Ten Books I’d Want With Me On An Extended Island Vacation

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The original topic at That Artsy Reader Girl was "books I'd bring while stranded on a deserted island," but I'm always bad at that topic because I'd feel compelled to choose survival guides and maybe a novel or two with survival elements in it, and coming up with 10 excellent options sounds like more work than I have time for (I never did get around to returning all the comments on the last post, and probably won't have time to do so this week either, I'm ony sharing for people who want entertainment).

So instead, inspired by a combination of my circa-2018 fantasy of taking a leave of absence from work to go live in an isolated mountain cabin with a stack of books and no responsibilities (which the pandemic actually made come true, minus the relocation aspect), and the book I read yesterday -- featuring a woman sent to Alternative Rehab on a Caribbean island who had the option of paying to cheat her way through the program and kick back in a mansion the whole time instead -- let's imagine for a moment that I've signed up to spend 3 months detoxing from screens on a fabulous island, whose only (arbitrary) rule is that I am limited to bringing ten books with me for the duration.

These are the stories.

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Top Ten Book Titles That Are Questions

Hey, I'm back! After being free from the Friday before Memorial Day through June 20th, and making the most of every minute, I am back to working full time through the end of July, so it's taken me this long to finish a TTT post, but this one was fun/easy enough to (just barely) squeak into the queue on time! Main party post/link roundup is here.

Brought to you by searching the question mark symbol on my Goodreads account, because only a few of these came to mind off the top of my head. It's very possible I'm missing some great ones that left the actual punctuation out of the title, but here goes nothing.

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The Music of 2021: Quarter 2

Did this installment get better? ABSOLUTELY IT DID, to the tune of finding 4.5 times as many songs to love as in the previous quarter. Whose tally was eight. But that's still an accomplishment! Especially since I love most of these more than most of those.

This is pretty much a mix of new stuff from reliable favorites, another franchise soundtrack installment, and Christian music, but at least it starts with a couple of surprises/newcomers. Although honestly, the amount of Christian music surprised me too. It's just good, okay, and it comes at me from unexpected sources.

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TV Roundup: June

It's incredible how fast 3-4 months can slip by when you're working full time and also injured in the wrist department for some of that period. I'm gonna try very hard to do July on time, but in the meantime, I've backdated similar posts for March, April, and May.
[click for simple list version]NewsRadio: 4x14-5x17
*The Office: 7x05-07
*Revolution: 1x14-16
Country Comfort: 1x01-03
Royalties (as in all 100 or so minutes of its Quibi-sized episodes)
United States of Al: 1x08-11
*The Game: 3x19-22

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Top 10 Books on my Summer TBR

[Roundup post at That Artsy Reader Girl here.]

I can't believe it's summer again. I feel like it was JUST last June -- last May even -- and I was still giddily putting together my warm-weather reading lists. Half of which I rolled around to this year because I didn't get to finish them in season, and I STILL haven't finished them all, even though we're so many weeks into this season's warm weather period. All this to say, I have way more than 10 books even on my immediate/ASAP lists, tbh, so for once I'm going to make the "top" part of Top Ten Tuesday relevant and pick out the ones I'm most excited about right now:

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Ten Books I Loved that Made Me Want More Books Like Them

Roundup post at That Artsy Reader Girl.
What a fun topic! Also fun: me finally having enough time and lack of wrist pain to participate in TTT again, albeit still a little late because I got distracted by reading books instead. I'm sure as soon as I actually finish writing this, I'll think of even better styles/tropes/settings/styles etc. that I love, but these are the first ones that came to mind, so we're gonna have to call it good enough.

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Top Ten Opening Lines From Recent Reads

Hey, it's ya girl RS, here with what is apparently now her monthly book post! Still working, still healing (though I'm much better now and only wearing the brace at work, just in case), but I've been working on this set bit by bit for the past few weeks so OUT IT GOES. The other at least semi-good news is that I am done working at the end of this week. Theoretically there is more work in July or possibly mid-June, but I will have at least a little time off. Gonna do ALL THE WALKING/OUTDOORS TIME + GARAGE SALES.

Anyway...this week's topic at That Artsy Reader Girl is "quotes that fit X theme," so I've elected to go with a repeat of one I really enjoyed doing last year. I never pay attention to quotes normally, so making the effort to collect and compare first lines in random novels is really interesting.

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