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[sticky post] 2019 Reading List / Movie List

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles link to my Goodreads reviews.

* = reread or rewatch. [NF] =nonfiction

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In other news, I'm looking at upcoming Top Ten Tuesday topics and... "Favorite Books Released In the Last Ten Years."

SOUNDS SUPER EASY. DEFINITELY DON'T HAVE ALMOST SIX HUNDRED OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM THERE. Seven hundred if I let myself go as far back as 1/1/2009 (I'm not quite sure if the idea is to include the current year as one of the ten or not). Even if I stick to the suggested idea of "one for each year," that still sounds like time to sing "Agonyyyyy!" from Into the Woods.

This is mostly a PSA / Note 2 Self that I should probably start working on that now if I wanna participate the week of May 28th, but I like to be dramatic about it.

Goodwill Scores!

Work behaved nicely enough to allow me to skipjack to Goodwill for 2 hours this afternoon for their 75%-off-a-color-tag sale, where $17 and change got me:

mostly clothes but also 2 booksCollapse )
I actually had an AMAZING Saturday, out of the house for 8 hours and did and saw tons of things, but this is all I can think about right now.

it was an estate saleCollapse )
...in order to talk some more about Betty Cavanna's Fancy Free, which I have been walking around hugging for 2 days straight and am so happy about that I'm still only 42 pages in. It has only one text review on Goodreads, with its reviewer expressing lukewarm feelings even as a Cavanna fan, but that's not gonna stop me! The main character is so far a very frivolous archetype whose "private opinion" is that girls shouldn't be too clever or knowledgeable because boys don't like that type, and I'M SORRY BUT I FIND THAT ANTIQUATED STEREOTYPE A RIDIC. DELIGHT*. I am totally here for this fluff-headed girl being out of her element among a bunch of studious archaeology students (on a trip headed by her father) in Peru.

this is also a story of where I obtained itCollapse )
This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is SUPER FUN, as evidenced by my starting with an embellished title.

so there might be more than 10Collapse )

The Music of 2019: Quarter 1

Not to totally ruin the surprise, but this installment largely or entirely consists of: Josh Groban, Survivor tie-ins, Awesome Ladies, [which may or may not overlap with] Quality Christian Artists and/or Blasts From the Early 2000s Past.

32 on the menu for you!Collapse )
Alternatively, you may wish to look back at the previous installment.

The First Ten Audiobooks I Experienced

This Last week's Top Ten Tuesday topic was "audio freebie," and because I've only really only just gotten into audiobooks in the past year, we're going to run with that one.

just what the title promisesCollapse )

Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR

(as prompted by the original post on That Artsy Reader Girl)

a.k.a. pretty much "everything I have checked out of the library right now."

spring 2019 tbr

a very eclectic bunch!Collapse )


I decided to check out posts that Survivor Victoria was tagged in on Instagram, and after scrolling through six billion pre-season prediction tables, I found THIS video of absolute perfection. Look at her being gorgeous and The Dream in flashback!! I can't even make myself remember it's a sad song, because I'm just doing stupid giddy clapping over the strength of her screen presence. This is the exact type of thing I would cast her for if I had been granted a wish.

hidden to save slow loadingCollapse )

(listen, I can and will continue to make my own fun via social media means until the season shapes up. It is a wild time to be alive when the actual episodes on TV are the least interesting aspect of the show...)


Had a chance to watch Cold Case again today -- "The Letter" -- and WOW do I wish I had not. I got way too attached to the victim and even if I hadn't, that is maybe the worst confession / flashback to the murder that I have ever seen. AWFUL. Do not recommend. Churned my stomach so bad I had to bury my nose in a book and couldn't finish watching.

However, remind me to watch on Monday because it's "The Boy in the Box" and that is still maybe one of the most haunting episodes of any crime show I've ever seen. (I also hope that in my lifetime, the real cold case it's based on will be solved, or at least that the boy will be identified, because reality haunts me more than the episode)
In other news, Jeopardy is doing some kind of Team of Champions tournament where they bring back former high rollers to captain other big name players, in teams of 3 so a different person plays each round of each game; yada yada yada, KEN JENNINGS IS BACK ON MY GAME SHOW SCREEN JUST LIKE YE OLDE FRESHMAN DAYES OF COLLEGE and I am euphoric.

