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[sticky post] 2019 Reading List / Movie List

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked it, plain text indicates good to just okay, and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles link to my Goodreads reviews.

* = reread or rewatch. [NF] =nonfiction

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Top Ten Character Traits

First of all, while I have your attention, wanna check out my book (and other media) haul from the Half Price Books Clearance Event (a.k.a. Book Christmas)??

No? Or you already did? OK, fine, have the title topic from this week's Top Ten Tuesday. This is by no means comprehensive, just what came to mind fastest.

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Your turn: any suggestions that come to mind based off these traits?

Note: anonymous users and OpenID users who include links/URLs, your comments are screened and will be unscreened at my earliest opportunity.

Book Christmas: 10th Anniversary Special

I've really been going to the annual Half Price Books Clearance sale for 10 years! I'm so glad it's still going strong and the prices haven't gone up, especially since my local HPB raised their store clearance prices by a dollar on everything ($3 for most items, $2 for paperbacks and children's books, removed the vintage book clearance shelf entirely).

I did make the unwise decision to read back my old posts about them, and on the heels of my recent book cleanout, it made me very self-conscious about how many things I've bought there that I've since gotten rid of; WHAT IF I MAKE BAD CHOICES AGAIN??; and I spent half an hour full of stomach-achey dread that maybe I shouldn't go at all. I felt this way a little at the library sales last month too, but at least there it was easier to stay (somewhat) restrained. With a universe of media at my fingertips tho?? Hmmm.

(if you're looking for what I actually bought, skip to the end. I like to draw it out. it's the closest I get to real journaling)

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a spot of angry/sad

I'm legitimately afraid I've forgotten how to talk about TV in blog form. In the past week or 2 I've watched all kinds of things, and I have 4 blog posts in private drafts right now, but none of them ever seem...ready to post. They never feel "done." I don't have all my thoughts organized in the way I want, even after 2 hours on them, so I get frustrated and stop, but since they're not finished, I don't want them exposed to the world.

So I make crummy posts on Tumblr of 200 words or so, or I reblog some gifsets and spit out a few commentary tags to go with each one, and call it done. It's like the fandom part of my brain is atrophying, and I'm so frustrated because I am having some great experiences, and I'm having some decent thoughts, and I'm going to lose them. I didn't think that talking into the void bothered me; I've done it before, but I think after fully 2 years of near-silence -- in contrast to Tumblr, where I have at least THREE people who interact regularly with my posts -- it might, in fact, be starting to wear me down.

This post has been brought to you by: 4 episodes of There She Goes, 2 episodes of Evil, 2 episodes of Survivor, a load of (rewatching) Doctor Who (mostly partial episodes/scenes) and the entire first season of Broadchurch. Because even my inferior attempts at Sum-Up Saturday promptly faceplanted and failed, and I don't know how to start again.
This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is "books w/ numbers in the title," and one of the suggested themes was doing the numbers 1-10. Well, I started doing that and immediately began singing the titles to the tune of a well-known carol, so clearly I had to make it 12. It's thematic because Book Christmas -- a.k.a. the annual Half Price Books Clearance Event -- is this weekend and I am BOUNCING W/ EXCITEMENT.

(I have already warmed up w/ 2 library sales, though I had to pace myself very carefully to try and avoid undoing all the progress of my recent book cleanout.)

But first, some of the best books I can come up with that feature numbers-of-nouns in their title.

super variety, many age groups and genres and publication decades, most featuring animalsCollapse )

The Music of 2019: Quarter 3

I managed a few different artists, at least. All female voices, save for one duet w/ a guy and the occasional backing vocals -- almost a perfect game! Or whatever the music list equivalent is.

under 30 again, many of them not linked to audio samples. get excited!Collapse )

Now I'm fourfive seconds from wildin'...

