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Wellll, it appears to be 72 hours from the point at which my lil' TV world exploded, and the vicarious-depression train is pulling into the station to rest, right on cue. That's probably because day 3 is the point at which I can't stand it anymore and start doing some of the physical activity that I know will cure me but which up to that point I have been insisting will do no such thing and/or know but reject in favor of being Sad. It helps that I've got a Tumblr support group packed to the gills with awesome ideas about what might happen next year and headcanons and gorgeous meta and whatnot. I have friends, I definitely have friends!

I also spent basically my entire workday listening to a 4-track selection from Superchick's "Beauty From Pain" album, a CD whose content I had almost entirely forgotten, after they turned out to be a very soothing Jamie playlist. Stand In The Rain, Courage, Suddenly and Beauty From Pain all have a consistent soft style and center on a theme of working through/overcoming sadness. "Courage" is the anomaly in that its' specifically about having an eating disorder and leans heavily on the God Jamie does not believe in, but it has some standout lyrics nevertheless -- "Some days I'm still fighting to walk toward the light," a line I like so much I wanna write a fic just so I can call it that, and "There are days when I'm okay / And for a moment I find hope / But there are days when I'm not okay / And I need your help."

-So far today, I have managed to take a 70-minute walk, do the dishes, recycle a grocery sack of empty pop bottles and do a load of laundry on top of doing a room sweep so that it is presentable enough for someone besides me to enter, so I feel pretty good.

-I've been seeing this commercial for whatever Cigna is all night, and it's AMAZING/I never want to stop watching it. And not just because it has both Patrick Dempsey and a rejuvenated Noah Wyle managing to out-dreamy him. "TV Doctors of America." #doctor poses

Also, this aesthetic gifset exists, and somehow in one page of imagery, with almost no words spoken, it has shunned every sad feeling my distant knowledge of the X-Files revival created and replaced said knowledge with a feeling of immense peace that this is definitely what their life is like now.

Bonus: oh wow there are also words. One of the notes links to a spectacular accidentally-complimentary fic. "Mulder and Scully move into the Unremarkable House."
Tags: cleaning, fic rec, linkage linkage everywhere, tumblr, x-files

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