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Surprise! Survivor Finale!

Hey Survivor. In the future, maybe not have 6 people remaining on the last night. Stuff gets way rushed.Collapse )
[edit: oh lord it's 4am and I'm still hootenannyin'. I haven't even made it over to YouTube for the one Ponderosa video I care about.]

P.S. Over the course of 3 hours, CBS slowly brainwashed me with promos for "Hunted" until I had gone from "that looks dumb" to realizing it was a reality competition show where people play fugitives on the run from actual former law enforcement people (or people with jobs that would qualify them for such) and going, "Damn, that looks awesome, sign me up." It will take the sting out of missing probably all of the next season of Survivor (it premieres in frickin' MARCH?! March 8th?) with Mom due to night work.

Free house tour!

Today I got to go to an estate sale at 599 Summit Avenue, a/k/a a lovely historic apartment/rowhouse best known as where F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote one of his novels (though the top floor was not accessible to customers, and only two rooms on the second floor were; the rest of the hallway was roped off). And that is what I'm going to be grinning about for the rest of the day.

*Did I get a thing? I did. A bit o' costume jewelry, a little oblong lavender gem on a gold chain. $1.50 seemed pretty fair. I got a compliment on it from another customer, so that's pretty cool.

Post & Run: CBS TV II

a.k.a. one short and two long reviews for this week's...

NCISCollapse )
SurvivorCollapse )
Criminal MindsCollapse )

Post & Run: CBS TV

This week on Survivor:neat stuff!Collapse )
Also, it seems I've forgotten to write up Criminal Minds thoughts for a while, which is a shame as it's my 2nd fave show at the moment, so:

Criminal Minds: 12x04-07Collapse )

Finally: NCIS: LA, 8x10, Sirens
Deeks and Kensi did not share a single scene. As the children used to say, what is this fuckery.Collapse )

Some TV chatter

I. I haven't written about Surivor in for-ev-errrrrr because honestly, I just keep forgetting I've watched it. It's fun in the moment, but an exciting season this is not. So, random thoughts I've had over the past...I don't even know, 5 weeks?

???Collapse )
II. The 3 most recent episodes of NCISCollapse )
I'm beginning to suspect that the reason Joel McHale signed on to The Great Indoors had nothing whatsoever to do with the premise and everything to do with insider knowledge that he would get to be in close proximity to and/or cuddle a bunch of tame wild animals. I can't believe this aspect was not hyped to the power of a million. He had a freaking lemur on his shoulder in the most recent episode.

Why are we not talking about this??Collapse )

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I was expecting to like but not necessarily adore this movie, and it blew my expectations 94 stories out of the water. SIXTEEN OUT OF FIVE STARS.

and other thoughts, now with fewer hyperbolic numbersCollapse )

I found the fic deposits.

The task of seeking out fic in a new fandom is always an interesting one. I try to put it off as long as possible -- wait until I've built up a tolerance to the canon footage so that when I start jonesing before new material arrives, I have an untapped source -- in part because it's tough when you jump in cold turkey, without established friends who write or rec it. Which site has the best offerings? Is it infested with slash and/or porn? And most importantly, can people write in character? How much badfic will you stumble through before you find the good stuff, and will your spirits last that long?

The answers, with a whole bunch of links to fic. Traditional honeymoon phase for a new fandom is 4 months, so I am only halfway through the blitz.Collapse )

And in other news, I'm sure everyone else my age has seen this a million times, but I have only very recently been introduced to the wonder and glory that is Couch Commander, and where was this Obama for the past 8 years of my life. #THE SUNGLASSES WALK
I accidentally stayed up all night on Thanksgiving, so I set up camp in the Gilmore Girls tag on Tumblr to spoil myself as much and as soon as possible, and promptly angried up my blood.