That is of course an inaccurate statement, as WHOOPS I failed to hold myself accountable on the daily and have now been wilding about Doctor Who / David Tennant for almost another fortnight without tracking what I've been doing outside of Tumblr, so here's what I've got off the top of my head. [eta: finally decided to un-privatize this post a week later, don't make me regret it]

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Autumn TBR

Linked up to this week's Top Ten Tuesday.

At the rate I'm going the first 6 are only gonna cover the next 3 weeks, but I'm honestly hesitant to add any beyond that, lest I get Distracted from my more immediate reading goals. (But I'm gonna anyway. Because I live dangerously.)

no pictures today because I am behind on work and need to get back to itCollapse )

Back in the Whoniverse

I've already missed several action-packed days of EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS because I spat half-formed versions all over Tumblr instead, but last night I went through a bunch of posts under my various Doctor Who tags and remembered how much I love having all my thoughts on things stored in one place w/ uniform, easily-accessible tags -- not to mention how well my old reviews serve as personalized episode guides when I've forgotten where to go (it's been TEN YEARS since I finished discovering the original territory. TEN. Like the number of the best and final Doctor).

So. We're going to pick up where we are, and just start the stream of consciousness recording.
SJA and series 4 todayCollapse )
Did the hardest-core book cleanout I could manage last week, and pulled 42 titles of varying sizes to get rid of.

I took the high quality half to Half Price Books, but when they only offered $1.50 for the lot, I was like "bish plz," took them back, and proceeded to give away the entire lot to the public library for their upcoming book sale instead (yes, the one where I will be buying additional books in 9 days' time), minus the 5 that were in SUCH bad and/or spotty shape I sacrificed them on the altar of flame (a.k.a. the backyard fire pit as kindling). I also pulled a cheap DVD I bought at the dollar store simply to watch once, as well as 4 VHS tapes for Goodwill (Goodwill, bless its heart, still tries to sell them) after realizing I either have, or should get, them on DVD.

The biggest sacrifices -- why am I even recording these; I am a dimmy!! -- were:
[cut so I can't torture myself again until I'm ready to recall]-John at the Old Farm (1960, published in England, owned for 7 years but never read; flipped through it and realized it was prettier on the outside and the story didn't look that cool. Now Greyfriars Bobby has seized the place of this + the book below on the shelf)

-A Knight of the Wilderness (1909, owned for 15 years, its claim to fame has always been being my oldest book -- but I tried to read it once and got bored halfway through; I never fully figured out what it was about and ultimately I decided I did not care; I have many more old books now than I did when scoring this Cool Antiquarian Book for a buck was new and exciting)

-A massive ex-library Dorling Kindersly horse breeds book I scored for $1.50 within the past 2 years, one I dearly wish I could have kept because these are the horse breed photographs I fell in love with as a child, that are so deeply ingrained in my memory that just looking at them I can remember the backgrounds and stories I made up for them -- but I just don't have the space.

-The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (only hard because it was a gift from my parents when I was a kid, and there are an ever- dwindling number of those I've kept outside of series books & picture books -- but honestly, my mom made a good educated guess I'd like it, I just did NOT ever really get into the story and I couldn't understand why a lot of my peers were obsessed with it)

-Strange Red Cow: and Other Curious Classified Ads from the Past (a cool novelty/gift book of obscure latter-century notices, owned for about 10 years, but I never had time to properly look through it so I don't believe I'll miss it that much. I almost weeded it once before and chickened out. This time I stayed strong.)

Anyway, I still feel a strange twinge of vague regret, but mostly I think I was just so used to some of the books being here. The unending goal is getting all the books off the floor. And yeah, I still have floor stacks, but they're smaller now! I feel good about the books that remain. As well as the half dozen I have targeted for "read and release," which I might actually do this year.


Stop Happenin' September!!

The next 3 weeks or so are going to be bonkers fun. And I'm going to forget to do most of these things if I don't write them all down. I already have little to no confidence in my ability to not be destroyed by work and let it ruin most of these plans, because OF COURSE I'm on the schedule next weekend, the worst possible September weekend, but oh well.

