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[sticky post] Reading List / Movie List 2018

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles link to my Goodreads reviews.

* = reread or rewatch. [NF] =nonfiction

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Self Reference

A quick note to myself about where to find several 'WANT TO READ' books on Goodreads so I can stop typing them into search engines all the damn time. (ps BRING BACK THE 'SAVED ITEMS' LIST COUNTY LIBRARY!! I NEED THAT FEATURE BAD)

look at all these books I want to rent! says the girl who has read 8 in the last 2 monthsCollapse )

Is quantity better than quality? Eh...

A variety of stupid factors converged to make it so that I only got to spend about 3 hours at my favorite annual 3-day event, the Half Price Books Clearance Sale. I went on Saturday afternoon and wasn't able to get back, so I had very limited time to look at CDs and DVDs, and no time at all to look at nonfiction. But I did get to comb over teen lit, the most important category, to my heart's content, and I found a lot of good stuff there. Bonus, it was very easy on the walllet!

Let us see what I got for twelve bucks.Collapse )



I was casually searching horse book lots/horsey authors I like on eBay, when all of a sudden I stumbled upon a lot for a short kids' pony book series from the 90s called The Short Stirrup Club. Which I had completely, completely forgotten about, having read it sometime between 4th and 6th grade (I think from the library), until I saw a couple of the covers and felt that "staggering backwards in recognition" feeling.

I got cover photos! And talking!Collapse )

Two amazing premieres?? In ONE week? I don't even remember how to handle that.Collapse )

Authors I'd Love To Meet

This week's Top Ten Tuesday.

Witing this list made me realize how very...very fine I am with not actually meeting authors in person?? That's not even my social anxiety talking, I literally just don't usually feel a pressing need to interact with published authors. Partly that is social media's fault, I think, for making more of their personal lives and thoughts accessible through a one-way mirror, but plenty of enjoyable authors aren't on social media, and I still am not sure what I'd want to say to or ask them. This is probably good, since meeting authors in person is generally a rarity. But it was sfill fun to dream up this list!

I made it to ten, which was not a given when I started. The first two are definitely the true 'dreams,' though.Collapse )

The Music of 2018: Quarter 3

(missed an installment? skip back)

a.k.a. ALL OF THE MUSIC. EVERY MUSIC, as my boyfriend might say. I had 4 new CDs within 2 weeks of July starting, and it just kept pouring in, and the CDs are so good that I am throwing my “only the top half” representation rule right out the window wherever it suits me, mostly because this post has been such a gigantic quagmire/nightmare all month that I keep running away from it and/or driving myself crazy with renumbering in almost equal measure.

To put it another way, I have more than doubled the tally for the year to date.Collapse )
YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I know my LJ has no season 9 context to set this up and I'm sorry for that, but I am six seconds post-previouslies on the NCIS: LA premiere and my heart has shot the freaking moon; I do not know if I can continue; this is A Lot to handle.

no it is not a weddingCollapse )


I tried really, really hard to keep on top of work, but through no fault of my own, I just can't make the Saturday trip happen. Too much left that has to be managed tomorrow morning, and I also need time to sleep and do laundry before I can go, so we're gonna do it Sunday instead. Which means no book sale/library visit, which I am actually really upset about, but the animal shelter will be open (it is legit only open 2 days a week for a total of 4.5 hours), so almost as good.

I did, however, go to the church sale today. I spent 80 minutes walking around the huge space and had an absolute blast. I got a bunch of mini things, which is exactly what I wanted.

And what did approx. five bucks net me?Collapse )
Speaking of vintage 5-year diaries...how amazing is THIS post?

Spoils of a proper library sale!

1) It's Wednesday, and I'm currenty still on top of work! Only 1/3 of the work assigned today is left for tomorrow, and I have gone as far as I can go until people reply to me (which has been true since 5pm, so I got to do the next thing guilt free).

2) Last year it was terrible, but this time...WOW. Even though I didn't get there until 6.5 hours post-opening, the sale was definitely bigger than last time (I spent 75 minutes cruising around), and they were practically giving books away. Seriously. Nothing was more expensive than $1. Paperbacks/YA novels and kids' books were progressively cheaper by half. I ended up buying to my heart's reasonable content, and here is what I ended up with.

