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k, work has been exhausting today (hard reality check back from the book blog fun) so time to sleep for 16 hours.

I can't remember the last time I was behind on comments?? but I am excited to read them in more detail and continue replying tomorrow

Top Ten Tuesday Topic: Book Twins

This week's TTT(T) at That Artsy Reader Girl is a freebie, a.k.a. choose-your-own-adventure, and boy, have I got a good one for you today, folks! /Steve Harvey voice

Some books just feel like partners to me. Some are from the same author and/or have complementary themes; others have similar titles or covers. Either way, whenever I see one, I think of the other, even though unlike a sequel or companion book, they were not designed to go together. Does that make sense? Maybe my examples will.

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Samantha Spade

This is not how I wanted to use this celebrity tag again.

So. There is a post on ONTD that has consumed my every waking thought for the past several hours about an Instagram video Melissa Benoist recently posted, in which she shared her story of being a domestic abuse victim. The abuser is not named (for legal reasons, I assume), but it could not be more blatantly clear it is her ex-husband. You know, that guy from the marriage I thought was the perfect story about chemistry that was too powerful to be contained to fictional characters, and that I was so sad to hear had ended. Big yikes there.

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Petit Prince

9 Book-Related Things I'm Thankful For

Note: this is a queued post, and will be linked to the main post when I get a chance.

This is a (thankfulness-themed) freebie week at Top Ten Tuesday, and I could be interesting, but instead I'm just going to throw out a list of book/reading-related things I am thankful for, off the top of my head, because I don't think I've ever actually done one of these kinds of posts.

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Changes In My Reading Habits Since High School

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is all about change. It was very brave of me to even consider making this post, given how my entire brand is "change sucks / is to be avoided whenever possible," and I am generally suspicious of anyone who doesn't aim to find out who they are and what they like ASAP and then faithfully stick to and be happy with it.

BUT, high school is now about half a lifetime ago, depending how you count. And while I do still love me some realistic YA, books about animals, TV tie-ins, books older than me, and little to no cursing or sexual content in my fiction, when I started thinking it over, I realized that my annual reading habits actually have undergone some changes since then, AND it's even pretty cool to see. Probably because my brain can parse it as "data" instead of "change."

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Angry Stanley

I am so tired of Dark and Heavy Survivor.

At this point I am sick of half of the people left, some of the people I still like are at odds with each other and some are being demonized on social media. I had thoughts an hour ago, but now I am genuinely too tired to unpack who I think is in the right or how nuanced all of this is so forget it. I don't even want to watch this season anymore. I wanted less talk about immunity idols and strategy, but #notlikethis.



I saw Scott & Bailey at the library and I thought, hey, what a perfect way to keep the Suranne Jones ball rolling. I managed to accidentally never watch it again after the first season aired even though it went on to have 4.25 seasons, so maybe now is finally time to rectify that. That was 8 years ago, but it's probably fine to just start where I left off with only a read-through of my prior post and a skim of Wikipedia to catch me up, right?

Except so far I am 5 minutes into episode 2x03 and it has been...not that fun.

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Me trying to have some semblance of archival content:

Two nights ago we watched The Secret of Crickley Hall, which was just brilliant, exactly what I have been dreaming of while I scrape the library catalog in desperation, seeking haunted house movies. I had never heard of it and didn't realize it was a miniseries until I had it in hand (3 episodes/3 hours total), but it's a BBC production and the setting shines.

It's just spooky enough to make your spine tingle, but I think it would appeal to people who don't normally like scary movies because most of the ghosts are just echoes of happy children, and the other one appears as corporeal as he did in life. Much like why I enjoyed El Orfanato, its predominant element is EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS as scenes trade back and forth between flashbacks to the story in the 1940s, when it was an orphanage, and the present day storyline.

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BTW, I love my current state of soaking my brain in British television offerings. I don't think I've been back on this side of the pond since the summer of 2012, when I finished Lis Sladen's autobiography and wrapped up Law & Order: UK -- see there, I only just this second learned they actually did make 2 more seasons after that (14 eps total) before closing up shop.

After that, my shiny new relationship started to cut into my TV time, so between that and Glee being in superfandom state, wrangling American TV was all I could manage. But now I am BACK, and absolutely luxuriating in the riches that have collected in my absence.