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Maybe I'm not the worst thing ever!

I have only a week left to finish out NCIS before the new year starts, and I don't think that's enough time to process the finale given the spoilers I know about it, but I'm going to try. Just as soon as I bundle all my thoughts on the trilogy before it in case the finale shatters all coherent thought about what came before.

NCIS, 13x21-23

Return to Sender: Well gee, I guess it's good I didn't care about the original NCIS director... (I spent all of it, honestly, going "Alan Dale what is this terrible flat 'American' accent you're trying to pull off")

Despite that downturn, this episode was full of truly spectacular Gibbs/Fornell banter that I wish I'd had the time/energy to quote in its entirety; suffice to say that Gibbs gets tired of Fornell's Mysterious Shiny New Booty Call Phone and finally invites him to talk, only to immediately regret that decision.

And a bonus B plot: Tony owns that fabulous apartment he's had for the whole series. BUT HOW? Thanks to Investigative Sleuths Bishop & McGee, the answer is that it was the scene of a multi-victim homicide. Bonus fact, the piano covers up trace bloodstains. Bonus stupid fact, Ellie moved out of her marital apartment into a smaller one and is now paying more money. STOP KICKING ME WHEN MY DEFENSES ARE DOWN.

Homefront: Loved the English countryside, Tobias being terrible at speaking the local pub language, father/daughter shotguns, and also SHEEPS.  Then I launched straight into the next one after yelping in terror at the cliffhanger ending.

Dead Letter (Stuff I Loved edition)
Gibbs acting like any average naive and panicky family member and trying to get them to call Miracle Worker Cyril Taft as if only he might save Fornell -- which makes absolutely no sense -- was really sweet. Gibbs pacing a hospital hallway -- it's so rare to see him actually start to lose it.
-EMILY. I'm pretty sure the need to see more of her delightful face was 94% of my impetus to finally watch Malibu Country.
-Gibbs/Emily hug!
-Gibbs ripping up the DNR
-Emily threatening to give her dad a full pedicure if he doesn't wake up/talk to her (it works)

An exchange of joys:
Kort: I shoot first, ask questions later when someone's standing over an old friend's dead body.
Tony, overly delighted: You have friends?

A yet-better exchange:
Kort: Worried about your girlfriend?
Tony: *UNPROVOKED RHINO CHARGE* ("What's that supposed to mean?")

Feelings on new agent options:
-Brash Lady Agent probably could have worked with this team's/Gibbs' dynamic, but eh. Why try to get invested when I've already heard they wrote her out/replaced her.
-Polite British Gent, on the other hand -- his original character description during Spoiler Season didn't thrill me, but every time I try to raise an objection to his actual existence, I find myself lulled by his ultra posh accent, so I will grant him a visa.
(p.s. show if you think this makes up for ousting Jamie Bamber than YOU ARE MISTAKEN)

Up next: I went to go look up the Kort quotes above and accidentally landed my eyeballs in front of a lot of (perhaps all of the) really beautiful quotes from the finale. I assumed I had ruined it for myself, but I think what I actually did was punch a hole through the edge of anticipation threatening to block up my ability to watch it, while making me very, very excited to see those quotes roll out in context. With facial expressions and tone of voice.

Speaking of Malibu Country, I finished it. I'm not sad it's over, but it remained a pleasant ride to the end.

I never much warmed up to Reba's kids, especially Cash, but her mother was amazing and I would watch a spin-off of either mother and daughter or Lillie Mae alone, with her unstoppable hots for Castle and her love of weed matched only by her love of guns. I also enjoyed how much fun Sara Rue seemed to be having as a rich ditz, and the "now with 25% less gay" backpedaling on Sage.

That might be my favorite mockery of all their "California is full of hippies" jokes (and they had some real good ones about Special Snowflake Style education administration) -- that one would easily be presumed gay for stereotypical mannerisms, and find it so easy to be accepted as such that they just roll with it. For the added bonus of access to chicks. As you do. (you know if they'd arrived 3 years later, they could have made him a trans girl and been extra offensive about it)

But my actual favorite thing about Sage is when Reba CANNOT BELIEVE that June isn't angry he lied to her about being gay, leading to the best quote exchange of the whole show.
     "Why aren't you upset with this guy?"
     "Because he's hot!"
#me when fandom gets mad at dreamy male characters

The rest of the quote is about how she just wants to get lost in his hair. It couldn't be more me.

Also, I sort of got chills when it was revealed that he did, in fact, have an amazing singing voice, so. Thank you for that parting gift.

Lastly, for no reason at all except paranoia, I continue to put off finishing my remaining R&I books.I've just been assuming Jane & Gabriel will be fine forever, given how little attention they get as a percentage of each book as a whole, and that all I have to worry about is the degree to which they will cater to my whims. But what if something terrible happens. They rushed into marriage. Tess has shown a willingness to blow up everybody around them. They've been in 8 books + the 2 coming up. How long will she really let them hold their ground as a little oasis of unexpectedly stable romance? I don't know how mystery series work! I just really need this storyline to be my happy refuge.

Unfortunately, the top GR reviewers suck at focusing on this part. Yay that I'm not unwittingly spoiling myself, but...I just want to know if they'll be fine. I could ask my mom but I don't want to make her give me bad news, if it exists.
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