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Everything that I wanted, and it was more than I thought it could be.

So last Monday I was able to watch the Blake Jenner-inclusive episodes of Supergirl and oh my god can my world just be all Kara blushing and giggling like a dork and Grant family dinners.

He just looks at her all the time in the most hypnotized (and equally hypnotizing) way, like he wants to know her. Know her soul. I don't know what to do with this. Not to mention the whole repairing-the-rift-with-Cat aspect. This is an entire volcano of potential, yet somehow instead of them being like the Glee writers and going "ho snaps we need to switch course and make this dude a regular," he just got tossed back out the door on his original schedule. What is wrong with you, what is that.

p.s. KARA DANVERS IS A NATIONAL TREASURE/HELPER OF SAVING STUFF*; look at how wonderful and perfect she is at mediating this dinner.
p.p.s. THE FIRST EPISODE ENDS WITH THE SISTERS SITTING ON THE COUCH EATING ICE CREAM / I'm crying a little bit / this is so much like what I dreamed

*I got my Zoo reference of the day in

Adam Foster Episode #2: The Party Continues
"I know what you've been through, but not everyone's going to leave you. Not if you let them stick around." (x)


As an aside: I remember exactly nothing that happened in the first episode that wasn't Adam related, but the second one, with Dark Supergirl, was actually really wonderful in terms of plot?? and now my favorite episode. Listen to Kara, y'all. She knows her creepily quasi-cloned doppelganger is redeemable. Protect her. Take care of her. Ugh this episode is the saddest. Don't make me add "mentally handicapped twin sister" to my non-superhero AU because too late I just did it.

And now I'm trying to remember the book I saw with this concept once, which is a real trick because I think it was nonfiction but I can't remember anything else except that they were in their teens or early 20s at time of publication and one sister may have been the author.

Also, it has taken me this long to realize that Generic Bad Business Tycoon is Carlisle from Twilight and it is an immense delight.
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