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Eh, I'll ghost tomorrow. just sent me their best offer yet -- $100 in bonus credit for rejoining at the $11.99/month membership price -- so HELL YEAH time to drown myself in a deluge of song downloads. Did I mention that songs at membership price are only 49 to 89 cents? And that I can easily cancel in the next month to avoid any additional charges? (but my music credit disappears when I do, so I gotta spend it quick)

I've been planning all year to restart my membership for a month or two anyway, based on how many of my Spotify-recced tracks are on there now, but I'd been putting it off. I'm so glad I did! They don't have most major artists, but they do tend to have television soundtracks (though they no longer have Glee), in addition to indie artists.

So far tonight I've swept up 33 standalone tracks from my wishlist plus everything I like from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the 2nd How I Met Your Mother soundtrack, and Billy Burke's album. The last one's particularly excellent because I've been streaming it nonstop all week and it's way too hard/expensive to find a physical copy, but I was on the verge of spending Amazon credit to download a digital version for CD-burning purposes. This much better.

And best of all...all of that has only cost me $39.40 of my credit, or $11.99 of actual money from my bank account. I HAVE SO MUCH MONEY LEFT TO BURN, I FEEL LIKE AN HEIRESS. That said, since I've already run through my entire list of Stuff On Spotify That eMusic Also Has, & skimmed the past 5 years of Music List entries for stragglers, I think Boyfriend The Eclectic Music Lover is going to benefit from this.
Speaking of thrifty buys, I found "Life Partners" at the dollar store. I don't often love indie movies small and low budget enough to become Dollar Tree fodder, but when I do...

Self Reminders/Motivation To Get To Work:
a) there is a YMCA fundraiser garage sale at the fairgrounds this weekend, starting Thursday. It's open until 7pm the first two nights. I want to go to there.
b) my deadline for purging some books is Sunday, because next weekend is Half Price Books Clearance Event. I am very, very excited. And more importantly, I need to remember to TAKE PHOTOS OF THE HAUL / WRITE ABOUT IT, because I'm really sad at how few and far between my posts about my collecting excursions have become and I want to be able to relive the rush of acquisition.
Tags: thrifty shopping

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