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[sticky post] Reading List / Movie List 2018

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles link to my Goodreads reviews.

* = reread or rewatch. [NF] =nonfiction

booksCollapse )
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Fun / Depressing Facts!

Winter ended 4 months ago and we are less than 4 months away from it being winter again.

It has been a slow healing process and I am not over the trauma of last winter's BlizzardFest yet; this cannot be true.

Now for the promised fun facts: yesterday I went to a whole bunch of garage sales, one of which made up for my lack of going to any garage sales for most of the summer and most of those being boring. It was the dream type of sale: tons and tons of things, tables loaded with smalls, so that I spent at least 20 minutes poring through all the objects, finding things on my fourth or fifth pass I had never noticed, and ultimately came away with a whole ARMFUL of treasure. Best of all, for very little money! I spent a total of $3.00 for ALL OF THIS:

No photos, but plenty dialogue.Collapse )
And because that last sale was at the north end of town, I then spent 45 minutes strolling around a pretty neighborhood full of old houses and having a blast. Despite 83-degree weather, it was shady and only a little humid so as summer afternoons for walking go, very doable.

Top Ten Bookish Websites

This week's topic is "Favorite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites" and because I am not too hip to the book blogger realm despite the fact that that community is tailor made for me, I'm going mostly with the latter. (although the Top Ten Tuesday blog counts as one of the best by default!) It is probably more of a reference for Future Me, but nevertheless, here are the sites most important to my book-lovin' ways.

Note: this is a queued post; link will be updated once it goes live.

See if you can guess everything I am gonna name!Collapse )

Definitely a good use of 2 hours.


Even so, I am very proud of my ability to take this page -- where I clearly done borked up the HTML somewhere in a way that is impossible to untangle, though I also swear it did not always look like this, or I would have noticed -- and cross-reference with a f*ckton of other web pages (including this one) and my own memory, based on the order in which the names appear, until I was able to reconstruct it with about 95% accuracy / completion in a Word document with proper bullet-point nesting in order to outline all of my Best Imaginary Stallion In the World's descendants. And bless Past Me for noting color, gender & other parent's name, because that really helped me track some of these guys down, in addition to reminding me of some great horses' existence.

One day I will figure out the HTML required to fix the actual page too, but for now, at least I am content.

I wonder what would happen if I pasted it into a blog post though... *cannot resist trying*Collapse )
Old music posts led to listening to old Glee music led to watching old Glee performances led to "All of Me" and...apparently it's been multiple years since I could last bear to watch Klaine in video form. Long enough to forget all the specifics of their make-up scene in the season 5 finale. Long enough for MY HEART TO BURST INTO GLITTERING RAINBOWS at the sight, almost like seeing it for the first time all over again. BLAINE. YOUR FACE. YOUR REGRET.

Obnoxious Klaining: ONCollapse )


...to ensure I do not finish watching Pitch Perfect 3, and I can’t help but think they are just trying to save me from my own destructive tendencies, because I have been stewing in sourness and grumpitude basically since it opened and I already have a long list of grievances. In no particular order:

but as a special treat, I will include a detailed analysis of the riff-off at the end, where all my chattering is positiveCollapse )

Don't mind me, just nostalgia-ing out.

Is Billy one of my decidedly less beloved Power Rangers? Absolutely.

Did I still immediately buy the "Best of Blue" DVD I saw at the dollar store so as to secure another six episodes w/ my actual faves from library purges and streaming whims? Also yes.

It's a Rangers day! Or a Rangers-adjacent day; I'm not actually watching anything, just talking about stuff.Collapse )

Where my Zetas at, where my Zetas at?

Today's activity: reading Katharine McPhee interviews from the House Bunny era and just giggling into my hands because they are so darn cute* and enthusiastically unfiltered.

guess which movie I watched tonightCollapse )

Things I Have Done Today:

  • Researched Marguerite Henry some more, churned up a new article with a few more details about her in her old age. (p.s. who are you, "author Susan Foster Ambrose," and where is this biography you talked about wanting to write 20 years ago; I have wanted one to exist for almost that long)

  • Re-remembered that the U of M's Children's Literature Research Collection has a magnifient collection of Henry papers and I really, really need to make a plan to see them with my own eyes and grabby hands. These include 8 (!) titles listed under "unpublished works" and I am desperately curious to know if they are just notes, or partial manuscripts, or actual entire drafts, because the latter would be an actual wish of mine granted.

  • Re-remembered they also have Lynn Hall papers; not as extensive but still -- notes & correspondence on any of her amazing stuff? Yes, please.

