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[sticky post] Reading List / Movie List 2018

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles link to my Goodreads reviews.

* = reread or rewatch. [NF] =nonfiction

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I love my archives!

This is just to say: I am listening to Katharine McPhee's self-titled album from 11 years ago for the first time ever (I have genuinely no memory as to why it was not in my life sooner), and taking IMMENSE joy in the memory that I did fall in love with its first two singles at the time, so I can actually go look up The Music of 2007/2008 and see what my first impressions of them were.

And then, while I'm there, get totally fascinated and sidetracked by like, every other song that has been in my life so long I'd forgotten some of their origins. These little anecdotes from my life? Amazing.

And speaking of songs, I forgot, the lovely Wild Card is still up there on YouTube and damned if I do not still love it with my whole entire heart.
I hate that i've been excited about this topic coming up for like 3 months and STILL couldn't get my butt in gear to make a cover-image-collage, but you'll just have to enjoy my boring words as-is, because what a fun topic this week! It was especially fun to sift through my brain for genuine answers, given that my default concept of "travel" is to promptly dig in my homebody heels and say NO, when in fact there are many kinds of travel I actually love/would love to experience, provided they are tailored to my whims.

I can't think of anything clever for cut text today.Collapse )

All right time to document some stuff.

I was running away from my work responsibilities on one of the nightmare non-sleeping nights this week, and my brain's idea was "continue the Elyes Gabel resume tour," which yielded many things but most relevantly, The Borgias.

Djem is all we're going to talk about today, but this post is setting you up for the possibility that I might accidentally trip and keep watching this show.Collapse )
I DID A THING TODAY, I broke away from work and my figurative/literal prison that is the room where I do the work and did an actual fun thing in real life, which was convince my boyfriend to take me to an enormous used book sale (150,000 items, the ad says: the only bigger one I know is the Half Price Books Clearance Event, and the content here is frankly better) some 20 miles away.

And I found some things! Even though my dumb butt forgot to make sure I brought cash, which is all they accept, and I only had $5 on me so I had to send boyfriend on an ATM run.Collapse )
[note: this is a backdated post entered June 1 after I temporarily lost my pw for this site]

Watching "Shark Night 3D" because Katharine McPhee is in it was a Bad Idea.

I don't mean that in a "haha what a cheesy and terrible waste of time" jokey way, I mean that despite being PG-13, it pushed that rating about as far as it can go and made me genuinely sick to my stomach. I went to bed expecting nightmares and woke up still feeling awful about her character's death.

to quote my mini review, this is in no way a movie that a person who likes Katharine McPhee should seeCollapse )

no way to make the pain play fair

I have had a LOT of roller-coaster-y emotions in the past 48 hours, and I don't know which one to let out first so I am staying off Tumblr, but right now I am just sick and angry and stunned (even though I knew full well this would happen) and lost and sad about Scorpion.

In January, I really could not have predicted that in four months' time, The Brave's loss would already be behind me by the time it was announced and this would be the thing to wreak grief havoc, but here we are: leaving me in the worst Upfronts mood since 2011 when I lost Off the Map and also my Reconstruction pilot dreams (and Life Unexpected, but that was secondary loss much like The Brave is now).

That finale is just such an awful way for it to end, especially on a show that has no incentives whatsoever for anyone to bring it back. You know they would have fixed it all in S5, maybe even before Christmas, but at the same time...even with all the best fic in the world, you can't know. You can't know a happy ending is any more likely than this line that has haunted me since I read it:

What if Walter died because he was trying to be the hero, as he always did, but this time it was too much to ask of someone who was short four members of what had been a finely tuned problem-solving machine? (x)

So. I'm tired, and sad. I still have like 8 varities of squee posts drafted about the Shiny (Re)New(ed) Obsession tour I've been doing behind the scenes for nearly the past month, waiting for the time to finish them, but now it's all tainted and I don't know what to do.

P.S. I wonder how Robert Patrick feels about the fact that he couldn't do X-Files because of scheduling conflicts with this series, and now he has neither.
I have gone totally dark on NCIS this year -- I am stuck a year ago STILL, still not done whirling those beautiful episodes I mentioned but did not review around in the TV processor of my mind -- and I had SUCH HOPES that I would be able to stay in the dark about Abby's last episode(s) / how she exits. It's no easy feat considering I am spending like 5 hours a day on YouTube, watchng infinite clips from similar CBS procedurals, but I've been good. I've been so good. Not even a whisper of a hint of context has gotten past my lockdown.

