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[sticky post] 2019 Reading List / Movie List

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles link to my Goodreads reviews.

* = reread or rewatch. [NF] =nonfiction

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Va', pensiero, sull'ali dorate...

I cannot BELIEVE my dumb ass, knowing it was coming up soon!!, managed to miss the airing of possibly my all-time favorite Cold Case episode (Triple Threat) by three days. At least YouTube still has my favorite song? And a few more clips besides. Also, wow, I do not remember crying so much over the endings to these episodes, but I keep turning into a weepy mess when the symbolic ghosts nod their approval and fade away.

Is it because I have now consumed one thousand real cold case murder stories and it just feels so good to consistently see variations where things are always solved and the guilty person is almost always still alive and able to be punished? Or is it just the music manipulating me, now that I'm actually watching the endings and not just going "ah, we've hit the music montage. Show's over," and tuning out early?

Also good lord, I had forgotten how well this show established time periods in their flashbacks. Hell of a costume & set design/decorating department.


Survivor Tocantins: The Semi Re-Watch

This past week has been an INTENSE reliving of the Tocantins era, mostly scouring YouTube for clips, during which time I found an ENTIRE PLAYLIST of bonus scenes -- largely Brand New Information to my grateful eyeballs. I also really enjoyed reliving all the Ponderosa clips and the genuine camaraderie there (especially after the cliquey nightmare of segregation and bittercakes that was the Gabon jury). Best part is that this one of the rare seasons where you get to see the Final 2 arrive at Ponderosa too, so you don't have to choose between the bonus semi-real-world footage and satisfying finalists.

But last night, I took such a determined run at the search results...THAT I FOUND FULL EPISODES. The whole entire season of full episodes. And had the time of my life staying up all night to skim through the best of the long-lost highlights before they had a chance to disappear.

Five highlights. Or maybe more.Collapse )


Tocantins Extras: Stephen & JT Edition

(we got fancy-ass gifs now!! YEAH!)
Having temporarily exhausted David vs. Goliath territory, what I've been doing for basically the entire month of January, fandom-wise, is a deep deep dive & nostalgia tour on my favorite Survivor players / seasons from the past decade. About a thousand of these gems have already slipped through my fingers, but tonight I'm gonna try to get a handle on some because I thought I had run out of info on JT, but DAMNED IF I DIDN'T FIND A LOCAL NEWS CLIP TONIGHT, featuring a clip at 00:39 from a Tocantins-era interview they did back then. Look at him being adorable with cows in the background.

and now...about a dozen things moreCollapse )


Are you kidding me, life??

I FINALLY have a chance to watch Cold Case for the first time in years, and I get stuck with a) the episode where Scotty and Lily drive around with a sociopath who bricks up women in basements playing mind games, and b) the "who is this jackass" intro episode for Bobby Cannavale's character? What television god have I angered.


Fun Facts About 2000s Music (RS Edition)

After watching a zillion "do teens know 2000s musics?" videos on the React channel, I have concluded that it's weirdly difficult for me to talk about "2000s music" as a whole, because it is clearly delineated by the following categories:

I actually really want to know if other people feel this way about music based on the age groups I have listed.Collapse )


This is a queued post. Original/party post [here] will be linked when I get a chance.

these only date back to NovemberCollapse )
I have utterly and completely failed to document my episode-by-episode joy with last season. And I am probably not going to get to it unless and until CBS All Access offers a 1-month free trial again (I ain't wasting my one shot on a week, are you kidding? come on. I know you can do better than that). And that's the worst feeling, because it's probably my favorite one of all time.

But what I can do is offer a vague overview of the impact it had on me in a completely disorganized stream-of-consciousness manner, so at least Future Self can appreciate that.



Le Shoppings

I went out to 2 thrift stores for the MLK Day sales -- I had planned on more, but I was working this weekend so I didn't really realize it was Monday until almost 6 pm -- only to realize after about 5 minutes of halfhearted clothing browsing in each one that I have no motivation to clothes-shop until I am at a more comfortable weight. It was very discouraging, until I immediately cheered up upon realizing this gave me free rein to spend that money in other areas instead, and so, I came home with:

an armful of Treasures at garage sale pricesCollapse )
Original Top Ten Tuesday post [here]; this post is queued and will be linked when I get a chance. I am glad that TTT is still as backward-looking-into-2018 as I am. That said, prepare yourselves for some repeat titles from other recent TTT's in this post...
Curiosities!Collapse )
STOP THE PRESSES THERE IS A NEW DIET COKE FLAVOR AND IT IS STRAWBERRY GUAVA OH MY GOD. This is so good. I thought mango was heavenly, but this is beyond heaven.

P.S. Oh my god there is a second new Diet Coke flavor and I don't think it sounds quite as good (blueberry acai) but I am gonna try it anyway if and when I see it because literally anything is better than cherry-flavored pop (except possibly root beer, and you can @ me) and I don't think it takes much to beat lime or orange either.
(3 hours of time, to be exact)

Last year, I decided to do a "second look" at my reading list from ten years ago. I've secretly been thinking about doing it again ever since, because god knows I cannot assign myself enough Annual Posting Tradition Chains, particularly where it concerns books. But in my defense, I didn't start doing book surveys until 2011! There's a lot to reminisce about!