  • Discovered they also have small but nevertheless pertinent collections of manuscripts or other ephemera for such classic animal book authors as*: Alice O'Connell (Pamela and the Blue Mare, that rarity), Jim Kjelgaard, Barbara Corcoran, Wesley Dennis (looks like art only though), and Rutherford G. Montgomery. That's not even exhuastive; honestly, I could feed authors into this search engine all day. The database shows 1775 collections.

  • (*Not, tragically, my other most beloved horse authors Dorothy Lyons or Jean Slaughter Doty, though, nor Albert Payson Terhune. There's no reason they should have them, really, but when they turned up with so many of my other faves I got greedy.)

  • [INCONVENIENTLY: they are literally only open during business hours (M-F, 8:30-4:30pm), only staying open until 7 a couple of those days, which means boyfriend can't drive me* and I would have to either figure out & pay for parking garage parking ($3-12/day if I can get in the campus lot...which is probably easier in summer) or take the bus, both of which are terrifying prospects, on top of having to either work out a Monday where I can square away contacts early, or take a day off.

  • * Wait. Boyfriend absolutely COULD drive me if I bribed him very nicely to get up extra-early, go a few miles out of his way and drop me off before he went to work! Or possibly we could make a whole day trip out of it and go together; he could find something to occupy himself and we could go to dinner after it closes. I will ask him.]

  • Found an awesome special buy at the dollar store: 3-oz. cassava pop chips. Those definitely cost more than $1 everywhere else and are second only to baked potato chips in terms of Best Snacking Chip. Low fat, delicious "luau BBQ" flavor, super satisfying.

IDK which one is the most exciting, honestly.


There is real work I should be doing.

I have a general policy of not adding series books from childhood to Goodreads, because due to their prolific nature that could quickly take over my whole account, but...I just went down an incredibly nostalgic memory lane with the Thoroughbred series on Wikipedia/Goodreads while trying to remember when I stopped reading them, and it is testing my resolve.

While I decide what to do about it -- if this series had box sets, it might make my goal a little more manageable, but alas... -- I am going to scribble down my impressions here before the mere fact that I've thought them makes the unearthed memory shrivel and disappear when exposed to consciousness.

I only got about halfway through the series, so it is less daunting than you might think.Collapse )
In The Distant Future: I remember how time-consuming fun this was and tackle the highlights of various other book series I loved: Animorphs? Baby-Sitters Club? Saddle Club? Boxcar Children? I gotta tell you, I really want to talk about my Boxcar Children experience...but, another day.
*winces and peeks at Scorpion tag*

Oh sweet baby jesus the last time I mentioned this show on here was the cancellation? And before that was April?

But...but...oh god, I have so much fandom euphoria ground to cover. The fic! The DVDs that haven't been out of my sight more than a couple days in two months! The headcanon! The infinite number of Notepad docs with show commentary in them! How do I even begin to describe the all-encompassing hold this show has had on me? (IDK, the tags on my Tumblr posts might illuminate it some)

Of course, they are not as detailed as what I actually want to say, so here is the beginning of an overview? Maybe?Collapse )

I love my archives!

This is just to say: I am listening to Katharine McPhee's self-titled album from 11 years ago for the first time ever (I have genuinely no memory as to why it was not in my life sooner), and taking IMMENSE joy in the memory that I did fall in love with its first two singles at the time, so I can actually go look up The Music of 2007/2008 and see what my first impressions of them were.

And then, while I'm there, get totally fascinated and sidetracked by like, every other song that has been in my life so long I'd forgotten some of their origins. These little anecdotes from my life? Amazing.

And speaking of songs, I forgot, the lovely Wild Card is still up there on YouTube and damned if I do not still love it with my whole entire heart.
I hate that i've been excited about this topic coming up for like 3 months and STILL couldn't get my butt in gear to make a cover-image-collage, but you'll just have to enjoy my boring words as-is, because what a fun topic this week! It was especially fun to sift through my brain for genuine answers, given that my default concept of "travel" is to promptly dig in my homebody heels and say NO, when in fact there are many kinds of travel I actually love/would love to experience, provided they are tailored to my whims.

I can't think of anything clever for cut text today.Collapse )

All right time to document some stuff.

I was running away from my work responsibilities on one of the nightmare non-sleeping nights this week, and my brain's idea was "continue the Elyes Gabel resume tour," which yielded many things but most relevantly, The Borgias.

Djem is all we're going to talk about today, but this post is setting you up for the possibility that I might accidentally trip and keep watching this show.Collapse )
I DID A THING TODAY, I broke away from work and my figurative/literal prison that is the room where I do the work and did an actual fun thing in real life, which was convince my boyfriend to take me to an enormous used book sale (150,000 items, the ad says: the only bigger one I know is the Half Price Books Clearance Event, and the content here is frankly better) some 20 miles away.

