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It's that time of year. Densi Time.

Last week, when work was being particularly insane and unmanageable, my self control snapped and I decided to randomly find out everything that happened with Kensi & Deeks in season 7. All at once. Despite my original plan to actually watch some of the episodes from last year so as maximize my exposure to their shared screen footage.

Wading through the tag was slow at first, and I was starting to worry that I had gone unspoiled because it was a dry year, but then I landed on this post and it gave me a pretty solid launching pad of their most important moments in gif form, which led to YouTube clips.

Then I stumbled upon 7x19 and I'm still just sitting here staring at it like WHAT? To quote past me: I keep waiting for it to be a joke, but 2 minutes of footage in and it is still full on dead serious. Kensi's kid-wanting cards have fallen out on the table and instead of gathering them up with embarrassed excuses, she's just staring him down all 'that's right buster. I do want a kid. I'm not gonna pretend I don't. Is there a problem?'

So as previously mentioned: KENSI WHAT?? Kensi? I thought Deeks had already concocted a 3-kid family with you in his head and would have to push and nudge and cajole you over the edge, as is the way with all independent female agents. I can't believe he's freaking out about this. She's not actually saying they should think about having a kid right now, is she? Because that I would get, but this sounds more like she just wants to talk seriously about whether they will have them, and his freaking out in proportion to her lack of freaking out is weirding me out.

That said, I think it is super awesome and a refreshing change of pace from the attitude of most independent female agents on TV for her to want something this ordinary and not be afraid to admit it.

Also, now that I somewhat understand the context of the "was it too crazy to get married?" gif, even though I think that whole conversation is worded very strangely and hard to follow (is it easier when you've seen the case that goes along with it? I feel like it's just bad writing), and realize that is indeed the pre-proposal, I am very fond of it.

I was going to list all the other wonderful things I found by episode, but immediately drowned myself in a sea of Moments because they're everywhere. It's like Castle on crack, with 5x the Pretty Factor.

There are kisses and cuddles and Hypothetical Wedding Preferences talk. There are maturing-relationship plots about the clash over Kensi's clutterbug tendencies (highlighted by a spectacularly gratuitous shower curtain cover scene and the heisting of Deeks' only towel) and silly nonsense like The Case of the Missing Leftovers. There's the usual assortment of rescues and at least one thank-god-you're-okay hug, and holy crap as I write this I don't think I even think I saw all the episodes. Somewhere along the way I jumped across to the middle of season 7 and skipped right over a string in the beginning; I barely caught a glimpse of the Deeks/Internal Affairs subplot. I really feel like I could actually enjoy the entire series at this point if their relationship is this big a factor in it.

Speaking of which, I gotta say, the 7x11 "forgiveness" scene and how fast that goes from joky to Super Serious is some heady stuff. The fact that she's not even mad and that the point of this scene is not how this created a relationship conflict, but rather about her knowing him and how she's choosing to use this situation to establish the need for more communication/partnership in the future is like some kind of primer on How To Write Interesting Ongoing TV Relationships.

Also part of me is cackling because it's been a while since I wanted to gif a TV scene and caption it with "my relationship," but the "I need to kiss you" followed by "I understand but no because we're on the job" is a thing that actually happened in my life, if you replace "on the job" with "in public." Though on second thought, it might actually have been "at the job," the test-scoring one.

Today, I decided to rewatch some of the clips only to be informed that the new season has started. I clicked on one clip just to try it and WHAT IS THIS 2-EPISODE FESTIVAL OF SHIPPING GLORY.

8x01-02: The Highlight Reel
There were so many clips from this 2-parter, promising such a potentially tantalizing plot, that I almost went ahead and watched the whole episodes. I did in fact cue them up, but then it turned out I had zero patience for anything that was not Deeks or Kensi when I knew what was waiting, not even the usual delightfulness of Junior Shipmates Eric & Nell, so I kept jumping forward too much to track the plot (apparently there's a mole, and that's a season-long arc. I am, as always, still hoping this is the year they stop teasing me with possible scenarios and get Hetty out of my sight for good).

But it was still such a treasure trove of things that I need to talk about all of them while they're fresh and warm.

First of all, oh my god please give me all of the AU where they move to Bali (or similar) and become surfing/yoga instructors, respectively, and Kensi has a horse to ride on the beach. Maybe make it the result of a frame-up job so bad not even their pals can get them out of it, and they go all Fast & Furious into their new lives overseas as fugitives, albeit less wealthy ones.

