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[sticky post] Reading List / Movie List 2018

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles link to my Goodreads reviews.

* = reread or rewatch. [NF] =nonfiction

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Top 10 Book Couples

This week's prompt at That Artsy Reader Girl is "Love Freebie (Romances, swoons, OTPs, kisses, sexy scenes, etc.)," so I've elected to highlight the most memorable contenders on my Goodreads "love-stories" shelf (or whatever I've named it at the moment. Basically it's for books with a strong element of shipper squee, which sometimes coincides with romance novels, but not necessarily, nor do romance novels automatically get on there).

Note: this a queued post. I may or may not actually be here, and direct link will be corrected once the main post is up.

Most of these are fairly recent because honestly, I am very bad at remembering text characters more than a few years, no matter how much I loved them, unless there was also a movie or TV version. I even had to look up the names of most of the ones on this list.

Except for one Harry Potter ship I could not resist putting in first place. You know how I am about them.Collapse )
After annotating the original list several years ago, I added as many of them as I could remember to my Goodreads shelves, and you'd think that would satiate me, but IT HAS NOT. So, as a result of spending half of last night getting SUPER NOSTALGIC about books when I should have been getting ahead on work so I can go to estate sales on Saturday, I'm going to make all 1 to 3 of you reading this come along for the ride as I reflect on my reading list choices from 2008.

I'm justifying it as "it's slightly different than before!" because in 2008, I was actually still going by school years, so I had to piece this together from two different lists and renumber it. (Turns out, to my great annoyance, I did not technically read 100 books that year like I claim to have done every year since 9th grade, even though I hit my goal from the period of September to September before writing off my last semester in order to start fresh in 2009.)

p.s. it is 100% awful to me that 2008 was an entire decade ago, because "a decade ago" in 2008 would have been pre-high school. Also I just go slapped upside the head from 2028 Me, who is like "LOOK AT YOUR UNDER-THE-HILLNESS AND BE CONTENT."

2008 in Books: A Ten-Year Retrospective

closer to 9 years ago for most of these, I guess, but such is the risk of picking a single point in a year to review a whole year's worth of events.Collapse )

A quick drive-by

Taking some life advice from TEN YEARS AGO Me, after being productive this morning but falling off the productivity cilff on this Work Weekend at precisely 1:32 pm, and not having done anything fun with that time since 3:45:

Over the course of what's left of tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday, I have to do about 5 hours of French homework, substantially revise my essay, write a short essay for Music, write a 5-page Shakespeare paper, and finish a take-home exam* for Miserable Class of Death [*which is pure mini-essays].  Maybe seeing it all written out like that will convince me just how serious this situation is, and why I should perhaps have accomplished more this weekend than outlining the paper and answering half the exam questions.

Maybe seeing it all written out like that will convince me that regardless of how scared I am of the potentially difficulty of my current work assignments, they're not as bad as they used to be so I should just suck it up and do them.

(the problem is that I need music for solid inspiration, and I have...no music. I literally only found two new songs I like in the entire month of January, and not even the Grammys helped with my problem, yet I also can't think of any old music (from my thousands of songs, which might itself be the problem, with my memory) that I really wanna hear right now? I checked out 5 random CDs from the library by artists I have previously enjoyed in an attempt to jump-start my motivation, but so far, ALMOST ZERO PERCENT SUCCESS (I have found exactly one song I really like).

10 Books I Can’t Believe I Read

I recently discovered the AMAZING book blog ring activity Top Ten Tuesday, and I backdated a few posts from recent challenges, so welcome to my first proper attempt! I have not yet decided if I'm going to post links to my answers there, or if I'm going to do so w/ Tumblr or LJ, so for now I'm just posting here, where I feel a little more comfortable referencing my age.

Note: this is a queued post. I may or may not actually be here.

There will be a few different reasons why I can't believe I read the following...Collapse )

"Time to go be a douchebag."

*except appropriately shippy. I want to make it clear it was exciting for different reasons.

I mean, that's an obvious lie, the not caring about anything else, but I've had a long (if mostly happy) day, and the So Many Shows radio podcast felt exactly like being at a cast party after the final curtain call without the social anxiety effects of actually being around people, and I just want to ride that high into my dreams. How is everyone involved in this show so lovely and incredible and outreaching.


Boom. There. Down and out. Someone sling me a mug of Grandma Carter's No-Fail Naptime Tea so I can shut down for 3 or 4 hours and then it's  time for Rainbow Stevie's Wild Monday Ride; see you back here in 18-20 hours, probably.

The Brave, 1x12, "Close to Home: Part I"
The relative calm before the storm?Collapse )


Grammys took me out of commission longer than expected and I still got some work to get out of the way tomorrow before dog sitting at 11 or 12 until 4, and am meeting up with boyfriend at roughly 6, but I REALLY do not want to miss the live airing of the Brave finale, including the cast's live tweeting party and the So Many Shows after-party, which means I need to buckle down and process my last two reviews so that I can still catch a bit of sleep tonight.

