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[sticky post] Reading List / Movie List 2018

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles link to my Goodreads reviews.

* = reread or rewatch. [NF] =nonfiction

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The Boxcar Children: A Retrospective


Previously on The Idealistic Daydream: I reviewed my memories of the Thoroughbred series, and several months later I am back at it again with another formative literary experience to examine before it falls out of my memory banks for good.

time for a lot of detailed bullet points! is that an oxy moron?Collapse )

Holiday-themed TBT

In an effort to clear some things out of My Documents that I typed up for some reason, here is my Christmas wish list from the year 2000 (age 14-going-on-15). This isn't the one I gave to my parents, at least not in full, because it's so indulgent -- it's just the list of things I wished I could ask for, if my parents made about 3x as much money.

(Note: this is a queued post, and I hope it posts correctly. I wrote it up in September.)
So what did The Teens like back in the day??Collapse )


after 14 weeks. In the general area where she knew it was, on the floor, buried amidst a sea of Things that needed to be put away…but at least I found it.

I celebrated by immediately ILL requesting 5 books off my TBR wishlist, as you do.


I am still pretty much in A Mood over The Good Cop, but a) I just remembered that I skipped over episode 9, because after the emotional high of episode 8 I wanted the even shippier finale immediately, so that's waiting for me, and b) I may or may not have spent a few hours this week watching Josh Groban talk show appearances and generally laughing until my sides hurt.

Pretty sure there are still hundreds of hours from the past 10+ years to go, plus all the other stuff I have not been paying attention to lately (Broadway! A new album! Twitter!). So. Still sour, but also punch-love-drunk on my return to him being my favorite celebrity. The consolation prizes here are good.

Also, when my exhaustion and work overload came to a head last night, I broke and collapsed and was unable to do anything other than binge on Mom episodes:
all caught up on season 6, which has been super great until episode 8 turned out sad and awfulCollapse )
The Good Cop is canceled and I hate everyone directly and indirectly responsible.

(I do not feel like I was asking for much when I hoped for a season 2! I wasn't gonna expect some 7-season miracle; I was gonna be happy with two, like some kind of British television watching heathen, and YA COULDN'T EVEN GIVE ME TWO? One ten-normal-length-episodes season is all I am ever gonna get?? When literally 95% of everything else you have ever produced is garbage?? Why do Netflix subscribers hate joy and light.)

I swear to God, if Hill House gets renewed and I have to endure a THIRD instance this year of a show I adore being canceled while its immensely inferior neighbor gets renewed (The Brave/Bad Moms, Scorpion/Instinct)...

THIS SHOW IS FLAWLESS. IT HAS NO FLAWS. The closest thing it has to a flaw is the drippy millenial tech weirdo at the precinct, and he is no worse than a couple of gnats in the room. I watched the whole thing in 3 days flat -- me, the person who normally needs at least a month per episode to fully savor anything she enjoys. It is THAT GOOD.


A few days late, but sliding into the room with some thefridayfive to give me a quick mental break from the FIVE HOURS OF WORK I HAVE DONE TODAY WITHOUT EVEN STARTING ON THE NEW STUFF YET (*or* finishing the stuff I am catching up on).

five cheesy questionsCollapse )


Voting accompli!

I went at 10:15 and I have NEVER seen this place have an actual crowd before. This is really the hell y'all deal with in some places on the regular?? And please note by “crowd” I mean there were, like, 20 people in line -- I had to wait in a line for anything besides confirming who I am?? -- and it took twenty-five entire minutes from arrival to departure. (I haven’t had a very hard voting life.)

Also, the “how to fill out your ballot" explanation was given to me by a guy with a very British accent, so that was a trip and a half. # WHAT COUNTRY AM I IN?? # is this Brexit

Meanwhile, due to finding a bunch of really good sales, we currently have blackberries, Ghiradelli brownies and shrimp here all at once. It is like the universe wanted us to celebrate this day with lavish delicacies.


Aaand then I tried to go Double or Nothing on Netflix shows today and lost. The Haunting of Hill House was so TERRIBLE, oh my god. So slow. So boring. Why was the episode almost sixty full minutes long when no more than three were interesting. Every character is varying shades of boring and awful and I want them all to be murdered.

There was a VERY tiny amount of house porn, but almost no scares at all. I would go so far as to say zero scares. There were two brief scenes that were kind of cool and eerie -- the flight from the house/figure in the window, and Nell twirling through the abandoned house -- but that was IN NO WAY worth the price of admission from the hideously slow pacing. The ending was supposed to be scary, but it was just dumb and kind of gross.