ALL OF THE BOOKS. Every books.Collapse )

Whew! That took longer than I thought it would. I am pretty tired from only having gotten 4-6 hours of sleep (the last two interrupted by extended snooze buttons) after a similar amount last night, so I am signing off to retire to bed. Amid a nest of approximately 7 different books, because I am bone-weary but not sleepy-weary yet, and I have enough energy to read but still don't know which one I wanna buckle down and start.
I tweaked this one's title a bit, because so many of my fave authors are the very prolific kind. I didn't finish this one in time to link it up, but this was the original post.

WHOOPS forgot the cutCollapse )

I know there are some others I liked in elementary/middle school with really long back catalogues (Jim Kjelgaard! Jean Craighead George and/or Mr. George!), but it has been so long since I read any of them that even the ones I have read, I've largely forgotten. So maybe there will be a Part II in the future, but for now...
The Griffin & Sabine series (I own it -- except for the newly-released 7th one -- and have gotten partway through book one a few times, but ultimately I always get too overwhelmed by how much I love the art design to finish.)

2018 Fall Watch List

I skipped it last year because it had shrunk so much, but you know what, whatever, let's point & laugh at the embarrassingly tiny number of shows RS plans to keep up with this fall, as of right now. Even though I have kind of sagged away from writing about most of them.

There are some bonus things at the end to beef it up, though.Collapse )
Lastly, a few weeks ago I finally broke the seal on long-zealously-guarded-away-for-my-uninterrupted-attention Rise.

The pilot was good, but alas, I will likely not be continuing.Collapse )

GOALZ for the last weekend in September

I have failed at having free weekends two weeks in a row now, but THIS TIME IT'LL BE DIFFERENT, BECAUSE REASONS. As listed below, here's what's coming up -- hopefully. It's always tough to stay on top of things past Wednesday in any given week, which of course is exactly when Things Start Happening, but...look at all my incentives this time!!

EVENTSCollapse )
Still haven't had a chance to look for library card, so I borrowed Mom's, dashed off with a list of titles to seek half an hour before closing, and went to town getting a bunch of books I craved.

Mostly not so much novels as books I can look at.Collapse )

I guess I watch this show now.

By the time my Scorpion rioting finally calmed down enough for me to proceed with my Hawaii Five-0 viewing, CBS had yanked its final-5-of-the-season shows off of free streaming. I was going to be stubborn and wait for the DVD, but then I lost my library card, so I caved and watched via boyfriend's Netflix. I am now paused here before the finale EDIT: done w/ the season, so 8x21-25.

mostly about 8x24, but not in any particular order for the most partCollapse )
In other news, literally, the Mollie Tibbets case seems to have set me off and I have just spent a truly AWFUL amount of time this month morbidly torturing myself by reading about endlass swaths of missing persons cases*, unsolved murders and serial killers. I seem to be insatiable. How can human beings be this awful to each other. And how many horrors do I have to pour into my head before I stop wondering??

dunno, but I have to write two more paragraphs to ponder itCollapse )

Autumn TBR

Note: this is a queued post. Links will be updated when I get a chance.

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is your TBR pile for the upcoming season. I was very excited about this topic a month ago, and now it's much more daunting because I misplaced my library card (AGAIN) on August 26th.

[long and possibly unnecessary backstory]I have a rough idea of the area of the house I need to search, but it's an enormous mess that will require a large chunk of time to comb through that I just haven't had yet -- so as a result, my library book stock has plummeted and torpedoed my reading pace along with it.
The fact that I can't browse for interesting-looking titles on Goodreads or even set foot in a library (unless I want to seriously torture myself) is a huge bummer. It makes me not want to think about book possibilities beyond my 3 remaining checkouts at all.
But then I remembered: I've been building an emergency stockpile of cheap secondhand books that I want to read but not necessarily keep. I haven't let myself think about them much, stashing them in a grocery bag to be unearthed when I need them. Well, pretty sure I'm gonna need them soon. So...that's the majority of this list right now. I will probably dismiss all of them for a later year the second I find my card, but IN THE MEANTIME...

we can finally start this postCollapse )


9:00 pm: *develop headache from staring at comp screen too intensely; reluctantly give up on the progress I was making on work and retire to bed with a 6:30am alarm and an 8:30 backup*

1:10 am, having watched 2 episodes of The Middle, listened to an episode of The Simpsons with eyes closed, listened to a 40-minute playlist of instrumental band music, spent additional time lying quietly in bed daydreaming about ships and ship dynamics, and finally gotten out of bed to blearily browse random YouTube channels and Tumblr: STILL A-FREAKING WAKE BUT NOW TOO MENTALLY WEARY TO FOCUS ON WORK.