The Brave 1x11, "Grounded"
which is the absolute opposite of my wild emotions about itCollapse )

...oh god there was a whole episode that aired after this still. I almost forgot. I mean I watched it, and it's mostly written about because I swear the reaction is short, but... I just don't have the energy to tack it on to this post yet.
I broke 10 years of tradition and didn't even watch them last year because I was in a nightmare work cyclone and could not spare the time, so fortunately this year they moved up to the Dream Time of late January, when I've spent all of about 10 hours on work for the entire week. Regardless, I'm back, and I'm Ready. No question about it, I am ready to get hurt again. /Michael Scott voice

Based on the knowledge I have just obtained about three rap albums being nominated for album of the year, we are off to a bang-up start.Collapse )
This week's prompt!

Note: this is a queued post. I may or may not actually be here.

Away we go!Collapse )
This is the story of how I was fairly interested in two shows when I was running down the upfronts list last May, only to give up on them almost immediately once they arrived.

9-1-1: fired unseenCollapse )
The Resident: fired with prejudice 10 to 12 minutes in.Collapse )
This is why I haven't come to your house more than once since like 2014, FOX, this is why.


It has taken me fully two weeks to finish wrapping my head around this one, during which time I coped mainly by siphoning off my emotions on Tumblr, because I really wanted to unpack all my thoughts and do this one justice. Which I am sure I did not; I just created this unwiedly behemoth by spending roughly 3 hours watching the episode again today and writing additional reactions along the way.

Another thing I have recently discovered is the So Many Shows and the radio show/podcast thing they do immediately after the live airing, often with various cast & TPTB members chiming in. I frequently have to turn it off due to secondhand embarrassment from fan questions, but other than that, it's an amazing experience, like getting invited to a party with all the cool kids but not having to talk to anyone. I plan to go through their back catalog at some point -- if only I had found it during hiatus! -- but since I took a few notes while listening, I might sprinkle in some insights gleaned from it.

The Brave, 1x10, "Desperate Measures"
To use the cadence of my favorite TWOP Gossip Girl recap line ever: Dalton is unhinged and Jaz is a lightning rod for pain and my shipper side is melting down and the whole thing is a glorious opposite-of-a-trainwreck on fire.Collapse )
Last week at the library, when I was busy checking out 1 billion things, I literally just walked past the movie section and a title caught my eye -- The Orphanage. From its spooky cover, I didn't even register that it was in the foreign film section instead of regular horror, I just snatched it up, and as soon as I had flicked my eyes over the summary and saw "Laura purchases her beloved childhood orphanage with dreams of restoring and reopening the long abandoned facility as a place for disabled children," I was sold. Beautiful old house = must see.

I watched it last night expecting terror, and there was a bit, but there was really very little in it to warrant its R rating (a bit of gore? a brief bout of cursing?) and most of the scares lay in extreme dread and suspense. Ultimately, I mostly came away from it overflowing with a sense of "My emotions! My! Emotions!" To the point where I turned around and watched it again with Mom today, and loved it even more / felt even more emotions. Because, as they say in one of the special features -- it's a horror movie, but it's not really a horror movie. And much like they say in Crimson Peak, it's not a ghost story, it's a story with a ghost[s] in it. And it is utterly beautiful and moving.

(Also it did not hurt at all that the lead actress had hair and facial features incredibly remniscient of my beloved Rachelle LeFevre, and I kept shadow-duplicating it in my head)

And now we are having a spoilery discussion about it. Eventually. I will warn for proper spoilers once we get there.Collapse )

Next writing goal: The Brave. I really wanted to start w/ that, but this movie would NOT let me go.

Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2018

Posting on this fun prompt from here! (note: this post was added later in January from a draft on my computer)

Honestly, this is way more fun than attempting to think of "normal" resolutions.

away we go!Collapse )

A Year in the Literary Life

I have so many different things going on for the bookish roundup this year that the survey is almost an afterthought, but it's still fun, so without further ado:

I. Original List on LJ / Goodreads / or full "Your Year in Books" infographic (LJ list includes the list of movies watched this year. someday I should make a survey for those too, since I rarely even post movie reviews)

II. The "why I read each book" list of annotations on Tumblr, which I continue to wish everyone on my entire list of Goodreads friends would do.

III. The Quilt of Many Covers (x)
[or click to open here]

IV. The Annual Book Survey
30 questions I can almost never give just one answer to.Collapse )

I got a little carried away with a new graph-making site, so...please enjoy my five graphs (original post here if the images break).
-Books read per month
-Books by publication year
-Where I first heard of each book
-Where I obtained the physical book to read
-Genre/age group
click again to openCollapse )

The Paradise Guest House
Posting on this fun prompt from here! (note: this post was added later in January from a draft on my computer, when I thought it might be too much repetition from this post)

Away we go!Collapse )

Temporary? Post to let out excess squee.