Long story short, it is partially on me for not knowing what I was getting into because I decided to read exactly zero reviews or summaries in detail for fear of spoilers, but honestly I think what I really want at this point -- and probably did from the beginning -- is to just rewatch that magnificent beauty "The Haunting" (1999) and call it a day.


The Good Cop

Yesterday I got all my work done by 4:30 -- you don't understand, lately my work is never done; I spend 60+ hours a week on the computer because I'm always trying to focus on it (30-40% productivity rate), yet still there is always something I feel I should have completed by 5pm when I finally can't stay awake any longer -- so I was able to relax enough to sack out and watch the first 3 eps of a show I've had my eye on for a few weeks now, knowing I would love it, and I DO. It also marks the first-ever show I've watched that originated on a streaming service. I feel very good about my decision to reject everything until Netflix could come up with something adorable, not Hip To All the Modern Trends, and rated PG (Groban's character has a swear jar, y'all, which does not stop him from using "damn" but I'll let it slide).

I mean, technically it's a homicide-cop show so there are bodies, BUT, adorable beacon of sunshine and light Pushing Daisies also had bodies, and this show follows that model on avoiding gruesomeness while also reminding me of Numb3rs (for the father and son living together/dead mom aspect), or basically EVERYTHING I LOVE AND WANTED/NEEDED IN THIS LIFE.

More thoughts later; I have pledged to myself that if I can be Good and Productive on work for two hours straight, without a single click over to TVLine/Tumblr/Neopets/Goodreads, I can let myself quit and have a relaxing night.


I have no idea when I last watched Mom, new-episodes-wise -- sometime last season but whether it was before or after March I'm not sure -- but I was jonesing for something to take a nice break with tonight before starting on work again, so I pulled up the new season premiere online and... WHEN DID THEY GET A GLORIOUS FLOOFY BLONDE GOLDEN RETRIEVER?? SHE IS SO SWEET AND SO BEAUTIFUL. I want her around all the time.
a few more thoughts on episode 2 as wellCollapse )
Also, today I went to the hometown library and GUESS WHAT I FOUND ON THE SALE SHELVES? Soul of the Silver Dog -- by Lynn Hall. Scoresies!! It was so funny, I was at the very end of the YA/middle grade options, just briefly skimming over the skinny paperbacks where I never expect to find much, until that title sounded familiar. I didn't even recognize why until I saw the author. 50 cents is much better than what you see it for online ($3-4, the cost of shipping).

and other conquests, because books will find meCollapse )



Just renewed my paid membership for the...I wanna say 10th time? I have definitely paid more at this point than a permanent account would have cost me if I had just bitten the bullet way the heck back when they were last offered in 2007 or 2008. But, in my defense, at that time it represented more than half a month's wages with my student job and I had only been actively using LJ since January of 2007. Having a paid account at all was A Novelty And An Expense to me, and I had absolutely no way of knowing that I would be one of the few Last Proud People Standing.

I mean, I probably should have had some inkling, given how resistant I am to change and how long I used Xanga. But then again, Xanga offered a similar thing, and Xanga collapsed on itself like a dying star a few years ago, on top of the fact that I stopped updating mine in 2009 or 2010.

Anyway, I STILL think it is worth having a paid account, because...I just do! Even though I am updating less, and probably don't use more than 25 icons on a regular basis, I like knowing that I can have 100+. The guilt-free AdBlock is nice too. Less than $3 a month seems fair for all the fun I have here, even if all the free days over the years have, somewhat annoyingly, pushed the payment date forward until it's right around the time of boyfriend's birthday.


Self Reference

A quick note to myself about where to find several 'WANT TO READ' books on Goodreads so I can stop typing them into search engines all the damn time. (ps BRING BACK THE 'SAVED ITEMS' LIST, COUNTY LIBRARY!! I NEED THAT FEATURE BAD)

edit: this has proven a very useful post, and easy to find via tags, so I am gonna be updating it for the forseeable future

look at all these books I want to rent! says the girl who has read 8 in the last 2 monthsCollapse )

Is quantity better than quality? Eh...

A variety of stupid factors converged to make it so that I only got to spend about 3 hours at my favorite annual 3-day event, the Half Price Books Clearance Sale. I went on Saturday afternoon and wasn't able to get back, so I had very limited time to look at CDs and DVDs, and no time at all to look at nonfiction. But I did get to comb over teen lit, the most important category, to my heart's content, and I found a lot of good stuff there. Bonus, it was very easy on the walllet!

Let us see what I got for twelve bucks.Collapse )



I was casually searching horse book lots/horsey authors I like on eBay, when all of a sudden I stumbled upon a lot for a short kids' pony book series from the 90s called The Short Stirrup Club. Which I had completely, completely forgotten about, having read it sometime between 4th and 6th grade (I think from the library), until I saw a couple of the covers and felt that "staggering backwards in recognition" feeling.

