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Someone in hp_essays mentioned Who Killed Albus Dumbledore?  Out of sheer curiosity, I looked it up and...okay, it looks cool.  But more importantly, look at all the other books listed there under "similar titles."  How did it not ever, at any point in my life, so much as occur to me that other people would write and publish books about the Harry Potter series? 

I was completely unaware that such titles existed.  Now I want them.  I want them all!  Well, not really.  Probably very few of them are as good as they look.  But I would love to read at least one or two before book 7 comes out.  I'm sure they'll still be interesting afterwards, but they simply won't have the same effect once I've got the real answers in mind.  I wonder if there's anything at the library, or if I'm feeling just crazy enough to negate the effects of winning bargains at garage sales by buying myself a(nother) present off Amazon.
Tags: harry potter

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