Top 10 Online Resources For Book Lovers

This is a queued post and will be linked to the main one when I get a chance.

I am very excited for this week's prompt at That Artsy Reader Girl, because I actually have some genuinely cool sites to talk about! Since at least half my internet usage revolves around books at this point, I am very well versed here. Wish this topic had come up 2 weeks ago, woulda loved to check out everyone's answers, but currently I am stressed by work and pressed for time, so we'll see if that actually happens.

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Petit Prince

Top Ten Book Settings

This is a queued post as inspired by That Artsy Reader Girl so I'm not sure what everyone else is going to do, but I'm choosing general settings, rather than places from specific books.

Also pray4me, I've had 3+ weeks off but starting Friday I resume the same super hard project I did this spring, albeit for only half as much time (thank god). At least this time I get to do it from home, so I don't have to venture out into the chilly fall mornings at 7:15 and can in fact sleep in until a quarter to 8. Which is still at least an hour earlier than I've been waking up lately, but... anyway.

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Queen Quinn

Top Ten Recent Book Purchases

This week at That Artsy Reader Girl is a freebie week, and I had no idea what to do, so here's a random one a day late! Last year I diilgently recorded every book I acquired + how much I paid, but this year that plan went right out the window when I bought 25 books in January at once for roughly a dollar apiece (some were "just to read" and have already been sent on...but not all), and I've continued to accumulate $2-and-under options at an alarmingly rapid pace ever since.

A fresh round of weeding is coming soon, but until then, this is my attempt to at least begin organizing the acquisitions.

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autumn puppy

Top Ten Books on my Autumn TBR (2021)

Original prompt/party post at That Artsy Reader Girl here.

I did not stick to my summer list like at ALL -- I only finished numbers 4, 5, and 8, though they were all worth it, especially the latter two, and I still really want to read them all sometime. Partly because I got distracted by Sudden Unexpected Tamora Pierce Rereads, partly because I just got SUPER in the mood for thrillers, and also partly because I have FINALLY, in the year of our lord 2021 and not one month earlier*, turned into one of those people who browses the internet from her phone, so I'm always scrolling Libby and getting distracted by new titles on a weekly basis (often literally new, not just to me). The trend of reading whatever catches my eye will probably continue. But for right now, at least, these are some of the titles I'm most interested in:

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