Top 10 Reasons I Love YA

This week at That Artsy Reader Girl, the Tuesday topic is open-ended ("Reasons I Love...") and this is how I'm filling it in.
Following some heated wars in the early part of the 2010s, I think we as a society have largely moved on from dragging adults who read YA. At least, I don't feel like there is as much stigma attached as there was 10 years ago. So maybe I don't need to write a post like this.

But I'm going to, because in the first quarter of 2020 I read a whopping one YA novel, and for a while I was afraid I'd broken my ability to love them. I'm still only at 5 for the year. So I need to remind myself that as enjoyable as reading from the regular fiction section has been and will continue to be, there will (hopefully) always be some comfort to be found in YA, particularly the contemporary genre.

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Too much talking

Criminal Minding

Me on my nightly Criminal Minds bedtime routine: Let's try season 7. I haven't hung out there much for some reason.

Me, seeing Reid's short hair: THAT'S WHY.

I thought that tragedy was a season 6 exclusive, but no, it continues, and I'm in the middle of the season here. Do I have to wait for season 8??

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Side note: I know I should have feelings about Survivor, at least the winner, but I have had so many feelings about this season every week I can't find a way to articulate them, and the finale is no exception. Maybe next week.
Sparkle Motion

TTT: The Last Ten Books I Abandoned

The linkup post for this week's Top Ten Tuesday topic can be found here.

I don't keep strict track of books I've abandoned -- I just don't like them being on my Goodreads account, affecting my stats & algorithms, and I'm too lazy to jot them down anywhere else -- so I really appreciate this week for allowing me to dig back through my memory banks of the past 6-8 months. I was surprised by how many I had given up on in such a short time, actually. (Maybe I SHOULD keep track in the future. Could be interesting.) Fortunately, the sum total I spent on these abandoned books was $1.07, so no big loss.

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Renaissance horse

A Long and Disorganized Post of TV & Film Thoughts

It's been kind of a weird, sad week of screen-staring for no conceivable reason, so I might as well try to explain what I've been doing in that realm.

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2. As you can see from the movie list, I have been soaking my brain in (mostly awful) movies this spring -- I pick them out based on specific actors, and I figure I might as well watch the whole thing and count it as "seen" instead of just trying to skip to their scenes -- and getting super frustrated that I can't seem to land on anything good.

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3. Also I started watching Great News because I stumbled over it on Netflix.
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4. Speaking of 90s shows + Netflix, there are a dozen episodes of The Magic School Bus on there (original version), so I randomly watched the first one, and ahhh yes. That's the good stuff. That show does not get old.

EDIT: New thing I wanna discuss!
5. After the aforementioned string of bad movies, I just gave up and put "horses" in the Netflix search bar and let it carry me over to the realm of children's movies, where I selected Albion: The Enchanted Stallion.

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Community: 6x09-12

Paused before the finale again because I'm not ready for this, but I found some more notes on the computer, so travel back once more with me to...

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In other news, I have been watching some random other installments of the show in between my march forward on the Yahoo years, and may I just say that the following episodes I haven't mentioned in a while hold up spectacularly: Digital Exploration of Interior Design, Pillows and Blankets, The First Chang Dynasty, Introduction to Finality, and Advanced Documentary Filmmaking; also, Repilot is not nearly as bad as I thought it was on first viewing.

A Mistake

Last night, suddenly despairing of ever seeing a satisfying film again after the string of duds I have let Netflix and YouTube subject me to lately, I made a concentrated effort to curate a list of actual appealing-sounding movies by cross referencing the Handsome Men’s Club/Awesome Ladies Lounge rosters w/ ReelGood.

And then immediately got so delighted by the prospect of a Melissa Benoist + Blake Jenner feature -- my guilty pleasure dream, the AU where I can enjoy their faces again and pretend the latter is not a pillar of garbage! -- that I plunged heedlessly into "Billy Boy" with barely a glance at its summary, and certainly no thought to content warnings.

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