Things That Made Me Happy Today

I. Today (yesterday, now) was basically my one day this week without snow or stupid cold temperatures, so after two hours of waffling I forced myself out the door to visit the thrift store with Half Price Media Mondays. I only ended up getting one half price thing, but I found something even better, so it was a good trip all around!

things!Collapse )
II. Also, I bought dried / shredded squid because
if you guessed Reasons, you are partly right!Collapse )

Proven Innocent

a.k.a. hey I watched a thing I said I was gonna watch!!

impressions after 2 episodesCollapse )

Survivor: Edge of Extinction

In semi-related news, today I found an AMA that Ian Rosenberger did just six months ago (!) -- you might remember Ian, who along with Katie, was pretty much the reason I got back into watching Survivor [the Palau season] and have cared more about the emotional bonds between contestants than strategy ever since -- and

are you curious to know what he looks like now, since he has been public about not wanting to return to Survivor?Collapse )

*drives by again*

Never have I ever been more intrigued by a "challenged young adult books" list than this one. I mean, my default response to banned book lists is "GOOD RIDDANCE," because it's p. much the same 12 titles over and over again and other than Harry Potter, I am always in, like, 100% agreement that I personally would not care for the element that got it banned, so I'm always baffled by how many readers see this as extra-alluring instead of the helpful "caution: poison" label that it is.

But this one is very extensive and includes lots of older, out-of-print books as well as new and classics, allowing it to contain many titles I've either never heard of or know but have never seen mentioned as "challenged," and more importantly it seems aimed more at junior high. Banned books for young readers tend to be challenged more on grounds of "these themes are 2 Serious / Confusing For Young Minds," which translates to "short book that is well written and complex enough to enjoy as an adult." In other words, I would like to read just about everything on this one that I haven't already, because most of the ones I have read are real solid.
Back in December I was like, "Um, impossible. Yeah, you'd better bring back four returnees, because there is no way I will ever love any of these new stranger betches the way I love my current David vs. Goliath friends / cast perfection. I know I said this after Tocantins and San Juan del Sur and (to some degree) even Millenials vs. Gen X, but THIS TIME I MEAN IT."

Then I spent all of January overcorrecting so far in the opposite direction that I think I actually managed to wash out some of my attachment to D v. G by spending so much time in older seasons?? The Legends are just so legendary. All the good people who've played 2+ times are so vibrant and epic in my memory now...that they make the ordinary 1-timer citizens of Season 37 seem even more like just some random friends and neighbors of mine who got to play Survivor. So maybe that finally puts me in a good position to evaluate the new cast?

The most detailed cast impressions that I have done in ages. They had better be worth it by the end of May.Collapse )


Va', pensiero, sull'ali dorate...

I cannot BELIEVE my dumb ass, knowing it was coming up soon!!, managed to miss the airing of possibly my all-time favorite Cold Case episode (Triple Threat) by three days. At least YouTube still has my favorite song? And a few more clips besides. Also, wow, I do not remember crying so much over the endings to these episodes, but I keep turning into a weepy mess when the symbolic ghosts nod their approval and fade away.

Is it because I have now consumed one thousand real cold case murder stories and it just feels so good to consistently see variations where things are always solved and the guilty person is almost always still alive and able to be punished? Or is it just the music manipulating me, now that I'm actually watching the endings and not just going "ah, we've hit the music montage. Show's over," and tuning out early?

Also good lord, I had forgotten how well this show established time periods in their flashbacks. Hell of a costume & set design/decorating department.


Survivor Tocantins: The Semi Re-Watch

This past week has been an INTENSE reliving of the Tocantins era, mostly scouring YouTube for clips, during which time I found an ENTIRE PLAYLIST of bonus scenes -- largely Brand New Information to my grateful eyeballs. I also really enjoyed reliving all the Ponderosa clips and the genuine camaraderie there (especially after the cliquey nightmare of segregation and bittercakes that was the Gabon jury). Best part is that this one of the rare seasons where you get to see the Final 2 arrive at Ponderosa too, so you don't have to choose between the bonus semi-real-world footage and satisfying finalists.

But last night, I took such a determined run at the search results...THAT I FOUND FULL EPISODES. The whole entire season of full episodes. And had the time of my life staying up all night to skim through the best of the long-lost highlights before they had a chance to disappear.

Five highlights. Or maybe more.Collapse )


Tocantins Extras: Stephen & JT Edition

(we got fancy-ass gifs now!! YEAH!)
Having temporarily exhausted David vs. Goliath territory, what I've been doing for basically the entire month of January, fandom-wise, is a deep deep dive & nostalgia tour on my favorite Survivor players / seasons from the past decade. About a thousand of these gems have already slipped through my fingers, but tonight I'm gonna try to get a handle on some because I thought I had run out of info on JT, but DAMNED IF I DIDN'T FIND A LOCAL NEWS CLIP TONIGHT, featuring a clip at 00:39 from a Tocantins-era interview they did back then. Look at him being adorable with cows in the background.

and now...about a dozen things moreCollapse )


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