I got cover photos! And talking!Collapse )

Two amazing premieres?? In ONE week? I don't even remember how to handle that.Collapse )

Authors I'd Love To Meet

This week's Top Ten Tuesday.

Witing this list made me realize how very...very fine I am with not actually meeting authors in person?? That's not even my social anxiety talking, I literally just don't usually feel a pressing need to interact with published authors. Partly that is social media's fault, I think, for making more of their personal lives and thoughts accessible through a one-way mirror, but plenty of enjoyable authors aren't on social media, and I still am not sure what I'd want to say to or ask them. This is probably good, since meeting authors in person is generally a rarity. But it was sfill fun to dream up this list!

I made it to ten, which was not a given when I started. The first two are definitely the true 'dreams,' though.Collapse )

The Music of 2018: Quarter 3

(missed an installment? skip back)

a.k.a. ALL OF THE MUSIC. EVERY MUSIC, as my boyfriend might say. I had 4 new CDs within 2 weeks of July starting, and it just kept pouring in, and the CDs are so good that I am throwing my “only the top half” representation rule right out the window wherever it suits me, mostly because this post has been such a gigantic quagmire/nightmare all month that I keep running away from it and/or driving myself crazy with renumbering in almost equal measure.

To put it another way, I have more than doubled the tally for the year to date.Collapse )
YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I know my LJ has no season 9 context to set this up and I'm sorry for that, but I am six seconds post-previouslies on the NCIS: LA premiere and my heart has shot the freaking moon; I do not know if I can continue; this is A Lot to handle.

no it is not a weddingCollapse )


I tried really, really hard to keep on top of work, but through no fault of my own, I just can't make the Saturday trip happen. Too much left that has to be managed tomorrow morning, and I also need time to sleep and do laundry before I can go, so we're gonna do it Sunday instead. Which means no book sale/library visit, which I am actually really upset about, but the animal shelter will be open (it is legit only open 2 days a week for a total of 4.5 hours), so almost as good.

I did, however, go to the church sale today. I spent 80 minutes walking around the huge space and had an absolute blast. I got a bunch of mini things, which is exactly what I wanted.

And what did approx. five bucks net me?Collapse )
Speaking of vintage 5-year diaries...how amazing is THIS post?

Spoils of a proper library sale!

1) It's Wednesday, and I'm currenty still on top of work! Only 1/3 of the work assigned today is left for tomorrow, and I have gone as far as I can go until people reply to me (which has been true since 5pm, so I got to do the next thing guilt free).

2) Last year it was terrible, but this time...WOW. Even though I didn't get there until 6.5 hours post-opening, the sale was definitely bigger than last time (I spent 75 minutes cruising around), and they were practically giving books away. Seriously. Nothing was more expensive than $1. Paperbacks/YA novels and kids' books were progressively cheaper by half. I ended up buying to my heart's reasonable content, and here is what I ended up with.

ALL OF THE BOOKS. Every books.Collapse )

Whew! That took longer than I thought it would. I am pretty tired from only having gotten 4-6 hours of sleep (the last two interrupted by extended snooze buttons) after a similar amount last night, so I am signing off to retire to bed. Amid a nest of approximately 7 different books, because I am bone-weary but not sleepy-weary yet, and I have enough energy to read but still don't know which one I wanna buckle down and start.
I tweaked this one's title a bit, because so many of my fave authors are the very prolific kind. I didn't finish this one in time to link it up, but this was the original post.

WHOOPS forgot the cutCollapse )

I know there are some others I liked in elementary/middle school with really long back catalogues (Jim Kjelgaard! Jean Craighead George and/or Mr. George!), but it has been so long since I read any of them that even the ones I have read, I've largely forgotten. So maybe there will be a Part II in the future, but for now...
The Griffin & Sabine series (I own it -- except for the newly-released 7th one -- and have gotten partway through book one a few times, but ultimately I always get too overwhelmed by how much I love the art design to finish.)

2018 Fall Watch List

I skipped it last year because it had shrunk so much, but you know what, whatever, let's point & laugh at the embarrassingly tiny number of shows RS plans to keep up with this fall, as of right now. Even though I have kind of sagged away from writing about most of them.

There are some bonus things at the end to beef it up, though.Collapse )
Lastly, a few weeks ago I finally broke the seal on long-zealously-guarded-away-for-my-uninterrupted-attention Rise.

The pilot was good, but alas, I will likely not be continuing.Collapse )

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