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Movie List 2014

I am super lazy this year and I don't know when I will get around to adding the books, seeing as it's June as I type this, but I have no other good place to record movies, so...
* = rewatch

titles and what notCollapse )


I'm not even seeing BF until tomorrow, so I have this gloriously unparalleled twenty-four hour stretch in which I can do anything at all that I want without even having to clean first. And while I failed at exercising, here is what I've managed to do so far:

so many thingsCollapse )

And I am going to proceed with one of the TV posts I've been drafting but never feeling quite sound enough of mind to declare complete and post.

I picked up the DVD of Under the Dome from the library this week, spurred in part by this awesome list of "Barbie's Top Ten Moments," which only goes through season 1 and still doesn't cover all the times he was a hero. I have been having a merry old time rediscovering that world before it feels too foreign to return. It's still odd seeing so much crazy in Junior and so much criminal in Barbie and so in Angie, but as a whole, I'm enjoying it a lot, especially that part where Sam Verdreaux got referenced by name in the first couple of minutes of the pilot as the one who heard the gunshot at Peter's cabin in the woods. Way to reach back, season 2!

the rest is going to get very long and rambly, and it's like 84% straight Barbie appreciationCollapse )

Do I have some sort of magic powers, or...?

Hey guys remember that time I was like "I did not think Barbie could get more attractive to me #and then I pictured him in cowboy boots and expertly handling a horse"?
Boom.Collapse )

Send help.

Some TV talk

I am really not sure I'm ready to move into a world that has plot advancement and is not solely about struggling to survive the weather, but...okay. Let's try it.

Under the Dome, 2x12, "Turn"

thanks for ruining that song, showCollapse )
In other news, through great effort I'm pushing past my Castle block. I am 1.5 episodes into the D.C. arc but Lisa Edelstein is not helping at all, I just want to punch everything in the face. When Lisa Edelstein can't save something, you know it's bad.

So I'm just going to focus on the Caskett:Collapse )
Also, Community, 5x07:

Two duds in a row? Boo-urns.Collapse )
Happy Cat
I tried to reply to you at vinnostetris, but your message settings won't allow me to send you a direct message on Livejournal.  Can you adjust those, or is there an email address I can write to? Comments on this post are screened, if you want to comment here, or send another message. It was wonderful to hear from you and I'd like to give you a full reply, but in a nutshell, you made my day.
God, this is a good life. I want this show to air year round. It is my new purpose for existence.Collapse )
Also WOW, I have somehow never seen the episode of Friends where Monica proposes. I'm crying a little bit.
I probably should have taken it as a bad sign that Tumblr is showing an average of less than 200 notes for each standard episode-clip gifset in the Under the Dome tags, but COME ON, INTERNET, where are you? Why are there not twenty thousand Barbie/Julia stories for me to consume at a voracious pace as I tear apart the usual nourishment sources?

This ship is going full speed ahead, just fyi.Collapse )

Hold me, darlin', just a little while

Under the Dome, 2x11, "Black Ice"
I'm bothering to remember that title because OH MY GOD COULD THIS EPISODE HAVE BEEN ANY BETTER? NOPE.Collapse )
And since I have a TV post going,
Community 5x06
that was sort of terribleCollapse )

Fall 2014 Watch List

Mt. Fandom
First, I am 5 episodes away from being caught up on The Big Bang Theory, only to see a still from the premiere showing me that Penny has boy-cut short hair, which is so much gross/no/do not want that I've made the executive decision that until this is rectified to at least chin length, I will simply keep up with Shamy on YouTube/Tumblr and bin the rest. I'm a ruthless assassin now. Look at me funny and your show goes over the ledge.

Next: the order in which I am looking forward to all the other shows coming back, including some new shows I have not previously mentioned but may check out.Collapse )
Grid FormatCollapse )


