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I've messed up / better I should know

I got spoiled for last week's episode 2 hours after it aired / 10 minutes after I got home from work because apparently THE ENTIRE INTERNET needed to talk about it. Fortunately, my mom managed not to be, and she forgot to watch it, so at least I got to delight in her shock. Almost as satisfying.

I also listened to this song for like an hour because so much of it is SO RELEVANT.Collapse )

I am so emotional about Darren Criss & Lea Michele hanging out and making music together that I am literally crying a little bit. I am all choked up with pride and joy and happiness at the sheer indescribable beauty of their voices. Which were great on Glee, but are now better in more authentic form. I just...really love both of these humans a lot. As illustrated on my Tumblr, in various posts I am too tired to link to because I'm on the laptop, but you can check it out @Televinita for now, because why not broadcast my shame to a wider audience.

Just kidding I feel 0% shame at my capacity to be made this happy by something so pleasantly simple.

For a few more TV reviews

Because my entire weekend was spent cycling between work, extreme executive dysfunction of scrolling all over the internet because work was Hard and I just could not face it (I topped out @ 41.5 hours for the week without breaks btw), and collapsing face-first into bed from roughly 2-8pm both days, and some of the only genuine enjoyment to be had was reading my old reviews of various shows.
The most recent NCISCollapse )
and 2 episodes of SurvivorCollapse )
One is that I am missing out on the handsome nature of Martin Henderson's face on the regular, and while he is hotly being a doctor and prime potential love interest at that.

The other is that when I run into a mighty need to throw my beloved crime show characters into complicated medical situations for a change of daydream pace, I have no pre-fab patient-of-the-week scripts in my immediate wheelhouse. To be fair, NCIS: LA gave me a real spectacularly indulgent hospital arc this year so I have less to complain about than usual, but I still really miss things like car crash victims, large-scale emergencies, and life-threatening illnesses with some proper medical research behind them. #elite first world problems #spoiled shipper problems

(I suppose I could mine old episodes, but somehow that's just not as appealing.)

Apr. 6th, 2017

Few things trip my rage trigger faster than when people write "I asked about..." in the field that says "Indicate SPECIFIC QUESTION asked."

I s2g, the next person who does this is gonna get an email saying something like, "For your question, you indicated you asked about giveaways. Just to confirm, did you say, "About giveaways?" or "Aren't giveaways totally awesome?"

Let's have a happy post

because I spent last night spiraling hysterically about change and potential loss due to people's unwillingness to just put their heads in the sand with me until I cried myself to sleep at 3 AM
1. Operation: Pay Off My Student Loan Debt By The End of 2017 is lookin' real good. The year is 25% over, and I have eliminated 25% of the debt I started the year with. Plus with test-scoring money starting to come in, I will be able to make a larger dent in it over the next couple of months. Words really cannot express my excitement here.

2. I got a really sweet handwritten thank-you note in the mail from Jasper's owner. She said she'd let us know next time they're going out of town so we can visit / walk him again.

3. No that's it I'm mostly just upset that I have SO MUCH WORK and I can't get going today because it's So Hard and I can't believe that it only took two days of regular work being back to pound me right into the dirt (but like. 9pm-2AM followed by 8:15-2:00 just to finish the stuff that was due yesterday, and then 2 more hours and I only got 75% of the way through reviewing and making contacts -- not yet editing -- the stuff due today. How...?)
One of these days my irritation with mass hysteria on Tumblr and my knee-jerk response of deciding anything they're afraid of is probably perfectly fine for me is going to get me in trouble. Maybe today, maybe not, but case in point, the new LJ user agreement. I faithfully read the whole agreement, tried to parse what it meant / how it was different from the old agreement, and then just shrugged and pulled a cashewdani:

[a visual explanation of what that means is behind the cut]cashewdani


*sets watch for 65 minutes* GO!

I think it is high-flippin' time I started discussing this year of Survivor, because I am already mad that I have to cram 3 episodes into one mediocre and insufficient post, so this is basically gonna be a list of my reactions to peoples' faces and I don't know if anyone ever reads my Survivor posts, but if you do, this is def. one you should skip.

Survivor: Some Game Changers and Some Randos We Like And Included Just BecauseCollapse )
I also caught up a tiny bit on NCIS.

