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Last post in the queue and then I'll probably ghost again for work

Due to life commitments blowing up, I've missed 3 episodes of Supergirl, but I figured the odds of me watching them on my own before next week, or even taking a Youtube tour, were lower than my odds of developing a block about it and never watching it again, so I just jumped in where I was when I got home at 7:55.

I vaguely know how the Winn/Siobhan arc unfolded and how she raged her way out of the office job and into cartoon villainy, as well as Lucy's current relationship status, so while I'd like to see it someday, I think I have enough backstory to go on. Without further scattered thoughts on 1x18, Worlds Finest.

First impressions of The Flash
Oh my god he's such a sweet & happy dork. This is fantastic and nothing like I expected. He's like a super polite and enthusiastic boy from many decades ago who might say "gosh golly" a lot. I don't know how Grant Gustin is managing this with his smirky little meerkat face; it's almost distracting how CLEARLY ACTING this is...but it's also wonderful that Barry is just Pure Unadulterated Niceness. He is an actual mirror copy of Supergirl, which is an impression I have not fully gotten from previews for his show.

Actual Superhero Puppies
And not only that, Kara is as delighted by his existence as he is by hers. They are like two overjoyed puppies on a playdate. Actually, make that three, because Winn is fanboying so hard I'm afraid he might get jealous of Kara, if Barry were not so equally delighted by his new fellow nerd friend. The way Winn clung to Kara's arm in delight within about five seconds of meeting Barry convinces me that in the non-super AU, these three are inseparable BFFs, Harry Potter trio style. My working theory is that he's introduced as Kara's college friend, with whom she hit it off on the first day, but that's subject to change depending on what I find out about the canon of The Flash TV show.

Incidentally, I would also ship Kara/Barry, except I find that my brain likes the idea of Barry/Iris enough to put a block on that, Sleepy Hollow's Ichabod/Abbie style, which feels fantastic. I haven't actually met Iris, but she seems pretty and nice in the gifsets and I think has some sort of Childhood Friendship credit a.k.a. the gold standard in OTP groundwork, so instead they're just going to double date with her and Adam in the non-super AU.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all this mutual joy and delight, Olsen is ruining an otherwise perfectly delightful episode with his sulky and thoroughly unwarranted jealousy. As always...STEP OFF, JIMMY. You are raining on my puppy parade.

Silver Banshee
I want to love that The Woman Scorned has become a delightful villain, because her hair is great, but she's so awful in the face makeup department. Dude, you're based on a banshee. What part of that says "zombie skull"? Too gross to look at.

I don't know what the Electric Lady's deal is w/ Cat, as I have not read anything about her on the wiki, but she also seems cool. Apparently the All Women On This Show Are Fantastic rule applies across the board, good or bad.

Also, pre-villain transformation, the pleading face Winn is making for Siobhan not to do this, to let him help her, is making my heart shoot the moon enough to forget about my need for him & Kara to be endgame. I guess its not OTP: Nerd Geeks I love so much as Winn/Any Lady Who Needs Or Will Have Him. Throw him someone else to take care of if you want me to be at all quiet on the Scorned Shipper front.

That said, I made grumpy cat faces at the end scene with Jimmy and only sat through it in hopes that it would end as badly as all of her other first kisses have. Which it did. But will it stay that way?

Other Thoughts
-What I'm getting from Siobhan suffering an inherited predisposition to suffer from debilitating voices in her head that also cause abrupt personality changes is that in the non-super AU, she definitely develops schizophrenia.

-Kara's sleeveless yellow dress was beautiful, and she made it look even better with that skinny brown belt. She is my favorite fashion model.

-I have been skeptical of this "people immediately forget everything good Supergirl has done and turn against her after one bad thing without considering any other possibilities for her acting out of character" claim as long as they've been talking about it, but them immediately embracing her again because she stopped one helicopter from crashing on one crowd was even worse.

-Also, the writing for the featured extras in this episode was atrocious. Or badly acted. I can't honestly tell which but it was so melodramatic.

-The closeup of Kara & Barry flying/running was so ridic. "Grant, look really determined and pump your arms at a steady rate while you walk. We'll make it look all cool in post-production." <--- the obvious lies told to get this shot.
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