Revival spoilers!Collapse )

Heard on TV

I kicked off my time-wasting today by being sufficiently inspired by a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend gifset for "Thought Bubbles" to check out how their music has been in season 2.

roundup post!Collapse )
After listening to Thought Bubbles 5 times in a row and trying to figure out what other music in my enormous music library sounded like this so that I could listen to versions with better lyrics, my brain wandered back to its usual Densi hangout and wondered if Deeks can sing. Which led to the sudden realization of WAIT A MINUTE, I THINK YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS.
--I believe you all remember the very fine ode to Mountain Flower?Collapse )
NCIS: LA: 8x09Collapse )
In other news, I've found myself in a world of Big Bang Theory clips on YouTube (they are extremely addictive), and I just stumbled across this clip from 10x09 about Penny's former haircut that is the purest balm upon my wounded soul.

Also transcribed for funsies and posterity.Collapse )
The good news is that I spent about 9 hours reading today and chewed through 5 books (reading way too fast, yes. I could feel myself going too fast, even if they were YA novels and mostly shorter than average. But I have all these great books and I never have time to truly relax, and it suddenly became imperative that I chow down on all of the stories and stuff them into my brain as soon as possible so that I could begin to ruminate upon them. It was the most wonderful kind of gluttonous madness).

The problem is that now it's 3 in the morning and I am still wiiiiiide awake, because reading gives me almost as much energy as the blue light of a computer screen. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as shutting the cover of a satisfying book, slamming it down in triumph and shouting, "Another!"

They called it the sale of dreams...

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY. I braved rain on the way that turned to the year's first snow on the way home (p.s. last night it was still 51 degrees F at 8 PM and I wore a light spring jacket I barely needed), with both my parents as passengers, to go to a beautiful estate sale and I'm so happy I did.

I even saved the page on the Wayback Machine so y'all can get an idea of it. It's a house on a lake, first of all* -- not super big, but nice enough to be like, "Yeah, owner had some money." (*Fact: having 10,000 lakes does not lower the price of property with access to/a backyard view of one).

Second of all:

Chrisalin has been conducting sales for more than 12 years. We have never seen so many high quality collectibles and antiques in any sale. This house rivals most antique shops. The homeowner was a collector and a dealer and said that she never bought anything unless it was perfect and pristine. She told the truth. If something was flawed, out it went.

O what a wonderlandCollapse )
Honestly, the more I think about it, with the snow coming down when we left and everything...it really had a magical Christmas feeling to it. This is definitely going to be a sale I remember.

The Lost Manor: FOUND.

Remember last year, when I told you about a Mystery Estate I'd been trying to find for over a decade? Today I tried the simplest search yet: ["deerfield manor" redding shasta california] after switching to Google from Bing, and BAM. First result. That's it. I found it. 26526 S. Cow Creek, Millville, CA. 96062. The future home of my fictional character's dreams.

It is not currently for sale, so there are no photos to confirm, but I know that's it. From the moment it said "gated european tudor estate," I knew I had it, but let's apply some cross-references on public record real estate sites. 6 beds, 6 baths? Check. Outline of the property? That looks right. Last sold in October 2003 for just over 1.4 million and again 2 years later? Either way, that was the approximate time frame in which I found it, and that was the list price. "Adj water rights"? Yup. The only thing I'm not sure about is that Zillow et. al. says the lot is only 9 acres. It was being previously advertised as 248 acres, but mentioend adjacent parcels, so maybe those are counted differently from developed space? I hope.

Regardless, what's important is that it's real, it's really real. I can keep tabs on it in the future, see if it continues to survive, see if one day it's for sale again and I can collect new pictures.

I feel like I have accomplished something great.

Mah Happy Place

I am working on my Zen Coping Techniques like nobody's business this week, which currently means taking lots of deep, relaxing breaths and keeping most everyone my age in Mental Time Out until they calm down. Thankfully, I have had the great fortune of finding myself a superfandom love whose Tumblr participants generally keep their politics separate from their television, which is really a testament to the prevailing strength of CBS shows and the quality temperament of people who watch them. I am choosing to learn from their example and just let all the Angry Posts pass me by.

It turns out my new superfandom love comes stocked all kinds of extracurricular activities for the new fandom participant, most of them contained on a lovely little site that has somehow passed me by up til now, Wiki Deeks. I haven't seen this kind of multimedia Fandom Central since, like, X-Files and the days of The Haven.

