last year. Here is my reading list (and movie list) with all the titles. For The Quilt of Many Covers, click here to view it on Tumblr.

1. Best book of 2016
+ 29Collapse )

The Music of 2016: Q4

Like a hibernating bear, I mostly lived off the gluttonous excess of music I obtained at the beginning of the year (or old CDs), and without much radio exposure either, most of my songs are from 2 TV sources. But it'll still be fun!

15 or so?Collapse )
So I am...pretty much refusing to acknowledge the devastating news about Carrie Fisher, especially since I also just found out that Doris Roberts (a.k.a. the grandma on Everybody Loves Raymond) passed away in April (though at least she was 90. But seriously, 90?? Apparently she sipped from the Well of Eternal Vigor in Betty White's backyard). And while I have no conscious knowledge of Debbie Reynolds in life (I looked up why she's famous but I had never heard of her before, seen anything she was in, or known Carrie had a famous mother), but I'm very willing to be mad on principle.

I have several posts I keep drafting but running out of motivation to finish / brainpower to make the ideas turn into words, so instead you get a post about my day. I finished work for the year at 11 AM and am now FREE ALL WEEKEND (that's almost three entire days. Plus I only spent an hour on work yesterday), and things I have done today include dishes, making muffins, a 30-minute walk that probably did not burn off even one of those muffins, and then CLEANING.

and organizing! books!Collapse )
It's about Lifehouse.Collapse )
I'm also having an intense craving for cheese. That I could post to Tumblr, but I'm too lazy to switch windows. Tell me of your favorite cheeses, especially for the holidays.
I will even tell you of mine.Collapse )


My inner child's Christmas Wish List.

I've been mostly too busy for Christmas thoughts this year, while trying to clean out the stuff I have, so I've pretty much been telling everyone that I a) don't really need anything, and b) I have no specific wishes for anything this Christmas. Which is true. But that doesn't mean I don't have standing "dream gifts." Release the nostalgia!

That said, this is a post about my infinite love for small plastic/rubber animals.Collapse )


Sometimes I hit up the Tumblr tag "book survey," in search of new ways to talk about the objects I love more than anything in the world, and today I actually found a fun infinite-use one about your current book + last book read. But more importantly, there was the question Why did you decide to read this book?

And a glitter bomb went off inside my heart as it occurred to me that I could go through my books of 2016, answer this question for every single one, compile the data in a neat little blog post and have myself a keepsake.

some more rambling about thatCollapse )


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