Super Productive Sunday

a.k.a. That Day I Was Awake For Less Time Than People Usually Spend At Work

11:00 AM: Wake up (after sleeping for 9-10 hours) and internet
12-1: Work
1-2:15: Have lunch, shower, and otherwise get ready
2:20-3: Pick up boyfriend, stop at a random garage sale along the way, and continue to our Gateway Trail destination
3-5: Super-long walk!
5-6: Back to his place and recover for a little bit until beginnings of headache + weird exhaustion overtake me
6-6:30: Foolishly think it is necessary that I buy something I need tomorrow now instead of hoping I wake up early enough to get it before I'm trapped in work until evening.
6:40: Collapse in bed with skull-splitting headache, attempting to eat dinner but so tired and hurty that gnawing through French bread is almost too much effort
7:10 pm or so: Fall asleep and stay that way for next 12 hours (except waking up briefly at 9 before deciding to stay asleep, and then again for about 20 minutes circa 2am, tossing and turning, plagued by the nightmare that I have been fired)
P.S. This poll is messy and wrong and clearly overrun by the vermin fans of New New Who, yo, so let me just list you who the final four should have been:
-Sarah Jane Smith
-(actually I don't really care who comes in fourth, there are several good people)

The way it is now, I can still win if anybody but Jack takes the crown (although River Song is a depressing third-place choice if she wins over Rose or Sarah Jane), so I'm betting Jack will probaby emerge champion.


cut for those of you who don't want to hear about bugs and food in the same sentenceCollapse )
In other news, I have watched the "46 Minutes" episode of HIMYM three times in the past ten days because I am INFINITY DELIGHTED by every single second of the New York plotline (the house plot with Mickey not quite so much, but it grows tolerable over time). And to my consternation, it is not under my HIMYM tag so I have no idea how I felt about it when it aired.

But I hope I felt the same as I do now, where I can't stop quoting "Straight pimpin', "New experiences suck!", "We go to party in slaughterhouse," "I'M YOUR TWO BEST FRIENDS!", Drunk Ted grabbing the bottle of vodka back from Barney all "I'm thirsty, it's good," "I'm winning all your chippies!", and to circle back to where I started this post... "Hell yeah, I'm buyin' my man a lap dance. Cause that's just, you I do!"

A Farewell to Barnes

(alternate title: Barnes & Noble Goodbyes)

Because "escapism" is exactly what I need right now, and this episode is, oddly enough, my happy place.

Community, 5x05, "Geothermal Escapism"
a/k/a Community: Lava WorldCollapse )

Sep. 6th, 2014

All righty then. I spent the rest of my Tuesday night slowly losing my mind and spiraling into upset sobbing, but had so much work that I had to just say up and keep going without sleep until 4 pm to get it all done. Wednesday disappeared into oblivion when I inevitably crashed and slept for 14 hours at that point. And since then I've pretty much been either working or sleeping or doing other things nonstop in stubborn refusal to think about any of it. I am more hurt than I was, and it feels worrisomely closer to real, but if I can just stay isolated and distant and apply this numbing agent every so often, maybe I can survive. (it is going to be a long television year)

In the meantime, I bring you this delightful excerpt from my 19-year-old Self's journal. I call it "Rainbow Stevie (That Chick's Awesome)":

Seriously, whilst I still have some semblance of summer, I should set up one of my superb solo Saturday...soir...shindigs! (how's that for alliteratation?) There can be Diet Coke and pretzels (made famous by that one 7th grade night of sleep loss), but more importantly, SAT practice tests for fun...and board games like Monopoloy, Mancala, Scrabble and Yahtzee. I could maybe watch a movie, but tonight my focus is on taping CSI so I can rantview it. Maybe I'll pull out the Littlest Pet Shops and play around with those. Maybe I should update my scrapbooks right now, before it's dark. So many possibilities! How do people get bored, again?

Subtitle:  Ironclad Proof Of My Right To Judge Drunk College Students
Having heard doomy-sounding rumblings on Tumblr lately, despite doing my best to cut contact with anyone who doesn't blacklist spoilers, after several days of uneasiness I caved and read all the Glee spoilers, including detailed ones for the premiere.

It's bad. It's so bad that I think...I might have to cut ties and quit the fandom, Bones style.Collapse )

Castle some more!

Castle GIF
I watched 5x23, and it was indeed as uncomfortable and demoralizing as I thought it would be,because of reasons; and also my plans to catch up with the series before the end of the year might be stalled a bitCollapse )
To calm my crankiness, I watched the bonus features and HOLY GOOD LORD, if ever there was a Castle DVD you needed to buy, it is THIS ONE. Not only is it it the best season by far, it also contains 100% amazing special features.