SO MANY THINGS. Probably only 3 or 4 things will actually happen for me. but there COULD BE up to a dozen.Collapse )

I have Acquired Some Things!

It's rained all week, but last week I went to a garage sale and I spent $1 on a necklace (simple homemade craft but super cool looking, pretty paper featuring a bird silhouette against the back of a clear plastic square) and 25 cents for a December 1969 issue of Teen Magazine -- when my mom was 17! I was so excited to show it to her, and she was equally excited to browse through it. Especially the ads. "I USED THAT!!" she kept exclaiming over various products.

And today, because -- among the many fandom things I have failed to mention, I finally finished Good Omens, attempted to briefly join the main shipping faction because David Tennant's Amazing Face of Emotions & Feelings is too good to go to waste, and then just gave up and went into a full Doctor Who Ten/Rose spiral yesterday -- I trucked home a sizeable stack of anything Tennant-featured I could find in stock at the local library, including:

Numerous books and DVDsCollapse )

How was your day 20 years ago? (9/9/99)

Saw this cool post on Reddit and decided to bring it over here since I still don't have an account there (USERNAMES + COMMENT HISTORY ARE A COMMITMENT, MAN). Would be awesome if other people answered (probably in a much shorter fashion, unless you're doing a post on your own blog). As for me, ah you'll see:

in my defense I have many primary resources to help me outCollapse )


Here, have more words about books.

I got excited about future Top Ten Tuesday posts and started browsing random blogs, and long story short I found a book survey that I would like to fill out, and I'm posting it here instead of letting it rot in a Notepad doc with the other 10,000 words I probably typed about books today.

8 simple questionsCollapse )


Debated not even doing this week's TTT -- I was going to try and theme it around fantasy books but I could only come up with three I enjoyed enough to recommend, and then I debated tweaking the theme -- but ultimately threw together a quick amalgamation of the few that came to mind + skimming the answers to this exact question on several of my end-of-year book surveys.

done in 20 minutesCollapse )
This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is, per usual, extremely fun! Looking forward to reading answers this week. Now, on to my own.
I may or may not have had additional fun by verbally explaining to myself why I wanted EVERY book on my wishlist.Collapse )

Saturday Sum-Up

My plan to do these on the regular sure did fail, didn't it? Regardless...here are some popular media things I've been up to for the past 4-6 weeks.

from the past month or soCollapse )
"Lover" was released today, and I am a scowly-faced scowlpot that she couldn't do this BEFORE she decided to go the Taylor Daggers route with Reputation. Despite her continuing tradition of releasing (what I assume is) the absolute worst song of the album for her introductory single -- I refuse to listen to it because the lyrics look basic & I don't want to be anywhere near anything Brendan Urine is -- she is appealing and appealing well to the daydream pink-and-blue aesthetic that is in right now, the on that I find so utterly irresistible I may or may not have spent an hour or so captivated by in the school supply section of Target last week.

I want to love it but I cant.Collapse )

Favorite Tropes in Books

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is a fun one. Had to cut myself off.

Note: this is a queued post and will be linked to the main one when I get a chance.
How badly will I embarrass myself this week? Come find out.Collapse )

Reading Triage: LJ Version

I did one a week ago on Tumblr, so it's too soon to post again (not least because half of these books carried over), but after a miniature reading slump earlier this month, I've been racing through books like a mad thing (9 in 12 days already). MORE STORIES. STUFF THEM INTO MY BRAIN.  CONSUME THEM ALL, GREEDY BOOK MONSTER STYLE. And I think I read a couple of the good ones too fast, just because I was SO EXCITED to genuinely enjoy reading again, so I want to try and talk the next set out, maybe pace myself a tad.
look at me posting about books like my queued post didn't appear literal minutes agoCollapse )


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