Season 14, episodes 16-18.Collapse )

The Music of 2017: Quarter 1

I was feeling kinda blah about music this year, until I finally decided I was ready to take a spin on Spotify's Discover Weekly ride again. I always hate doing this, it's like breaking in a new pair of jeans or shoes...but if I just wince, prepare for an onslaught of Stupid and wade in, targeting only female artists on the list of offerings and giving them exactly 20 seconds to bend my ear or get fired forever, I am surprisingly efficient in amassing a manageable number for further study to eventually in love with.

And now, between that and the radio -- which has been kind of incredible lately about putting heavier focus on solo artists with real names and regular bands, like the good old days of the early aughts -- I have a crop of 30 or so new musical prizes I love like new kittens and can't get enough of.

Enjoy my nattering! *shakes fist in threatening manner* Enjoy iiiit...Collapse )

Mood: peevish

How bereft of joy does your life to be to mock people who have "gender reveal" cakes? Tumblr's current feeding frenzy of "haha look at these weirdos who think gender has anything to do with genitals trying to force oppressive gender roles on babies" is making me very Sigh.

They're cute, harmless cakes, many of them beautifully decorated, at worst mildly amusing in their choice of boy/girl characterizations. There are a lot of pretty terrible parents in the world, but a couple (hell, even one parent) putting this kind of planning and excitement into something before the kid is even here? Sounds to me like they're prepared to be loving parents, and maybe you could just chill and think that's neat instead.

Birthday Weekend: ACTUAL BIRTHDAY #31

I was awoken at 7:15 for breakfast, a full hour earlier than expected, which was frankly wonderful because even though I wanted to squall like a cat, the promise of a frittata was just enough to overcome my bleariness, and then I had what amounted to almost 2 more hours than I usually have in a day. And then...I did not manage my time all that well or do anything spectacular, but I:

had other nice things happen todayCollapse )


Birthday Weekend: Day 3

I slept way too late, but finally picked up my disaster of a room, washed my bedding and 2 other loads of laundry, and finally finished getting ready around 3, after which I:

did more things!Collapse )

Birthday Weekend: Day 2


I should have gotten done even earlier, it only took 3 hours start to finish including breaks, but following that I still managed to have a lot of fun:
things!Collapse )

Birthday Weekend: Day 1

Me @ library front desk worker today: Yes hello I have...some...interlibrary loan requests to pick up?
Desk worker: Sure, let me see your card. Okay -- oh, wow.
Me, accepting the stack of 7 novels: :D :D :D

But oh, that was not the only highlight of my day.Collapse )


For my 30th birthday, I was working so many hours that I didn't even have time to mention that milestone on LJ. For my 31st, however, Regular Work is being the exact opposite of what it was last year (i.e. I have only worked 16 hours so far this week. Pay reflects that, but it's worth the tradeoff), and Night Work is not only behaving but being pretty much the most non-math fun I've had at that job in years, so I am presently overwhelmed by options. My birthday is on Monday, which means basically, I just have to get through whatever work is assigned tomorrow and then I don't have to spend more than an hour or two on it until day after birthday.

Here are some things I am hoping to do:Collapse )

Doge Therapy

My dog-sitting stint is over, but it was the best. Perhaps the most important thing that made it the best: it showed me that one day I could love another dog. I have met other dogs since Kym died, and none of them have seemed as good as her, but Monsieur Jasper here...honestly is. That is a really beautiful realization.

I mean it also made me paranoid that when I do get another dog, I won't know if he or she is the right one because I'll be blinded by my desire to just have a dog, and also I am now more afraid than ever to "settle" for a dog under 50 pounds, much less under 25...but really, these are minor.


An obviously pressing and dire post

Hey, Orphan Black fans, I'm finally in your house! Kind of. I was downstairs reading and my dad wanted to watch another episode of the DVD he and my mom were working on. I told them to go ahead, with full plans to ignore it, but I actually got kind of sucked into the story.

Here is what I know about Orphan Black: It's British [NOPE I GUESS IT'S CANADIAN], there are clones of this one woman for some reason, they all have vastly different life circumstances and are skillfully played as distinct characters by this one actress, I'm not sure if they all know about each other or not, and...that's it, it turns out I have no idea what the actual premise of this show full of clones is. My interest in it has always been non-existent because sci-fi + no gorgeous people or fave actors to override that handicap.

