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[sticky post] 2019 Reading List / Movie List

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles link to my Goodreads reviews.

* = reread or rewatch. [NF] =nonfiction

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The Keeping Hours

I AM GONNA SUE THIS MOVIE FOR EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, OH MY GOD. It took me from "I'm crying a lot" to "I'm openly sobbing, with uncontrollable noise" to "I am now crying so hard I cannot breathe and may actually be dying?" This is The Vow levels of weeping here. I love it.

I truly spent half this movie going "mmm, unsure if Lee Pace's face still works for me at this age," but WOW CAN HE WORK A GOOD GRIEF FACE. Also, on bright side, I might wear myself out enough with crying that on top of the two hour walk I took and the fact that I slept less than 6 hours last night, all tipped back in a chair, I might actually be asleep before 2 am tonight.


Unlike the last post of mine with a similar header, this is my "things I want to write" list. Maybe this will stop me from spending 3 hours on ONTD / Buzzfeed tomorrow.

  • 7 4 Goodreads reviews for books from the past month (I've never been so behind! just too much good, or at least thought-provoking, writing. and then I can finally RETURN the books.)

  • A sum-up-so-far post on The Amazing Race

  • Last week's Top Ten Tuesday post (too late to share, but maybe I can link to it from this week's linkup)

  • This week's TTT post

Absolute best thing I found while cleaning tonight: Advil Menstrual Pain tablets that aren't even expired. So much nicer than the non-smooth-coated ibuprofen I usually take. 



Apropos of nothing: suddenly I have SO MANY OPTIONS to read and watch in the immediate present and future that I need to make a post organizing them all.

Seriously there are like. Almost 30 Things.Collapse )


Aside from Proven Innocent, which I may kick myself for saying later but right now am Very Relieved to know I can be free of once I finish, everything I watch has been renewed, even if Criminal Minds is ending next year.

more detail hereCollapse )


This photo...I'm torn beteen how adorable it is that Lauren & Gabby got to meet, and secondhand mortification about the fact that Lauren is apparently living out that epiode of Friends where Rachel pretends that her negligee is actually cutting-edge European fashion.

# also Candice looks like she's wearing the makeup from White Chicks...why does her face look so unnatural
# I refuse to comment on the fact that I guess people are back to thinking ripped pants look cool and not like you're too lazy to either buy new clothes or repair your worn-out ones
# just look at how much I am refusing to comment


This week's Top Ten Tuesday is "the first 10 books you reviewed," and while I am tempted to highlight the handful of review posts that originated on my ancient Xanga blog, they were all very negative ones and even though I was proud enough to repost them on Goodreads with minimal editing, there is always the risk they will get me in trouble if I call attention to them and I don't want to fight this week. So for the sake of participating, I am instead copy/pasting the first 10 titles from the first reading list where I wrote a short blurb below each one -- back in 2009.

I kind of miss the ability to condense my feelings about books into 2-3 sentences, tbh.

copied verbatimCollapse )
Hey, you know what would be the perfect post to link up to this one? The 10-year retrospective I just did about this list.

Current Survivor ranking:

(I am SO BEHIND on talking about it even though I am still watching, and I swear I am gonna catch up soon but until I do...)

just what it promisesCollapse )
In other news...
Me, every time: The Amazing Race? What's fun about that? Traveling, with bonus family-vacation squabbling? NO THANK U.

Me, every time, after I have made the effort to watch (1) episode because someone from Survivor or otherwise recognizable is on it: THIS SHOW HAS EVERYTHING, WOW, WHAT AN ADVENTURE, SO GREAT!!

Meaning, basically: no one has ever been more excited to see MEAN GAL CORRINNE team up w/ Eliza. Also, Rupert + Laura, sweethearts! Chris + Brett = why are these dudes always around. Much as I appreciate a good bromance starting on this show, Adam & Jay are clearly the only set from Millenials vs. Gen X I can accept. (but I guess Jay was busy on another show, and Adam has apparently, at least temporarily, moved out of the country?? he locked down his Instagram last year but I would guess that steadfast supportive girlfriend of his is long gone. I thought it was weird enough he moved in with Jay instead of marrying her, but this pretty much confirms it, right?)


so let's talk about them!Collapse )
In other news, I'm looking at upcoming Top Ten Tuesday topics and... "Favorite Books Released In the Last Ten Years."

SOUNDS SUPER EASY. DEFINITELY DON'T HAVE ALMOST SIX HUNDRED OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM THERE. Seven hundred if I let myself go as far back as 1/1/2009 (I'm not quite sure if the idea is to include the current year as one of the ten or not). Even if I stick to the suggested idea of "one for each year," that still sounds like time to sing "Agonyyyyy!" from Into the Woods.

This is mostly a PSA / Note 2 Self that I should probably start working on that now if I wanna participate the week of May 28th, but I like to be dramatic about it.

Goodwill Scores!

Work behaved nicely enough to allow me to skipjack to Goodwill for 2 hours this afternoon for their 75%-off-a-color-tag sale, where $17 and change got me:

mostly clothes but also 2 booksCollapse )
I actually had an AMAZING Saturday, out of the house for 8 hours and did and saw tons of things, but this is all I can think about right now.

it was an estate saleCollapse )
...in order to talk some more about Betty Cavanna's Fancy Free, which I have been walking around hugging for 2 days straight and am so happy about that I'm still only 42 pages in. It has only one text review on Goodreads, with its reviewer expressing lukewarm feelings even as a Cavanna fan, but that's not gonna stop me! The main character is so far a very frivolous archetype whose "private opinion" is that girls shouldn't be too clever or knowledgeable because boys don't like that type, and I'M SORRY BUT I FIND THAT ANTIQUATED STEREOTYPE A RIDIC. DELIGHT*. I am totally here for this fluff-headed girl being out of her element among a bunch of studious archaeology students (on a trip headed by her father) in Peru.

this is also a story of where I obtained itCollapse )
This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is SUPER FUN, as evidenced by my starting with an embellished title.

so there might be more than 10Collapse )

The Music of 2019: Quarter 1

Not to totally ruin the surprise, but this installment largely or entirely consists of: Josh Groban, Survivor tie-ins, Awesome Ladies, [which may or may not overlap with] Quality Christian Artists and/or Blasts From the Early 2000s Past.

32 on the menu for you!Collapse )
Alternatively, you may wish to look back at the previous installment.

The First Ten Audiobooks I Experienced

This Last week's Top Ten Tuesday topic was "audio freebie," and because I've only really only just gotten into audiobooks in the past year, we're going to run with that one.

just what the title promisesCollapse )

Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR

(as prompted by the original post on That Artsy Reader Girl)

a.k.a. pretty much "everything I have checked out of the library right now."

spring 2019 tbr

a very eclectic bunch!Collapse )

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