I tried really hard to catch up on work before this point (because I am gonna be a useless blob of jelly from 9-midnight and past experience says I will then completely shut down and collapse by 1 or 2am),and did not quite make it, unfortunately -- 1 email contact left to write, and 3 more pieces need to be edited just to be able to start with a normal amount of work tomorrow -- but in the 9 hours I have spent on this computer so far today, at least I have logged 5.5 hours of productive work, and this is closer than I was to being caught up 24 hours ago.

now with stress level updates!Collapse )
A roundup recap of the first 7 episode of the season and my general impressions of them. Now my fandom-history record is complete/up to date and I feel better.

I tried to be short. Keyword, tried.Collapse )
P.S. I was digging through my music library for something interesting, and came upon 2 albums that I fell in love with this spring and played a lot while driving to and from the night job -- Bridgit Mendler's "Hello My Name Is" and Vanessa Carlton's "Liberman" -- and I was not prepared for how overwhelmingly strongly these sounds would trigger the memory/feeling of heading to that town at the time of year when spring and greenery are right around the corner. Don't you love when music just gives you that surge of happiness in your heart for reasons beyond the music itself?

La nuit tombe et l'astre blanc va se lever

This unplanned post brought to you by my need to take a break from work coupled with my euphoric joy at rediscovering French singer Isabelle Boulay (whom, I have learned in this rediscovering, was also a judge on the French Canadian version of The Voice, which is apparently a thing that exists).

Now Playing: her 1998 album, followed by an additional sidepiece on French singer NadiyaCollapse )
...this was supposed to be a brief opening act for the main post but somehow I lost an hour just listening to music / watching music videos, so I guess that post will have to wait. P.S. <48 hours to THE BRAVE.

Fandoms by The Numbers [queued]

Because it's not too late to keep talking about 2017! (Gosh, I even miss saying that number. It just sounds so cool. I've always loved the word "seventeen," and adding "twenty" before it gives it musical cadence that I just don't think 2018 can match. Although it least it sounds nicer than 2019, so I should cherish it. Wait, what were talking about?)

Anyway, this is another one borrowed from Dollsome that went from LJ to to Tumblr and back again, but it's also mixed up with a couple of additional questions from my surveys of years past that I missed.

17 questions I have again made needlessly complicated.Collapse )
So LJ did this adorable thing where they calculate your total number of entries in 2017, which you may remember is a thing I did by hand many times in the past, as well as your number of comments received on your blog (tho not sure if it counts comments you make in reply to comments received), and whip it up for you in a cute infographic you don't even have to host yourself. And because unlike all the haters in the comments, I appreciate people who curate data for me, so here it is!

[click here to view the giant picture and - more importantly - the exact numbers]

Bonus stats: this works out to posting on 73% of the days, or an average of 5.15 posts per week. A fair number of these are private, mostly because I have a tendency to start drafts, leave them unfinished and forget about them, but still. I'm glad to see I'm still trying, even if my episode review count went into free fall last February and has yet to recover.

(Title reference here)

I have at least 5 more end-of-year things that I was super excited to fill out between December 26th and 30th, except most of them are book-related and I couldn't do anything with those because I could not stop reading, and now that the year is officially over I of course have no time to do any of them. But on the bright side, I came back and had not only new comments (what?!) but -- what's this? a friend request? from a real established member that not only isn't a spambot, but that I think I recognize??? What up, helsinkibaby. Please enjoy this horribly disjointed and rambling post as your starter.
Meanwhile, it is true that I technically had time to do some of them, but I opted to spend the first two days of the new year hunting the internet in full on predator mode seeking a new promo for The Brave:

*appropriates Crazy-Ex Girlfriend music* remember that I suffered! Also featuring: everything else I have been up to on the scouting since my last post under this tagCollapse )
Also, while YouTube was failing to provide me with the promo I wanted, it tried to ply me off by suggesting Hawaii Five-0 videos and it...succeeded. With the result that I spent roughly 1.5 hours last night chasing down videos featuring Grace, whom I clearly have not seen nearly enough in her tenure.

and other funCollapse )


It's FandomMeme Time!

I like how it went from LJ to Tumblr and back again (it was easier to copy the streamlined versions from Tumblr than my mishmash of older  versions I've grown increasingly discontent with), so:

8 Simple Questions For Organizing Your 2017 FandomsCollapse )


The Brave

Seal Team


Mount TBR: Some Deeper Analysis

Speaking of that old list of books-to-read I found on my computer -- each title has reactionary comments beside it, indicating I was running down a long list of options for possible hits and meant to look up the best-sounding ones in detail later. Based on the initial lack of title capitalization, I’m pretty sure I got it by putting some kind of search parameters into my local library catalogue of YA novels, which is excellent news because it means I can go get any of them whenever I want.

And now we’re going to look them up & run them down in detail together! a.k.a. come find out how my mind works re: the book selection process in incredibly overblown detail.
I was mistaken in my earlier count; there are 12.Collapse )


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