Anyway,  the episode was 2x03, so here are my first impressions, starting with the 2 things that immediately stood out to me:

and now for more detail about the episodeCollapse )

All The Pretty Pieces

I only have like 6 shows I'm current on, but my television life is such a joy right now that even though it feels weird and awful not writing about individual episodes -- and I am still determined that I will go back and do that -- I am bounding forth to watch them after work as soon as they're available, awash in contentment because even halfway through March, it feels like I'm always getting new episodes and they are always amazing. This is the life I deserve after the brutality of the past few years in television and the general shipping trauma I have endured, and I am determined to luxuriate in every second of it.

Ergo, a summation of my current happy feelings, separated by show and increasing in textual length as it goes on. [edit: oh, I forgot to list it but Madam Secretary also continues to bring the Married Joy any Sunday I feel like tuning in.]
NCIS: LA and the Fleet Of ShipsCollapse )
Scorpion, the show I would sell to the Ridiculous Museum, and its Qute Quintis.Collapse )
Criminal Minds (after a brief forward on its little sibling Beyond Borders): Beauty From Pain. And a shipping anomaly.Collapse )
Last but not least in the shipping realm: I read a book a couple of nights ago, All in Pieces, after reading this 1-star review that was basically a gigantic bat signal yelling “LOOK AT ALL THESE THINGS THAT ARE THE EXACT THINGS YOU LOVE AND DON’T HAVE TO JUSTIFY WHY. READ IT IMMEDIATELY OR SOONER." I am at a loss as to how to structure my GR review, because while it's not quite perfect enough to be 5 stars to me, this book is a giant snowstorm of hurt/comfort, basically all of it pre-kissing. I shot so far over the moon I actually had to sit down and write a list because my brain was not able to contain so much delight at once. This possibly not-all-inclusive list of great things the dude does includes:
[these are most definitely all spoilers from beginning to end, but how many of you really want to read this book, especially when you can just watch me flail?]

  • being there to offer rides or an after-school escape or just an ear to listen when she's had a bad day

  • insisting upon offering these things even when she is contrary and repeatedly says no because she doesn't want to depend on a guy

  • not exactly #flashin'cash but using his money to make things easier (e.g. taking her out to lunch that she can't afford herself)

  • inviting her over to his house and giving her a safe place to go, no questions asked, when her home life is too much to bear and her friends are out of town

  • being intensely Concerned upon seeing marks from where her asshole ex grabbed her face

  • holding her when she cries, like on at least 3 separate occasions

  • engaging her beloved little brother

  • having an amazing mom who basically adopts her on sight (and also adores her little brother)

  • inviting her to sleep over (as friends) to escape her intolerably lonely house, with Cool Mom's enthusiastic support

  • coming out and sleeping on the floor next to the sofa when her night terrors wake him up

  • being the one she runs to when her ex assaults her (lol police, they're useless, who needs 'em, are her exact thoughts)

  • taking her to the ER, sitting with her, being angry and upset to the point of his own tears about what happened to her, and insisting she come home with him (where are her legal guardians? no one seems to care)

  • climbing into bed with and holding her while she falls asleep

  • giving the dude who hurt her a serious and vengeful beatdown (and being careful not to get caught)


Workin' the system. (?)

Me: Library, I would like to renew this book due today, since no one has requested it.
Library: Someone requested it last night. Give it back.
Me: Library, you already have a spare copy CHECKED IN at the lazy-ass branch that takes forever to process requests, why can't you... okay, no, it's cool. I can follow rules.
Sneaky Me: *requests the book also*  *then returns book to my home branch*
Library: Turns out it will save time and gas if we just let you jump the queue and give this book back to you instead of shipping it over to the other person's home library branch. You can pick it up whenever.
Me: That's what I thought.

and now for less fun whining about work. day work.Collapse )

2 Broke Girls catch-up

(this scheduled post represents my weak attempt to stay at least a little connected to TV during The Wild Work Times)

I haven't watched a new episode of 2 Broke Girls in an age, but recently I've been watching it in syndication again. And since one of the airings is not only in season 5 but also past where I left off, it might be good to process what I've haphazardly watched since I last left off so I can Officially move on.

quick thoughts on 5x04-10 belowCollapse )
Night Job is the same soul-crushing project it was this time last year, a/k/a writing, a/k/a EXTRA HARD, but at leat it's elementary school (grade 4-5) to start. So until they inevitably change that, it is at least less soul-crushing than Ultimate Doomsday Scenario high school writing.

