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Watching the promo for NCIS: LA 8x03 again, because apparently F all the shows I claimed I was going to watch I'm just gonna commit myself full time to a ship that is literally sailing away toward hiatus, when my eye is caught by two recommended videos for NCIS: New Orleans featuring Percy and LaSalle and some very unexpected wording.

Caveat: I only saw 3 episodes of season 2, the first two and the NCIS crossover, and I have absolutely no idea about how the team dynamics have progressed or the shape of overall plot arcs, so that may explain why these took me by surprise.

Clip #1: PerSalle, "I Care About You"
First of all I'm still mad that Brody got fired from this family by TPTB. I don't have context for it yet so my pouting cannot be proven unjustified.

But taking out the big sister apparently ruined the perfect sibling dynamic, because that hug just got weird. Was that...did they just almost kiss? What??
Or did she just accidentally make eye contact, realize they're in a position that people are often in right before a kiss, and then abruptly throw him off like a straight dude having a sudden fit of No Homo? I'm gonna go ahead and laugh it off (nervously) for now, but it would be kind of hilarious if they later became an item and we could trace the exact beginning of their love story to the line "I care about you, you idiot!"

On a serious note, that rough grab-n-hug was actually really adorable. I will make an exception to my rule about his bland visage having no ship merit to note a certain fondness for emotionally clumsy dudes who lack all finesse in how to express their unexpected overproduction of feels. That's not how comfort hugs work, LaSalle! They're supposed to be gentle. You don't yank people around like rag dolls and clamp down on them. But it is absolutely darling that that's your panic response to being walked out on.

Clip #2: PerSalle: Are We Ever Gonna Talk About It?
Prior to viewing: "Oh god. A ship name and a UST trope in the same heading. This is not gonna be easily let go, is it."


So...okay, I guess I gotta seriously consider viability here. If you're planning to Tony/Ziva this situation, NOT COOL. But if you'd like to Deeks/Kensi it on the same timetable, give me a couple more warmup seasons of them getting increasingly close...then okay. I have no strong objections at this time. We've established I am kind of a sucker for tough chicks slowly softening their armor and apparently I now also have a thing for Average Dudes grappling with how they've suddenly caught feelings, including protective feelings, for their girl bro and unsure what they're supposed to do about it. The scruff is not helping his case, but I feel like he got a little leaner since I last saw him, and that is helping. case you were wondering, over the course of 30 minutes I've gone from bewildered and vaguely horrified to actively shipping it. This may be a personal best.
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