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When you have no expectations, television has unlimited potential to surprise you

Supergirl, 1x13-14 + a sneak peek at 15, a.k.a. MY EMOTIONS. My non-shippy emotions!

I showed up 10 minutes late this week and the first thing I heard was "she's fighting for her life" and first of all, Winn, go superglue yourself to her bedside and keep making that anguished face; second of all, what the holy heck could I have missed in so little time??

I'm not gonna go looking for it until I have a convenient DVD set, but the consequences of the parasite plant tick thing were spectacular. My brain lit up in a blaze of golden sunlight so bright I almost can't remember what happened, except that someone let me indulge in a fantasy world where Kara wears beautiful dresses and has parents and an aunt who still love her (and some random kid brother or cousin, maybe Future Superman for all I know but who cares because small boy).

And then added a layer of frosting on top that was Alex having tearful recollections that she should have been nicer to Kara, the Little Girl Who Followed Her Around And Just Wanted A Family, when she first arrived, followed by being willing to put her life on the line to save her sister.

Would you excuse me, I need to retreat to my Corner of Exquisite Weeping, a magical place reserved for things that make your heart ache in the best possible way.

OH AND ALSO, Kara will come out of the fantasy world so numb and shell shocked that no one can hug her out of it, nothing can help but revennnnnnge!

Just two little flaws:
1. ALEX NO WHY. Okay can everyone please stop killing/otherwise decommissioning people Kara wants to save before she has a chance to redeem them. You know what, now my non-superhero AU is going to require her volunteering at an animal shelter. And probably getting her boundless little heart broken over and over again when no one wants the ones she loves best and they get put to sleep. (Show, why did you make me make myself sad)

2. DAMN IT, JIM. Stop trying to talk Kara out of her Vengeance Mode. She's furious and raging into the void and I love her this way.
Voice: If I may quote Jordan Sullivan, "of course you do, [s]he's you. And nobody loves you more than you, you know that."

Episode the Second
Oh yay, it's Siobhan! Her introduction is one of the first scenes I encountered about the show -- including a proposal that someone write a fic where she is Sebastian Smythe's sister, which is my favorite headcanon -- and I of course love her. I love her so much. Despite being a brunette, she's the bitchy blonde with Plans/Quinn Fabray archetype of a redeemable mean girl I always tend to latch onto.

And I love this War of the Assistants, especially the Keyboard Battle. I would watch at least 50 episodes of them being Workplace Nemeses (with the potential to end up best friends) and seeing Kara's claws come out to defend her territory and oh wow do I have a sudden and immediate need to reread The Devil Wears Prada just so I can cast her and Cat and Siobhan into the three main roles.

[digression on book casting][Oh man, Andie has a darling boyfriend too, doesn't she? WHAT UP, ADAM, TIME TO COME BACK AND SHINE IN A NEW UNIVERSE. This is so great. I can't remember if there is a competing guy at any point, but just in case, I got one of those all lined up too. Don't I, Understudy Winn? He will also work if it turns out I'm remembering the personality of Miranda's other assistant wrong and I need Siobhan and Kara to swap roles. Now all I gotta do is remember where I put said book. That's gonna be a problem, as I'm pretty sure it's in a box.]

Also I'm pretty sure I remember something about Winn going out with Siobhan "you pronounced that name...correctly" Smythe, and I am just a thousand percent okay with this alternative, like I'm sitting here grinning to beat the band at the thought. I'm not sure how this happens, because she seems a little scary for a guy like him, but I'm picturing something like Malpractice Attorney Nina on Scrubs: "You will betray your friend."

Also, I don't yet have a very strong picture of who Lucy is, but by virtue of being a woman on this show, I automatically love her and I want everyone to stop doing her wrong. I can't quite put my finger on it but I feel like every time I turn around Jimmy is being a jackhole to her or taking her for granted, and she seems to be shut out of the closed-circuit loop that is Kara's secret for no good reason.

Lastly (although it actually came first), Sisterhood:
a) MORE COUCH TIME. Happy supportive hugging. Sad drapey hugging. this is all I ever wanted
b) Alex keeping this secret feels like it's gonna send me into the Corner of Exquisite Weeping when the truth comes out, if Kara's response to Hank is anything to go by. And I can't wait. I'm sorry Alex I forgive you, I hope Kara does too.

[edit: I literally couldn't wait. I was already on YouTube and the clip was right there and ah yes, this is a most excellent corner. "Hank took the blame. And I let him. Because I was afraid of losing you, and I can't lose you." OH MY GOD and Kara didn't even need a stomp-off moment to process that first, she just hugs her humbled weepy sister kajskldjfkla;sdjfsd. I...have never had a show where love interests were so minimally important to my Feeling Spikes as a whole. I need to go have myself a good, long, cleansing cry of soul rejuvenation. because these characters are so good and you should feel good for writing them.]
On a completely different and worse note: I've been accidentally watching Two and a Half Men reruns again, mostly due to being too lazy to change the channel after Community, but also because they're currently running season 1 and it's BLOWING MY MIND.

Instead of being the extra-crass sleazefest I'm used to, it's actually...kind of focused on Charlie and Tiny Jake building a relationship? At one point I stopped working on the computer and just sort of stared in amazement after more than one episode focused on him learning how to talk to and interact with a child, and actually be kind of a decent uncle about it.

One hundred percent of my memory of their relationship on this show has been gross-out humor about Jake's bodily functions and being a glutton whom Charlie barely tolerates polluting his home, but Jake is not only an adorable wide-eyed cherub at the beginning, he semi-idolizes his uncle AND Charlie actually shows a modicum of concern for his feelings and how the divorce is affecting him. It's weirding me out how appealing it is.**

Plus, Alan seems like an ordinary hapless divorcee, actually kind of sympathetic (or at least pitiable), instead of a greedy mooch of a horndog.

I mean, it's always been a crass show about Charlie being a womanizer, and it still retains that element, but at this point in time it also less actively crass than 2 Broke Girls. Which, incidentally, is the syndicated show I'm spurning in order to watch this one; what world am I in.

**Or at least, it is that way until Megan Fox's episode, which is apparently episode 12, whereupon it abrupty and weirdly catapulted it into a seemingly foreign but actually depressingly familiar plane of "hur dee durr, hot chicks in minimal clothing" yuckiness.

P.S. gross, I was assuming that Megan Fox was already of legal age when she shot this, because surely no one would be pervy enough to write about two middle aged men drooling over an underage girl wearing a boob-accentuating crop top/bikini with an actual underage actress, but NOPE. Seventeen and a half at best, if IMDB's listed birthdate for her is correct, and I hope it is not.
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