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Half Price Books Clearance Event

Did not get out anywhere near as early as I would have liked -- I worked 6.75 hours yesterday, took a break for a 2-mile walk, exhausted myself and ended up lying in bed for 2 hours before falling asleep for the night at 6:30pm. Didn't get up until 5:30, and then I wasn't efficient enough so even though I spent the same amount of time working as I did yesterday, I didn't reach the point at which I could stop until 2:30pm -- but I managed to get to the sale 2.5 hours before closing. I debated just staying home and powering through work in hopes of leaving earlier tomorrow, but I suspected if I did that my motivation would just die for the night within a couple of hours and I wouldn't get out before 1:30 at best on Saturday anyway, and this way I got better selection.

The Spoils Of The Hunt
1-3. DVDs: CSI: Miami season 4 (bring on the good ol' Marisol times!), That 70s Show season 3, and Twilight: Eclipse. Because. Even though I probably should have held out for the 3-disc vs. 2-disc ugh why did I make this choice.

4. Lovely, Dark and Deep -- it's a book I've been thinking about rereading and it's the only one I found today that's specifically on my list of dreams-I-hope-I-find. I got it in paperback and I'd prefer ex-library hardcover, but I can accept it this way.

5. Cathy's Ring -- the (second) sequel to a book I also own but have never read, because I suspect it might actually be completely unenjoyable (it's got comic-book-esque illustrations and something about non-mortal weirdness, for starters), but it's got a packet of paper ephemera attached! (unopened) I love interactive books.

6-7. Mass market paperback versions of Susan Wiggs' Just Breathe -- I now realize it is just unreasonable to lug that book around in giant hardcover, even if it's more pleasant, because right now it's more important to save space than for things to look pretty -- and Breaking Dawn, which I didn't even realize they published in mass market editions. I can put up with the ugly, non-matching movie cover for a conveniently small edition.

8. Tales for the Midnight Hour, because one of the other books in this series is a childhood fave and its seasonally appropriate.

Total spent: $11.30 instead of $10.21 because cashier was an idiot and mistook at least one of my teen novels for a regular novel, but checking out is such a busy and stressful experience I can't keep all the numbers straight when I'm trying to remember the appropriate credit-card using method and make sure I don't forget anything at the same time. But still, yay for being reasonable! I will of course probably buy more on Sunday, but this is a very calm start.

The Left-Behinds
-Sotted one vintage horse book I have never read (albeit from the Great Horse Stories series, not special), and thought it was gonna be my best score, but upon closer inspection it was too spotty (mildew?) to trust. (*%&#%!

-An oversized Golden Book (1960s) of dog breeds, featuring awesome illustrations. I didn't get it because I think I already have it? I remember buying an unnecessarily large dog-breeds book because of its cool illustrations. But IDK where it is.

-I saw Where The Heart is in mass market paperback, and felt very smug that I had gotten a pristine trade paperback copy last week for 50 cents, versus either the wrinkled-spine option for 50 cents here, or paying $2 for the same version that I had.

-The Ultimate Dog Book, my absolute FAVORITE of the dog books in the public library reference section as a kid and through high school, and the one I checked out as often as possible to gaze at all the beautiful photos. It's just too big to handle at this point in time, and I know it's quite outdated at this point. But oh...I still kind of want it.

Trophies Not Gained
a.k.a., things I went in hoping to find but didn't

I scanned every single box of the one fiction section I can usually safely skip (mass market) -- every last miserable romance and blindingly dull mystery series on the planet -- in desperate hopes of finding Rizzoli & Isles books (preferably Vanish but I was gonna go for any of them), but there was not a single Gerritsen book to be found, despite my singsong call that books usually find irresistible. I saw #7 and #8 in hardcover, but I definitely don't have that kind of real estate when I know she's mass-market material. I thought for sure she was popular enough to be found here in spades.

I also ran down another hated section, cookbooks -- so boring, the worst! -- in hopes of finding Susan Branch, but again, a grain of sand on the beach. Those don't seem like they're going to come to me easy.

Continuing to Elude Me: The Girl Next Door, Selene Castrovilla. COME HOME WITH ME ALREADY, WHERE ARE YOU, YOU HAVE BEEN ALIVE FOR FIVE YEARS. That is more than enough time for people to get rid of you.

I didn't have much time to spare on regular fiction, but I ran down the rows seeking Sarah Pekkenen (whom I first learned about when I saw her here last year), and did not find her. My list of desired regular-fiction novels is growing at an alarming rate considering how much harder it is to find specific grown-up novels than YA ones.

Looking Ahead
Probably not gonna have the time/energy to go back tomorrow, but Chris & I are going together on Sunday. I barely had a chance to look at the CDs, and it was honestly overwhelming how many DVDs there were. I feel like there are movies I want, but I can't remember specifically what they are, versus title that will prompt me to buy them because I like them, but may not actually need to own them.

Fast Five would be one of them, but that might be too new. I'd even take the original The Fast & the Furious. Really wish I had managed to watch Untraceable sometime in THE PAST YEAR so that I would know if I wanted to own it, because I definitely saw that again. I do know I want Enchanted, and I had damn well better find it this year.

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