But my dumb ass went channel surfing today looking for pleasant background reruns while I work, and I left it on CBS during commercials to see what came on next. Next thing I know, my ears are hearing the tail end of a significant promo, Gibbs' voice saying,

follow along on my stream of consciousness reactionsCollapse )

Sneak Peek No.5.Collapse )
In which I watch up through episode 8x20 of Hawaii Five-0, and end up crying my eyes out.


*pleased tiger chuffing*

The bad: I did not get to go to one of my fave annual church sales this year because day work was being exhausting.

The good: I got a couple extra hours this week at the job that pays me well, and then since I was already in town I spent the next 4.5 hours doing all many of my favorite things there, both walking and shopping, and I found two very exciting DVDs: Bones, season 10, still shrink-wrapped, on the library sale cart for $2, and at Big Lots...the relevant part of Power Rangers Turbo (i.e. "Volume One," with its 19 good episodes and just 4 irrelevant trash bag ones), for $5.40 (incl. tax).

I am really stupidly happy to stumble upon such a random yet important to me find. It's old enough while also in demand enough that I don't think you'd come by it much cheaper outside a super lucky garage sale strike. (edit: hah! see, right there, ebay currently has them all priced at $13 and up)
I also loaded my bookbag up with borrowed booksCollapse )
Buckle up, nerds, I'm gonna dive into these discs like Scrooge McDuck and then dart in whichever direction the shippy tide whims take me.

Only know you love her when you let her go...Collapse )
OK, I stayed up way too late last night playing YouTube clips all around season 1 instead of actually putting in the DVD, because my theory is that sneaking hits of the best parts of episodes I wanna watch in full still won't spoil them as much as spinning through the whole thing in search of all the good bits, since surely not all the best parts are uploaded.

This tour included enough season 3 clips to get me all hot and bothered, so today I finally got the season 3 DVD out of the library, and I watched 3 episodes straight through but now I feel like I gotta talk out my history with it before I turn myself loose on the Waige tour, so here goes nothing.

FOLLOW ME INTO THE WAYBACK MACHINE. It has a Happy-and-Toby focus.Collapse )


I'm in a glass case of emotion.

OK, so, I'm gonna temporarily lock "A Quiet Place" in a box / put it on ice / throw it in The Vault to cool off and I'm gonna switch gears for a bit because I spent the rest of my day with the season 2 Scorpion DVD on a Paige/Walter tour -- since that is on a library checkout deadline and S1 is not -- and I would like to talk out my feelings about it.

We are only four months into 2018. At this rate my heart is not gonna survive the amount of fannish squee I have been packing into it, but here comes some more.Collapse )


Oh, no.

I just came back from "A Quiet Place" and I currently cannot deal with that movie being about EIGHTY STRAIGHT MINUTES of Beardly Survivalist/Engineer John Krasinski in full blown "Soulful and Protective Dad [And Husband] Mode." I did not pay close attention to the previews, okay, or if I did I forgot everything about them, because I was advised ahead of time very specifically about the Dad Mode, and I assumed the Husband Mode would complement it, but I WAS NOT AWARE HIS WIFE WOULD ALSO BE PREGNANT; LIKE; HOW AM I, A MERE MORTAL WITH ONE AND NOT TWELVE HEARTS, MEANT 2 HANDLE THIS.

Survivor, Week 8

Maybe next week I will not be spoiled on who gets voted out between the time it airs and the time I have a chance to watch it. Regardless, at least the knowing in no way spoiled how fun it was to see the rationale for how it came to be that way this week, because everything was so great.

What a fun outing!Collapse )
At least I think I am healed. I still have a mild cough going, but it's really not bothersome and I haven't taken any medication since yesterday morning AND I went out and had adventures for almost 4 hours today (because it was warm and sunny and tons of snow has already melted!) and didn't collapse, so I am declaring myself cured. They say the average cold lasts for a week, and they're right. Amazing. Because on Sunday/day 3, I definitely felt like I might be dying. (dramatique? moi?)
But I first I need to do a random dive into TV talk, specifically because after teasing you with Scorpion references, we're gonna do a sharp dive left into Hawaii Five-0, because it was the only thing I could think of to put on last night to lull myself into sleep mode, and I have some THINGS TO SAY about 8x18. And, I guess, a bit about all the 2018 episodes I secretly watched before then.

That is correct, Danny was the catalyst for this show getting digital ink. Again. (HOW IS HE DOING THIS.)Collapse )

Ship Radar Warning Sirens

As an aside, because I've been failing at documenting a lot of important fandom stuff on LJ, I feel like I need to go on record that as of Tuesday and my watching the Scorpion S4 finale and having A Lot of Feelings about the ending scene (pre-epilogue/S.5 teaser scene), I appear to have started tipping all the way into simultaneously being a Walter O'Brien fan and a Waige shipper. How did I get here from 3 Years Ago "I am only watching this show tonight in hopes of seeing him die" Me? What the hell does this show put in its ship-a-hol to make it so instantly addictive under the right circumstances?

