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[sticky post] Reading / Movie List 2016

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles will eventually be linked to my Goodreads reviews. [UPDATE: I am so, so bad at updating this list. Goodreads is super accurate, though!]

* = reread or rewatch

to the books!Collapse )
to the movies!Collapse )
Thematic title courtesy of the best part of Galavant season 2, which I finally finished after 7 months of putting off the second half.

I HAVE A DRAGON.Collapse )
I also finally watched an episode of Supergirl.

I don"t love it.Collapse )
Wednesday night, my brain and body burned out simultaneously at 5pm, leaving me too tired to process work or even read a book but too awake to sleep, which means TV Time until the body finishes shuting down. Shutting down took longer than expected, so now I've got a nice little chunk of show to process.

NCIS: 13x14-20. Still gonna go by individual episode though.Collapse )
So I'm four minutes in to my mission of blindly plundering the second season of 24 for the choicest scene cuts, and my gamble has already paid off.

#oh hey Gary Matheson #just gonna introduce yourself as a dad chasing after his super adorable and giggly daughter in a game of hide and seek/tickle monster #maybe cast some long looks at a pretty lady (your wife?) #no whatever it's cool I can handle it without dying

Update: hahahaha okay I have learned more about these characters and the above glee may have been slightly premature and also very wrong.Collapse )


On the bright side: I didn't walk into a spider dangling from the middle of the ceiling this morning.
On the downside: That's because I screamed and leaped backward only about two inches before it connected with my forehead.

Edit: I have positive food-related things to share!Collapse )


Zoo 2.09, “Sins of the Father”
Sins of the showrunners, more like.

I never saw it coming, wouldnt have suspected it.Collapse )
Special LJ Backdated Post Bonus Edit: Because I couldn't fit it organically into my review without messing up the flow, I sent out a call for fix-it fic, AND MY HOMIES DELIVERED. I've spent literal years throwing "we need fic of X" comments out into the world in my reviews just to make myself feel better, it is so weird and good to see it actually happen. I have only read the first one, but these links are here to remind myself to get on that within 48 hours.

Option 1
Option 2 (on a blog currently titled "snake-hyena-bear-lion" which is MY NEW FAVORITE IN-JOKE)
Option 3, which was not in response to me but serves the same purpose

TV bits & bobs: past, present and future.

1. Today I did work at the library, so I was listening to Glee songs via YouTube. This led to me clicking on related songs. Which involved tripping over songs from "City of Angels," which I have resisted even learning the titles of for over 2 years at this point, desperately trying to preserve as much surprise as possible for my eventual mythical Someday watching of season 5.

But suddenly I didn"t care about that as much as I wanted to hear new releases from my babies, and I am so glad I clicked.Collapse )
3. NCIS, 13x13, Deja Vu
In which the show ruins an Introspective Ellie Voiceover framing by continuing to not shut up about Jake.Collapse )
3. I did absolutely nothing with my day until about 5pm, but while I was doing nothing I accidentally unearthed a Sneak Peek for tomorrow night's episode of Zoo,
which features my ship!Collapse )
1. Are there any songs about being up late specifically at 1AM or 5AM in the lyrics? Because it turns out I have 2-4 and also 6AM covered, lyrically speaking, and I would like the full set.

2. I have no clue why I'm so SUPER AWAKE right now. I woke up no later than 8:30, I've walked 2 miles at exercise speed and another 40 minutes in sandals today, and the computer was off from 3pm until I turned it back on at midnight due to boredom; just prior to that I finished 2 books. Of course, they were thrillers. But still. It wasn't even that hot or humid today. OK, let's see what kind of spare writing topics I've got after yesterday's news dump:

3. NCIS, 13x12, "Sister City"
and its conclusion in NOLACollapse )
4. SWEET ENOLA GAY: THOMAS GIBSON ABRUPTLY FIRED FROM CRIMINAL MINDS. (also, apparently you can't link to Deadline on LJ or it screeches at you for spam patterns and won't let you post)
Our dream can become a reality! You"ll see, boys.Collapse )
5. I've been looking in vain for lyrics with which to title my Zoo posts for weeks, and suddenly I've got more than I know what to do with. Now I kind of hope Jamie stays damaged for at least another episode or two because Alec Benjamin's "Paper Crown" is providing such a gold mine of options here.

like LOOK AT THESE OPTIONS. I might have to go back and edit some stuff just to take advantage, Under the Dome season 3 style.Collapse )


As usual, I'm still planning on a real review, but right now I just need to catalog my extreme delight because it is seemingly endless.

2x08: the feelings explosion cutCollapse )
I'm so behind on work, it's exhausting, I have no idea how I'm going to catch up on this hideous work weekend, I got 3 hours of sleep last night...but The Apprentice has been calling to me all day and when I realized I had unwittingly left it next to me on the desk, I could resist no longer. I picked it up, and I told myself it was just gonna be until the first scene with Agent Dean, or maybe the second, but really, by chapter 2 I knew there was no breaking me out of this fugue until I finished, same as yesterday. And now here we are, nearly 3 hours lost and my fingers all itchy for book #3, leading to even more impatient distraction tomorrow.
Part I: Background
Written yesterday but unposted, a fact I now regret because it's important for setting up all the progress I've made today. We've reached that point in the season of Zoo where there is no longer enough footage each week to satisfy my increasing demands for Billy Burke's character, and I go looking for more of that dude's work.

