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1. Despite actively working for 6 hours today, I still have 85% of an entire day's worth of work overdue because it is so hard and/or full of problems that rely on responses from other people to fix, and also stupid hard. Plus no editing progress on the stuff due tomorrow.

2. I guess Naya Rivera wrote a memoir? and I am gonna read it as soon as I can get it through a library, because Glee alum, even though nothing the media has gleefully reported about its content is doing anything to elevate my impression of her as a not-that-great person.

Mostly I am over here cackling at the fact that Lea Michele didn't speak to her in season 6. I can believe that Lea's got a li' bit of diva in her, but I can also believe it would not take much provocation to shun Naya. TBH I'm still personally resentful that Santana became as major a character as she did, so even if that was the entire petty reason behind Lea's silence I'd be OK with it. #throwback to that time Naya got written out of the s.5 finale for these shenanigans and everything was beautiful

3. I haven't checked out what Rachelle LeFevre's been up to in a while, so imagine my shock today when I saw the newest entry on her IMDB is AN AWESOME-SOUNDING MOVIE STARRING DIANNA AGRON WHERE SHE HAS 2ND BILLING, "Hollow in the Land." Unite ALL the pretty ladies! *fist pump*

4. Oh and also: Billy Burke to Guest Star On Chicago P.D.

Lemme just double check my reaction to tripping over that headline...
Now to investigate if he's taking the evil route or picking up the badge & shield again:
[vagueish role details]character gets caught up in a murder case ... playing a legendary retired baseball player

I'm gonna go with evil, but I'm okay with it, because everybody's got a dark side. Should he ever stop managing to star in movies on an annual basis during the off season, he should feel free to make the crime show circuit his bread and butter a la Michael Welch..

Tags: billy burke, books, glee, rachelle lefevre

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