I wish I knew. But on the bright, GUESS WHOSE BOYFRIEND GOT HER SEASON ONE OF SCORPION FOR HER BIRTHDAY. Which at the time was just something he'd pulled off my Amazon wishlist in case I couldn't find a book at the antiquarian bookstore, and I kinda threw it on my DVD pile like "hmmm thanks babe; my Quintis feels haven't been intense since last fall and S1 is more of a set-completing piece than a vital resource for them anyway, but I'll definitely find it useful later," but now? OH HEY GUESS WHO CAN GO EXACTLY WHERE SHE WANTS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE WAIGE TOUR, EXACTLY AT THE MOMENT OF HER WHIM, NO LIBRARY STOP OR STREAMING NEEDED.

(and where I want is right back where we started from: in the car dangling off a cliff. Funny how that works.)

I no longer feel like death??

I mean I slept for 13 hours last night and I would have kept right on going because noon still seemed ungodly early for my Exhaustion, but I had to work so I got up and I still feel okay-ish, after spending the past week in full misery. I ate about 75% of a normal amount of food today, actually more than my stomach particularly liked, but it was semi-from-scratch chicken noodle soup (a soup mix base with fresh chicken, carrots & celery + extra water added) and very hard to resist. I am not as sneezy or runny-nosed -- still some congestion and coughing + now my body is Yellin' because it feels too hot to have full sun with a high in the 50s out of nowhere, but I'm not quite so full of pain and misery as I was.
In fact, I feel good enough that I have to comment with some upfronts news! I have/had a lot of babies in the danger zone again on CBS this year, apparently; it's almost 2010 up in this joint again, but outcomes have been cautiously better so far this year. I have SO many TV thoughts I am so behind on, but the quick version as it pertains specifically to upfront hopes and dreams is:

many shows have been renewed already but two important ones have notCollapse )


Top Ten Books I Am Proudest To Own

This week on Top Ten Tuesday...it's Freebie Week! So even though I have told all of these stories on this very blog, I'm gonna round them all up and present to you anew: a collection of books I was incredibly excited / lucky to stumble upon or otherwise acquire, often for an incredible price given their scarcity, and cherish to this day.

Gather ye round and I'll tell you some tales / of all the great times that I've had at the sales...Collapse )

Top Ten Tuesday (on a Thursday!)

This week's topic is "Ten Books I Loved But Will Never Reread." You'd think this would be easy for me, as a person who hardly ever rereads anything, but it's not for lack of desire (see also: you could probably tempt me to become a vampire by mentioning "immortality = infinite rereading time!"). So for this list, I decided to see if I could focus on books I actually rated 4 or 5 stars, yet think that I would not want to reread even if the opportunity came up.

for a variety of reasons...Collapse )

Apr. 11th, 2018

Hi, my name is RS, and this week's hobbies so far include digging through my newly borrowed collection of Madam Secretary DVDs for ithis show's nine hundred bazillion domestic scenes both romantic and familial, only to get hung up on a Pete/Violet video I have recced before (which, hurray, still there!!) and crying a lot.

But instead of any of that, we're gonna talk about how in my work-anxiety spiral on Saturday night, I ended up buying "Did you Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?" on Amazon because i couldn't find the parts I wanted anywhere else and also NINETY-NINE CENT EPISODES IN HD???

So now we are having a post about it, as copied from Tumblr but expanded for here.Collapse )
Hi, my name is still RS but today's hobbies include being too terrified of work to even start it despite trying to do so roughly 18 hours ago, and instead spending 18 straight hours on:

-discovering a show I have only the vaguest memories of maybe hearing about when it premiered in fall 2006 and promptly bombed (The Nine)

-running down a basically endless buffet of Elizabeth/Henry fanvids (all the Madam Secretary DVDs are at the library 1.4 miles away, but could I muster the energy to shower and get them by 5? nope)

-going through my entire Private Practice history with a Pete-centric focus before settling on the purchase of "Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?", which I subsequently spent another hour or so marveling at as a masterpiece of viscerally horrifying yet so so important television

April 9 Update: I cannot believe I lost the majority of my weekend being anxiety-induced afraid of potentially difficult work that I ended up being able to knock out in TWO (admittedly very motivated due to fear of reprimand) HOURS FLAT. Because of my random and totally unwarranted fear of starting, I missed not only an estate sale (that I had TWO CHANCES at) but ALSO hanging out w/ boyfriend this weekened before snow hits AND ALSO 50% off day at Savers.

What a dumbass.

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