This is fun. I don"t often get a second wind on actors.Collapse )
Part II: Presenting Rizzoli & Isles
TV show and book series both.Collapse )
Part III: Forget the show. The book is better.
And that is the story of how as soon as it was humanly possible for me to escape from work today, I drove to the library, checked out book #5, flipped through it to see if it was to my tastes, promptly flipped my lid over the "is our baby OK?" OB/GYN appointment in chapter 5, turned right around to sit on a bench outside the library because the 5-minute drive home was too much time to wait, and read the entire thing on the spot.

it is an exciting plot, but more importantly, it is a festival of hurt/comfort shipping tailored to my exact preferencesCollapse )
Double episode review now because initially I felt very "blah" about episode 6 (that's a new post for LJ I just imported from Tumblr a second ago), but then Tumblr was full of excellent discussion and thoughts that I also blabbered all over, particularly this 3500 word Mitch/Jamie meta that is so good I'm pretty sure maegfen and I should be fandom spouses. I linked to my posts because at least 50% of this week's review is in response to those and my extreme failure to focus on how great the ship focus secretly was last week, even if it wasn't sunshine and puppies.

Then I wrote more words on the rest of the episode.
Sex, Lies and Jellyfish: take 2Collapse )
2x07, "Jamie's Got A Gun"
This title is accurate insofar as Jamie (along with other people) holds a tranq gun to fend off rogue panthers/bears/foxes while out in the field and does absolutely nothing with it. Have you just been regretting the fact that it was too spoilery for 1.06 and been dying for an excuse to use it ever since? As for my main impressions:

thinky thoughts? Not really. Just babbling.Collapse )

Yup. That's about right.

11:00 PM: Time to go to bed! I'm a bit woozy and I got up at 7:45 this morning so I think some TV will put me right to sleep. I'll deal better with work once I'm rested.

12:30 AM: Look at that I'm still awake. Let me check the computer.

12:35: I'm actually SUPER awake, Let's catch up on all those Zoo posts we've been putting off reading since Thursday but need to get to before 8:00 tonight.

5:30: I may have accidentally spent 5 hours reading, responding to and editing Zoo reviews/fic/meta and stayed up all night.

5:38: Well this is a pickle. I have approximately 4 to 4.5 hours of work to finish by 1:30pm and I also have to be awake for at least half an hour between 10 and 1 for a specific work thing. If I could jump into work right now, I'd be all set! But I think I just passed the Tired Point and can't work effectively without sleep.

Let's pray I can fall asleep fast and get back up by 10, I guess. IfI'm in a Procrastination Pinch I might be able to squeeze it into less time.
My boyfriend just said he didn't think he could risk having a non-declawed cat in an apartment if he lives alone.

My instinct was to either punch him or break up with him on the spot, but I am animal-dumb right now and so thoroughly demoralized by the culture of Tumblr Hates Everything that I don't actually know if or why this is bad. I am also too demoralized to tell which parts of the internet that agree with me are hysterical animal rights activists and which ones are sensible people with sound reasoning against it.

Anyone want to either validate or reassure me?

Honestly, right now the fact that I even have to think about this has been enough to hurtle me into a sad "animals are stupid and hard to deal with and I don't want another one ever" place. It's been a crap day.
Through sheer force of will I kept going on the last episode until I finished, but I better punch these two holiday episodes out just in case I really do get stuck again.

13x10, "Blood Brothers"
more pertinently: ELLIE AND HER FAMILYCollapse )
13x11, "Spinning Wheel"
Emphasis on the second word. Yeah, it"s a bad title.Collapse )
Up next: Zoo tonight. It will probably be horrible to me just because now it knows it can. (But at the very least, I will stop spamming you with NCIS posts.)
February 2016: The number of mental blocks I have on TV right now is RIDICULOUS. I need to undam some of them if it kills me. I AM STRONGER THAN HEART-HURTY TELEVISION.

Except I'm not, because after getting through several more episodes, #9 took me out on March 11th. Back up the heart-dam went and stayed there, until I finally gathered the strength to tear down another section of it. Thus, having sat on this title and cut text for far too long, I present an incomplete and emotional commentary on 13x09, "Day in Court," after which I'll have a follow-up post to discuss the other details of the ones I skipped over.

Maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much.Collapse )

This has been a successful unblocking.

If you would like my thoughts on episodes 16-18 of this past season of Criminal Minds, they are here. Otherwise, I was physically and mentally exhausted but completely unable to sleep last night, so I ended up watching the rest of the season.

That"s a wrap on year 11. Good work!Collapse )
The best part is that I've successfully reduced my summer hiatus/cliffhanger anxiety wait time by over 50%. Always the one upside to being weeks behind on good shows. Now...off to see if I can unblock NCIS. That requires more writing before watching, though. Darn.
Me 2 days ago: there is zero complaining about racism or misogyny or homophobia to be found [in the Zoo fandom on Tumblr].
Question: would it be OK if I was the one who started yelling about misogyny

WRATHCollapse )

Superstore: Take 2 [queued]

Now that my little fic detour is over, here's the post that was supposed to happen 2 days ago.

Ten thousand years ago (or at the end of February), you may remember me mentioning I was watching Superstore. I blazed through its 11 bite-sized episodes in less than 11 days, thinking I would do a wrap-up post at the end, only to find I was so overwhelmed by love that I didn't know where to start. Working 24/7 quickly snowed me under, and then I forgot about it until I went to check the renew-cancel index and remembered I have a season 2 to look forward to.

Wrap-up post: GO.Collapse )

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