Happy thought: I don't care much about green-themed St. Patrick's Day stuff in bars and restaurants, but when the grocery stores start to bust out their mint-frosted chocolate bakery items...it's the most wonderful time of the year -- and we are there.

Finally, in news that should probably be headlining this post, my student loan debt is officially down to 4 figures (yeah, that's me. the one who graduated 8 years ago and didn't even go to grad school). The more I pay down, the more hyped I get about paying more, and now I'm starting to get ~crazy ideas~ about having it paid off entirely by the end of the year.  Sure, it would wipe out my nest egg, but then I could start building the nest egg back up and have more disposable income in the long run. I just have to be willing to pull that trigger.

[edit: I've always been too afraid to add up how much student loan debt I started with. I genuinely never knew, I only paid attention to the number I had to pay each loan provider every month. Turns out my starting debt was $31,118.]


Wish me luck!

Night Work 2017 begins tonight. I have a handle on managing the two jobs together today, and probably will tomorrow, but after that I will most likely spiral into a maelstrom of exhaustion and never getting to relax or have enough time to do anything that is not stressing about my lack of time, in spite of my best efforts to Be Organized And Capable And Strong. I am already so demoralized by how hard it was to get everything done this past month even without the night job that I can't even come up with my usual plans of how I could theoretically manage my time, like forgetting Tumblr and TV exist -- I am just resigned to being miserable.

At least I finally won a pony. It's faded from pink to a nondescript cream/tan colored body and its symbols are so faded as to be nigh invisible, and I really paid more than I should have for a pony this quality, but I got frustrated enough to stop caring and was just happy not to be contested. It's a fuzzy pony (flocked) with almost no loss of fuzz, and for some reason I find his odd color endearing. It's not technically a boy pony, but the coloring has made me decide that's what he's going to be. "Buttons" can totally be a masculine name.

"If you're going through hell, keep going."

^ A quote from episode 13, and also delightfully applicable to my relationship with season 14 of NCIS. It has finally stopped sucking quite so hard? Most of the time?
Episodes 12-15.Collapse )
In other news, since this is a discount TV post before night work sucks me away for basically the rest of the year, I stumbled upon some wildly adorable Shamy clips from 10x14 of The Big Bang Theory, and I may just perish of adorable.
Finally: I know Tumblr has probably never watched Last Man Standing, but there is a really fun moment where Eve says "you seem to be listing good things in an angry tone," and I really think Tumblr should make it and use it in response to posts where people complain about shows having an excessive amount of gay people / diversity.
Looking for NCIS: LA, I accidentally watched (most of) The Good Fight on TV last night, even though I've only seen The Good Wife in promos.more words about feelings hereCollapse )
Also, general thoughts on the status of my viewing relationships with Criminal Minds, Scorpion, Supergirl, Superstore, and other comedies, at least one of which also starts with SCollapse )
On a completely unrelated note, I scrolled through my profile today and was saddened to see strikethroughs on two of my 45 remaining mutual friends' names (exactly 9 of whom I have seen on LJ within the past 2 years), but way more upset to see the CSI Fanfic Awards community in the same status. Who deleted that and why? Literally for what reason could you not just put up a notice saying the awards are closed, and leave the rest of that history right the fuck where it was as a monument to the decade past? I am so Put Out that I felt that the need to curse for emphasis. For added emphasis, let me quote you a thing from 2007 Me that I'd forgotten: Nominations are now open at csifanficawards, which is a wholly awesome place and may in fact have been the tipping point in convincing me to create an LJ.
Lastly: Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner filed for divorce (like 2 months ago, that's how behind I am) and I am mad (if not surprised) because gdi don't separate the pretty like that before I have sufficient photos of your complementary prettiness and/or before you pass it on to a new generation.

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