And I found some things! Even though my dumb butt forgot to make sure I brought cash, which is all they accept, and I only had $5 on me so I had to send boyfriend on an ATM run.Collapse )
[note: this is a backdated post entered June 1 after I temporarily lost my pw for this site]

Watching "Shark Night 3D" because Katharine McPhee is in it was a Bad Idea.

I don't mean that in a "haha what a cheesy and terrible waste of time" jokey way, I mean that despite being PG-13, it pushed that rating about as far as it can go and made me genuinely sick to my stomach. I went to bed expecting nightmares and woke up still feeling awful about her character's death.

to quote my mini review, this is in no way a movie that a person who likes Katharine McPhee should seeCollapse )

no way to make the pain play fair

I have had a LOT of roller-coaster-y emotions in the past 48 hours, and I don't know which one to let out first so I am staying off Tumblr, but right now I am just sick and angry and stunned (even though I knew full well this would happen) and lost and sad about Scorpion.

In January, I really could not have predicted that in four months' time, The Brave's loss would already be behind me by the time it was announced and this would be the thing to wreak grief havoc, but here we are: leaving me in the worst Upfronts mood since 2011 when I lost Off the Map and also my Reconstruction pilot dreams (and Life Unexpected, but that was secondary loss much like The Brave is now).

That finale is just such an awful way for it to end, especially on a show that has no incentives whatsoever for anyone to bring it back. You know they would have fixed it all in S5, maybe even before Christmas, but at the same time...even with all the best fic in the world, you can't know. You can't know a happy ending is any more likely than this line that has haunted me since I read it:

What if Walter died because he was trying to be the hero, as he always did, but this time it was too much to ask of someone who was short four members of what had been a finely tuned problem-solving machine? (x)

So. I'm tired, and sad. I still have like 8 varities of squee posts drafted about the Shiny (Re)New(ed) Obsession tour I've been doing behind the scenes for nearly the past month, waiting for the time to finish them, but now it's all tainted and I don't know what to do.

P.S. I wonder how Robert Patrick feels about the fact that he couldn't do X-Files because of scheduling conflicts with this series, and now he has neither.
I have gone totally dark on NCIS this year -- I am stuck a year ago STILL, still not done whirling those beautiful episodes I mentioned but did not review around in the TV processor of my mind -- and I had SUCH HOPES that I would be able to stay in the dark about Abby's last episode(s) / how she exits. It's no easy feat considering I am spending like 5 hours a day on YouTube, watchng infinite clips from similar CBS procedurals, but I've been good. I've been so good. Not even a whisper of a hint of context has gotten past my lockdown.

But my dumb ass went channel surfing today looking for pleasant background reruns while I work, and I left it on CBS during commercials to see what came on next. Next thing I know, my ears are hearing the tail end of a significant promo, Gibbs' voice saying,

follow along on my stream of consciousness reactionsCollapse )

Sneak Peek No.5.Collapse )
In which I watch up through episode 8x20 of Hawaii Five-0, and end up crying my eyes out.


*pleased tiger chuffing*

The bad: I did not get to go to one of my fave annual church sales this year because day work was being exhausting.

The good: I got a couple extra hours this week at the job that pays me well, and then since I was already in town I spent the next 4.5 hours doing all many of my favorite things there, both walking and shopping, and I found two very exciting DVDs: Bones, season 10, still shrink-wrapped, on the library sale cart for $2, and at Big Lots...the relevant part of Power Rangers Turbo (i.e. "Volume One," with its 19 good episodes and just 4 irrelevant trash bag ones), for $5.40 (incl. tax).

I am really stupidly happy to stumble upon such a random yet important to me find. It's old enough while also in demand enough that I don't think you'd come by it much cheaper outside a super lucky garage sale strike. (edit: hah! see, right there, ebay currently has them all priced at $13 and up)
I also loaded my bookbag up with borrowed booksCollapse )
Buckle up, nerds, I'm gonna dive into these discs like Scrooge McDuck and then dart in whichever direction the shippy tide whims take me.

Only know you love her when you let her go...Collapse )
OK, I stayed up way too late last night playing YouTube clips all around season 1 instead of actually putting in the DVD, because my theory is that sneaking hits of the best parts of episodes I wanna watch in full still won't spoil them as much as spinning through the whole thing in search of all the good bits, since surely not all the best parts are uploaded.

This tour included enough season 3 clips to get me all hot and bothered, so today I finally got the season 3 DVD out of the library, and I watched 3 episodes straight through but now I feel like I gotta talk out my history with it before I turn myself loose on the Waige tour, so here goes nothing.

FOLLOW ME INTO THE WAYBACK MACHINE. It has a Happy-and-Toby focus.Collapse )


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