I did, however, find some sweet looking estate sales I desperately want to go to on Thursday-Saturday and do not have a prayer of making unless I make sure i can get my work for the day wrapped by 1pm, a process which starts with either waking up and starting early, or staying up late enough to finish more than half of it the same day it's assigned. (current progress for day 1: 6/14 points done after almost 3 hours)
All right, now that it has been nearly 3 years, I am finally ready to push past the traumatic episode that unintentionally knocked this show out of my lineup for the rest of its life, 2 eps after I had finally caught up from my LAST traumatic experience with it. (how has this wholesome family sitcom managed to do this to me twice)

I just pulled it randomly from the library when I saw it, even though it's not the first time I've hoped in vain that having it at hand would get me through the block, but then...cramps hit hard, as did accompanying joint pain, and I needed to lie down quietly for an hour before I could go back to work. Fun, happy, low-impact television to focus on was just exactly what the doctor ordered.

And that's the story of how I accidentally watched 8-10 episodes of season 7 in 2 days. I love this show so much.

Follow me from 7x03 up through Christmas 2015!Collapse )


Working on the laptop tonight, which means not logged into Tumblr (is this stopping me from looking at Tumblr? No. only frustrating me because I can't reblog) and little to no music + no working disc drive, soooo, sparked by someone linking to Eric Whitacre's "October," my solution has been to make a list of other concert band songs I loved, either because we played them or we sight read them or I just found them on CDs I borrowed from my band director, and OH MY GOD. I definitely go through boom/bust cycles on instrumental band music, and it's been bust for years, but suddenly my ears are awash in epic nostalgia. ALL MY FAVE COMPOSER DUDES IN THE HOUSE.

such as!Collapse )


A productive use of my time

I've got six work monsters left to conquer, but I have not attempted to face them for the past four hours, and I am gonna ignore them for a couple more because I just found my senior year reading list after a month of misplacing it. I have not yet posted it in full to my LJ, nor am I going to tonight, but what I AM going to do is make a list of the novels I would most like to reread again.

it is not even Top Ten Tuesday! but there are ten, plus a bonusCollapse )



Was it really just last night that I did all the Super Productive Working?? And still went to bed at, like, midnight, woke up at 8, proceeded to continue to be so efficient on work that I wrapped up everything I could do by 11:15 (and with another 50 minutes tonight, I once again only have 1 thing still due tomorrow), and proceeded to have a SIX HOUR ADVENTURE DAY??

Hells yea!Collapse )

And now here it is...only 10 pm...and I am contemplating turning off the computer?? What a night!

Fun / Depressing Facts!

Winter ended 4 months ago and we are less than 4 months away from it being winter again.

It has been a slow healing process and I am not over the trauma of last winter's BlizzardFest yet; this cannot be true.

Now for the promised fun facts: yesterday I went to a whole bunch of garage sales, one of which made up for my lack of going to any garage sales for most of the summer and most of those being boring. It was the dream type of sale: tons and tons of things, tables loaded with smalls, so that I spent at least 20 minutes poring through all the objects, finding things on my fourth or fifth pass I had never noticed, and ultimately came away with a whole ARMFUL of treasure. Best of all, for very little money! I spent a total of $3.00 for ALL OF THIS:

No photos, but plenty dialogue.Collapse )
And because that last sale was at the north end of town, I then spent 45 minutes strolling around a pretty neighborhood full of old houses and having a blast. Despite 83-degree weather, it was shady and only a little humid so as summer afternoons for walking go, very doable.

Top Ten Bookish Websites

This week's topic is "Favorite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites" and because I am not too hip to the book blogger realm despite the fact that that community is tailor made for me, I'm going mostly with the latter. (although the Top Ten Tuesday blog counts as one of the best by default!) It is probably more of a reference for Future Me, but nevertheless, here are the sites most important to my book-lovin' ways.

Note: this is a queued post; link will be updated once it goes live.

See if you can guess everything I am gonna name!Collapse )

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