Also I guess there's some meme on Twitter where you compare a photo of yourself in 2009 vs. 2019, and since I don't really take or post photos of myself, can this be my version of it?

109 in 2009Collapse )
Me: Oh man, the second episode of Hawaii Five-0 was SO GOOD this year and so was the third one's beginning, but I kept watching it last thing at night and falling asleep before I finished it, and oh crap now it's six weeks later and the third ep is no longer available. I don't want to miss anything so long story short I think I will probably have to just save this season for the DVD.

This show: Hey, so our first January episode is about Grace getting into a serious car accident and --


and it didCollapse )

Top Ten New-to-Me Authors I Read In 2018

Queued post for Top Ten Tuesday; link to base post will be added when I get a chance here.

all my ladies (and 1 dude) get it upCollapse )

2018: By the Books

IT'S HERE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Despite the fact that Top Ten Tuesday means I have been talking about my 2018 books rather a lot lately, I didn't feel right until I wrote this specific list of answers up. And then I remembered all the other book things I did last year. So without further ado:
I. Original List on LJ or Goodreads to see the reviews (yes it is specific to 2018. and even in order!)

II. The "why I read each book" list of annotations on Tumblr.

III. The Quilt of Many Covers
hereCollapse )

IV. The Annual Survey
30 fun questions with more than 30 answersCollapse )
BONUS: Go see how I did on my 2018 Bookish Resolutions, and take a peek at some half-baked ones for 2019!

Dollar Tree Scores

Because where else can I brag about finding
1) An 11-serving bag of organic Que Pasa blue corn tortilla chips
2) A box (or two) of four single-serve Betty Crocker Mug Treats, just add water and microwave for a delicious warm brownie? (with optional peanut butter topping)

Suggested retail price for both is $3, maybe more for the tortilla chips. I'm pretty sure even on sale they don't go below $2.50 normally. And yes, this kind of conflicts with my "should I eat healthier this year maybe?" idea, but a single brownie serving is less damage than my sweet tooth is capable of doing, especially since I have to put in at least a modicum of effort to make it.

Thrift Shopping on a Saturday Night

Today I found season 1 of Friday Night Lights on DVD at the dollar store, and I was like, "All right." Odds of me watching it remain low, but that is literally the best deal it is possible to get on it, and now if the mood ever strikes me, it's at my fingertips.

And then I took off to the same citywhere I went to the library a couple nights ago, because I could.

Places I Went and Things!Collapse )
[central blog post here; this is a queued post and will be linked when I get a chance]

I saw this topic coming up, and of course my reaction was all, "Whatchu talkin' bout, anticipated releases?? I don't know what the hip new releases are! How would I know that! Why would I need or want to know that when I have an infinite backlog of books that already exist and can be requested for free in non-ARC form at a moment's notice, if not just taken right off my own bookshelves?"...but then on the very same blog where this question was posed, I found one.

However, it proved too stressful and FOMO-y to look for more, so this list has 1-2 outliers, depending how you count, and then I decided to modify the topic to include "books I have just at this moment requested from Interlibrary Loan and am very excited to see arrive on the requst shelf for me."

Me: I think I will focus on only reading 50 books this year, and really savor them. || My tradition-obsessed competitive brain within 1 week: the hell you will.Collapse )


Alternate title: In Soviet Russia, Blog Posts You

You can get card with your statistics here!

(Note: it probably looks like less because I am FOREVER saving drafts as private posts that I never get around to finishing. But I have been on LJ and zis is proof.)

Best Books I Read In 2018

This is a queued post, so if I read any especially awesome books in the last 6 days of December I'll add even more ties for tenth place, but in the meantime I wanted to finally get my act together enough to participate in Top Ten Tuesday again. I'm also writing this before I fill out my annual book survey, which either made this harder or is going to make that one easier...not sure which.

Original / party post here.

best books of 2018
note: books are listed in approximate chronological order of when I read them

details of why behind hereCollapse )

see icon

I literally have less than 100 hours to read 4 books and this is the most backed into a corner I have ever been; I am legit considering going into reading list debt and marking books as read in 2018 if I skim them and then secretly finish as late as January 3rd, in order to hit 100. I have already desperately added in two books that in better years I probably wouldn't have bothered counting, because while they technically handily clear the 100-page minimum I have self-imposed, one is a small book, and they're both children's books so their actual word count is suspect.

I probably could have read 50 pages in the time I've spent today alone trying to figure out which children's books will be quickest to get through this weekend, while also not being too good because I don't want to spoil awesome books by reading them too fast. This is a nightmare! Of my own doing, no less.

Okay. Okay. Quick option ideas so far:
could I have read another 20 pages during the time it took to write this? yup!Collapse )

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