Am I devoting an entire blog post to my discovery of it? Yes.Collapse )
FYI: My new blog strategy is to just make a lot of single-topic posts whenever the mood strikes, so I stop doing these half-finished posts, marking them private to save as drafts, and then never finding the time to go back to them.


I am 1000% percent obsessed with this album again (as is to be expected, as I'm p. sure it's my favorite CD of all time), and every time some of my favorite lines circa 2002 drift out from the vague cloud of familiar sound, they strike me as super relevant to the current climate. I don't want to make any more blog posts about the election (which is not to say I won't), but by god, if anyone is, they should definitely use some of these for titles:

I swear these are more useful to you than to me.Collapse )

Oh neat, that's the first time I've used this tag to refer to post content instead of to identify a post whose title IS a lyric.
1. In today's Absolutely Unnecessary Items I Must Have*: a copper cupcake Ferris wheel.

*I would never actually buy this. When would I ever have people over? Under what circumstances would I actually need to display a maximum of 8 cupcakes/muffins elegantly? But man, if I had one of those beautiful mansions I'm always drooling over, this would absolutely be one of the thousands of magazine-worthy decorative items I stocked it with.

2. I've been watching Superstore fairly faithfully all season, and I think I've seen enough now that I can chance tossing out some random impressions that s.2 has made on me without spoiling the magic.

eighty percent positive thoughtsCollapse )
3. Remember when I refused to make a fall watchlist because I had so little I planned to watch, much less on time? I think it's kind of interesting to see what I've actually been watching, regardless of any half-baked plans I made before, so let's do one now.

It is basically just CBS. NBC sneaks in once.Collapse )

4. I am being absolutely useless tonight. I should work, but literally all I'm doing is 30% work on this post and 60% watching election results; I've never been this fascinated by anything political in my life.

Double your pleasure, double your fun

How the hell did this turn into 2300 words of babbling.

NCIS: LA, 8x06, Home Is Where the Heart Is
Does shipping count as a hobby? Because it's rapidly consuming all of my free time.Collapse )

Tiny post!

(because this was originally in a draft, and then I moved the draft to a new post but didn't have enough room for this but also not enough other content to make a new post, so one week later I'm just un-priviatzing what remains of the draft post)

I watched The Great Indoors, and all your arguments are irrelevant because JOEL MCHALE HOLDING A TINY BEAR CUB. I think this show would be a lot better without the weird and unnecessary hookup backstory/forced chemistry between him and his immediate supervisor, but so far I am entertained. Provided we ignore the logic gap of "how would a bear that still drinks from a bottle be willing/able to kill and eat a small dog." Also, my favorite part was Jack's Geocities-esque web page from 1996. I miss the design of Geocities pages so much.

Season 8 has been very good to me so far.

It has been so long since I have been in the throes of this much shippy joy in real time where canon was also paying off a Castle-level jackpot on the regular. I don't know how to handle it except by talking so much. There are somehow people in the ship tag who are like "I can't handle the angst!" and I'm like "are you kidding me, this is so good, this is amazing, this is The Ship Arc of Dreams." And I'm not even hating the show around it! I have finally broken through to that plane I've always wanted to be on, where my natural revulsion to Hetty is no longer sufficient to keep me away, which means I get to enjoy all the character things that are not specifically Deeks/Kensi scenes.

NCIS: LA, 8x04-05, in SO MUCH DETAILCollapse )


Other CBS shows I've been watching

Because I haven't time to really talk about TV in like 2 weeks. Though I did just finish & backdate a Criminal Minds post here.

Next 2 rounds of NCIS that should have been behind a cut, oops.Collapse )
I've also been dutifully keeping up with Survivor while being HELLA bored with it, but I think it finally turned on the charm.
musingsCollapse )

*Phoebe Buffay voice* "Oh, no."

Turns out it takes a long time to reread all your Private Practice reviews, even skimming. Long enough to forget about why you started. Turns out you occasionally screencapped the Pete/Violet moments. And that diverts your attention into a different kind of YouTube tour than you planned, spiraling back to where it all began because good lord when this relationship was on, it was on.

Nostalgic reflectionsCollapse )
tl;dr now I'm stuck staying up all night to finish work because I quit at like 8pm to start on TV and just...never stopped.

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