Second of all, was that ring -- was that ring purchase a real thing? Like he just bought a real engagement ring for Kensi (out of the back of a car trunk from someone I'm presuming is a known contact), that wasn't part of an on-the-job bust? Holy hell. It's a pretty ring, too.

Third of all, why is Kensi saying "whoa" on the kid talk like she did not bring it to the table about 4 episodes ago? And then brought it back to the table when he tried to postpone the discussion? I mean I'm not complaining that Deeks is now wistfully dreaming of a future where one or both of them do not spend all day in the field potentially getting shot at...just trying to figure out how we got here. Also I love that on some level he must know she can't give up this kind of career, even if she wanted to, and that it's a big part of the reason he loves her, but it doesn't stop him from asking, or looking saddened by her answer.

Now: when the first clip I clicked on was entitled "she's out," I was 75% sure "she" was some random person related to the case and my plan was just to make use of it to pretend it was Kensi. But oh no. That's part of like 4 or 5 mini-segments on trying to get a declining Kensi out from being pinned under the wreckage of a downed chopper, with an endless stream of "baby"s and "it's okay" and general Deeks fussing with handholds and head cradling, which is extra fun since he is also suffering some potential post-concussion disorientation. This is also one of those times that S&C actually serve a purpose in being there, between the brute strength and the jerry-rigged first aid.

l've been having fun with this scenario for hours and I haven't even started running it with a Zoo filter yet. (that's a lie. I have and it's amazing.)

And then, when I was still in clip mode and getting frustrated by my inability to find the promised hospital reunion scene that such a tragedy implies, I remembered that Daniela Ruah has maternity leave pending, which means that this is probably not going to be resolved quickly or easily. And that's fantastic.

(Speaking of the last scene -- I love that this is the first time a law enforcement officer hasn't been able to demand his way onto a rescue chopper with his injured paramour. Not even by throwing around the magic words "I'm her fiance," which S&C notably do not react to at all.)

I had decided not to trouble myself with the vague noise they were making about the ~big idea~ they had for explaining her absence this time around, because honestly what is worse than knocking the relationship off course post-torture, but this is feels like it's going to be much better than expected. Excited to see where it goes!

I should probably check this excitement at the door because they're on Castle time almost to a T, and this is about where Castle blew itself up.  Or was it? Because Castle gave three full years over to the stable relationship; NCIS lost at least a season if not a season and a half before they started the Uninterrupted Happy.

Also apparently the premiere just happened 2 days ago, and instead of being grateful that we got two episodes at once, or that unlike Zoo this episode's promos go up online like *that*, I am over here twisting with impatience to see episode 3, because give me the rest of that hospital scene. Don't get me wrong, that is more than enough to chew on, but having to actually wait on this show is awful. The last time I had to do it I put the show aside for a year and a half to avoid going through it again.
Unrelated: my comedy-syndication channels have made some changes to their pre/post-primetime evening lineups and for my own sake, I need to record them because this is more relevant than primetime scheduling at this point.

The CW has fired Community and Cougar Town entirely, or at least moved them outside my viewing zone, which sucks because those were my favorites. So now TV has basically has nothing to offer as background noise between 9 and 10:30, when Hot in Cleveland starts. On bright side, they added an hour of Family Feud at midnight so now I am less tempted to watch that at 6.

Meanwhile, local channel 45 has once again declined to fire Rules of Engagement in favor of moving it where it is ever-more likely to land in front of my eyeballs, now at 7pm. But at least they've left the 8:00 Friends hour intact. Also they've added Last Man Standing at 5pm, which is really great because even though I'd rather hang with Celebrity Name Game at that time, this will be my refuge when that show brings on someone awful like Ross The Intern. It's great because a) it's a brand new show to me, and b) it's such an old school sitcom that it feels like it's been on in syndication forever anyway. I don't particularly love it out the gate, but I'm sure it won't take much more exposure to enjoy it.

ALSO ALSO I just learned that Antenna TV, which I've long suspected was less than 10 years away from getting to shows from my childhood, airs an hour of Sabrina the Teenage Witch at 3 AM. I know what I'm doing next time I stay up all night!
Finally: the only new show I've managed to watch so far this season is The Good Place. Not intentionally, I was just really desperate for some TV that was on the actual TV, and I missed Superstore's premiere (which I have since watched and adored) but happened to catch this nonsense two nights in a row.It feels like a show people are going to enjoy, and like...I don't hate it, and found the flying shrimp and other CGI shenanigans at the end of the pilot very clever, but it doesn't feel like anything special and everyone is just real bland in the character and/or actor department so far. What are you guys liking so far, and why?
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