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Pushing Daisies

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Once upon a time, there was a girl who read a book series about a pair of magic Pants and fell in love.

I've been struggling to think of how to review this book on Goodreads, and I realized that's because this franchise has been a part of my heart for so long that I need to start with something much, much longer and more rambling to explain our history.

I started the quartet in January 2005 and finished it in June 2009, and for roughly the last 9 years I've been planning to do a reread (in part so that I can get to Sisterhood Everlasting with a clear memory of what happened before). Finally, finally, this summer's Mike Vogel renaissance drove me to it. And now, book 1 has been successfully reread!

Full, unmarked spoilers ahead.

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Top Ten Books That Helped Me Transition Out of YA

This week at That Artsy Reader Girl is a choose-your-own prompt, and I've had this idea waiting to be deployed since May, so here goes!
I'm a comfort zone reader. I learned to read at age 4, but I didn't even find out the YA section of the public library existed until I was 11, and all the way into my mid-20s, YA remained my almost exclusive domain. I simply could not shake the certainty that outside of The Classics, adult fiction was all dreadfully boring, a conclusion I had drawn from basically everything that had won a literary prize and/or been assigned in school that was published after about 1950.

However, here and there I'd stumble upon a plot summary so irresisitible that I had to give it a try, even if it WAS a stupid adult book, and gradually I did that more and more until the balance shifted. I still avoid the heavy literary novels, but there are so many kinds of adult fiction that I have been able to establish a new comfort zone, mainly in thrillers and what you might call women's fiction. I never would have gotten there without the help of these "bridge" books.

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Mt. Fandom

Actors I Have Seen In The Most Movies

(As determined via very scientific process a.k.a. "cross referencing actors I know I like and/or are very prolific with IMDB." The list includes voiceover roles but not TV or miniseries. And, shockingly enough, it turns out that franchises bulk up numbers fast.)

This post was inspired by Buzzfeed's new quiz “how many Will Ferrell movies have you seen [out of 58]?”, which I cannot bring myself to take because I know the answer is more than 1 and that is already too many. However, it made me very curious which person I HAVE seen in the greatest number of movies. Am I faithful to my faves? Or do randos who are just constantly doing movies turn up more often than I realize? Time to find out.

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And then, while I was researching the above list, I tripped over STUNNING NEWS and long story short, GOOD AFTER BAD/MORE THAN ENOUGH IS FINALLY OUT ON DVD as of about 2 months ago. I deliberated for about fifteen minutes to make sure it was real, because it was weird I couldn't find it on Amazon, but Wal-Mart had it on their site so after five minutes more I ordered a copy from one of their cheaper partners for a little under $12 w/ taxes and shipping, and it will be here by July 28th. Finally, something good happens in 2020...after all the bad (see what I did there).
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Happy Cat

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Things I Collect

Another rare round of me participating in the Wednesday challenge, because this one is always fun to spout off about.

Disclaimer: I am temporarily on hold from collecting most of the following things, due to planning on hopefully being married within a year and moving in with that guy. But I HAVE collections, nevertheless. And they are a source of unending delight to me.

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I went to Goodwill today, because I picked up my library stuff and was going to go straight up home but then I was like, "Hey, Goodwill is usually the least crowded on Friday nights isn't it?" and I became the living embodiment of that car-veering-right-onto-the-less-responsible-path meme.

Skip to the spoiler cut at the end if you just want to know what I got. Otherwise, you gotta read my tale. I haven't detailed one of my days in so long.

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[click for the list format version of what I bought]
Sled dog racing board game (Snow Tails), $3
Taylor Swift's "Lover," deluxe edition version 2, $1.50
Pine Hollow # 1, Full Gallop: $1.50
DVD: I Know What You Did Last Summer + When A Stranger Calls: $2

TOTAL: around $8.50, including tax. Which is less than I would have spent buying Lover on eBay, and I got space-wasting extra things. Yay!

Ten (or maybe more!) Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By

Let me tell you a story about this week's prompt at That Artsy Reader Girl, because it is fun. It's so fun that as soon as it appeared on the list of future topics, knowing how little author fealty I have as an adult, I went down a Goodreads rabbit hole for DAYS researching prolific authors from childhood and tallying up the results.

Much of the data I came up with surprised me -- I didn't realize how quickly some authors stacked up, while I often wildly overestimated what percentage of my favorites' canon I'd read; many names I'd expected to see did not crack the top ten. There might have to be a follow-up post at some point.

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