Martha's Master Class and your Home Is Your Castle are the best, but they're literally all greatCollapse )
I have 2 weeks of Under the Dome to catch up on:
2x09-10Collapse )
They also showed a "special sneak preview" of "Scorpion," and I just...I really want to love it because Kat McPhee (I'm so glad she keeps getting hired), but I just cannot find it in my heart to do so. It has the same bland feeling of Dude Overload that H50 or NCIS: LA has. I may give its premiere a shot, because it'll air right before the Under the Dome finale, but I have low hopes. And also I might prefer to watch Sleepy Hollow; not sure yet.

Thrift ALL the things!!

I have had some pretty epic luck lately in my thrifty shopping, which almost makes up for not getting to go to very many garage sales.

4 old books...Collapse )-----------------
Savers and Day 1 of the 50% off Labor Day saleCollapse )
And last but far from least, pop is on sale at Walmart, specifically 12-packs of cans and specifically Vanilla Coke (Zero) (which is like NEVER on sale) for $3. That's already a good price for cans -- they sometimes go down to $2.50 but only if you buy 4 at a time -- and for vanilla flavoring, well, I am just in heaven. They also have a bunch of tanks on clearance at $3 apiece, which i about on par with Savers and Goodwill's regular prices, and although I normally avoid their clothes, layering tanks don't have to be great quality -- you just need a bunch of them. Cheap is the way to go.

Meanwhile, my holiday weekend may only be as long as a normal person's weekend, but so far here's what I have done with it:
Weekend o' Joy has greatly improvedCollapse )

Cats, Castle and Who?

Castle GIF
From a shop I edited today: Oh man...I understand that is not everyone's cup of tea, but I TOTALLY want to shop for a car at the dealership that has "stray cats on the premises with food bowls set out for them"! Even though I also feel like it is not ideal to mix outdoor cats and a parking lot full of vehicles.
I am weirdly tempted to watch the new Doctor Who episode. I've carelessly spoiled myself well by reading reviews from all the usual Moffat haters whose main concern is whether women have enough agency, and concludedsome things! mild spoilers but unrelated to plotCollapse )
But what I actually did was watch more Castle, because I'm in love with love.

"The Squab and the Quail:" hey, jealousyCollapse )
(apparently aired out of order because of the Boston Marathon bombings, but honestly, it makes more sense coming after the above)

That is nothing like I expected but I'm so glad nobody spoiled it. It could have been a season finale -- the non-rage-inducing, non-cliffhanger kindCollapse )
Also, even though I haven't been spoiled on anything except the Sofia V. gag, I think I might just give up on even watching this year's Emmys, never mind trying to blog it. It's disappointing, but the State Fair took priority. What kind of damn fool network airs those on a Monday, when people have a life, instead of Sunday night, when there's absolutely nothing to do and you're tired from having a fun, busy weekend?
(in terms of always being behind and watching it on my own inconsistent terms, in a semi-isolated bubble, and how strange and weird it's going to feel when the episodes run out)

This has been an awful mess of a weekend, minus the brief run I was able to make to Savers for the 50%-off-books sale weekend and little bit of time boyfriend and I spent together, and my post is going to be an awful mess in response.

-Savers netted me I Haz a Hotdog ($1), which I gave to said boyfriend to improve his mood after feeling under the weather, but the real find was Jewel's gorgeous and artistic memoir Chasing Down the Dawn for $2.50.

-Meanwhile, boyfriend time netted me quality television...but you know what's hard? Choosing random episodes of How I Met Your Mother to show someone who hasn't seen the majority of the episodes. He likes what he's seen of the show in syndication but I never know if our humorous tastes will match up.

Ergo, a vote: what are the best episodes of season 3? I've tried the premiere and The Bracket and I just don't think I've nailed it yet. Each one makes me feel guilty for steering him into buying season 3 instead of season 2 when he had the option. My Ted/Robin hatred coupled with my anger at the temporary Marshall/Lily breakup blinded me to the fact that season 2 has way more standouts.

-Speaking of tastes not syncing up...

Community, 5x04
Chris liked it, I was not so enthused.Collapse )

P.S. dollsome and crackers4jenn both abandoned their posts re: reliable Community episode reaction posts. THIS HAS BEEN AN UPSETTING ROUTE OF DISCOVERY. If you're down and Television Without Pity's shut down, where do people talk about this show?? How do I know if my feelings are right? How do I know what happened beyond the like four things my goldfish brain can remember happening in any given non-stellar episode?

In which I am almost a bad person

Castle GIF
I was on YouTube (like a fool, like a fool!) yesterday to review a clip from the 100th episode after I had to return the DVDs, and you will be very pleased to know that even though I ALMOST went on a wild binge of season 6 Caskett scenes, I tore myself away after only sneaking two.

from the second episodeCollapse )


Grumpy Cat has left the building

Castle GIF
Or, "Castle, season 5, part 2." Because wow, nothing brightens your mood like a pair of pretty people in love + hilarious hijinx. I'm just going to ignore that actor I loathe occasionally showing up as the coroner instead of Lainie and hope it's only temporary while she was off having a baby/filming a movie or something.

5x13-20Collapse )
Mt. Fandom
1. I am presently drinking appletini flavored Crystal Light, and it is AMAZING. Thank you, Dollar Store. Where I also found these amazing Nonni's Biscotti Bites.

2. I found the creepiest thing in an antique store last week:
a taxidermy yellow duckling dressed up in an easter bonnet/shawl. I couldn't tell what it was at first, as it was on its side amongst a bunch of small dolls, and I picked it up thinking it was a little toy. A very realistic toy... "OH EW!" Its papery little feet were the worst. It was admittedly very soft, but way too much like a dead body in a way that larger taxidermy somehow isn't.

3. While researching that on eBay to see if it was a common thing (it appears that it is - though the modern ones tend to have disclaimers stating they are natural deaths), I found a super cool thing on Etsy: felted wool animals. They look amazingly realistic, or at least they do from this particular seller, and I want twenty of them (I can afford zero). The cat is one of my favorites so far, but here are some other neat examples:image cutCollapse )

4. I was listlessly scrolling through the homepage today, blocking journals left and right, when I happened upon one that sent me to a game of link-tag and ultimately resulted in me seeing this and doing the virtual equivalent of throwing a stack of papers in the air as I stormed the internet to see about the humanly fastest way to get a free copy of A Single Man* into my hands. I have always bypassed it on the grounds of "meh, lacks women," but actually it sounds like it could be right up my alley in terms of tear triggers.

5. Then, frustrated that I could not just drive down and check out a copy immediately, I went through my Goodreads and requested like six more books because I only have one novel checked out of the library right now and that's my cue to obtain a lot more, as opposed to reading some of the many unread ones I own that do not have due dates, obviously.

6. I texted Chris, "I watched that episode again last night. Now I'm addicted to a song with an awkward title and lyrics. THANKS COMMUNITY. And YouTube the Enabler."
His response: o.0 (the song about Excel Dean sings? A song that contains donkey-esque crooning? The mystery!)

Good point. Those are addictive too, but they lack the sense of shame that comes with constantly wanting to sing things like "It said quarter to five, but it was quarter to ass..."
I am sad that this is the only song I've gotten obsessed with so far this yearCollapse )
Under the Dome, 2x08
Moar conspiracy ahoyCollapse )
Since I last checked in with the Community tag [THREE MONTHS AGO??], I have watched the season 4 finale:
it was a nice combination of cracktastic and comfortingCollapse )
And then, since boyfriend went ahead and bought season 5 on DVD (what a novel concept! I mean, it hasn't even been out for a year), we started watching it.

5x01, Repilot Sucky like a regular pilot.Collapse )
5x02, Introduction to Teaching
Significant improvement. Just for Abed's unintentional impressions.Collapse )
5x03, "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics"
And then there's the newest addition to my all time favorites:

Castle, season 5, part 1

Castle GIF
LOOK WHO IS FINALLY CATCHING UP. I'm perfectly giddy about all the sweetness - and it's backed up by plots that, in comparison to the way things were starting to feel kind of routine by the end of season 4, are on fire and super entertaining and fun, which explains how I have powered through this many episodes in a span of only 3 nights.

The first dozen episodes of DOMESTIC CUTE MODE: ENGAGE!Collapse )
Lastly, I have 30 minutes until the next Under the Dome, but I did watch it last week, so let me just throw this in here too:

2x07: let's have ALL the crazy new twists!Collapse )
"Oh, 'creativecasey,' that sounds nice. I wonder if it's someone promoting a writing journal or artistic projects."

*clicks username*

"THANKS FOR THAT UNEXPECTED CLOSE-UP OF YOUR BARE CROTCH. TOTES AWESOME." I now not only don't want to help you figure out what kind of medical issue is all up in your lady business, I actively hope you suffer from pain and irritation for weeks to come.


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