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Schedule Fun!

I just finished plotting out my fall 2006 schedule for the second time.  I didn't pick up any new dramas last year, and I don't plan to pick up any this year either.  I just don't have the energy to care about any new series, and once you see my table, you'll probably realize why this is a good thing.  I lost three comedies due to cancellation, but ever since I got hooked on the Monday night CBS sitcoms out of boredom waiting for Miami, that time has been made up.  And then some, because I think I'm gonna give "The Class" a shot - my ONLY new pickup for the year.  It's mostly a matter of time frame convenience, since it airs at 7:30 and I'm watching everything else on CBS that night...oh, and Jason Ritter, formerly Joan of Arcadia's eldest brother.  Fall 2006, So Far:


7:00: The Simpsons

8:00: Cold Case

9:00: Without a Trace



7:00: How I Met Your Mother/possibly The Class

8:00: Two and a Half Men/New Adventures of Old Christine

9:00: CSI: Miami



7:00: NCIS

8:00: House

9:00: Law & Order: SVU



7:00: Bones (Thank You God for moving it to an open timeslot so I can finally watch!)

8:00: Lost

9:00: CSI: NY



7:00: Survivor

8:00: CSI vs. Grey's Anatomy.  It' a gladiator arena, and CSI is going in with the edge, what with the Grissom and Sara canon, but I'm warning you.  Try the GSR drought again, and I'm bounding right back to Burke/Cristina and the Bailey sass.  CSI's other edge, of course, is that all its characters except Sofia rock, and most of GA's now suck. OC will join the fray in November, but let's not worry about that yet.  It's a distant 3rd, anyway.

9:00: ER.  Even though it will suck, because the press release says the whole first semester will be building to a December cliffhanger, then go away to let a crappy show premiere, and not come back for MONTHS.  Cliff.  Hangers.  Suck. 



9:00: Numb3rs  (alternate: Law & Order.  Normally I never bother to catch new episodes, because there are 42,900 "new" repeats per week on cable, and the characters aren't memorable, but this year I wish I could because ALANA DE LA GARZA!!!  Formerly Marisol!  I love this actress.  I really do, I think she's amazing, and you have no idea how frickin' excited I am she got another gig so soon after being killed off on Miami)


Reba and Crossing Jordan will be picked up again in January.  Probably.  That's the plan so far, anyway.  Reba was literally rescued from the chopping block, so...phew.  God, I love that comedy.


Gonna be an exciting year.  Except for the bloody battle ring that is Thursdays at 8:00, I've got almost zero timeslot conflicts, which means from September-May there will probably be only a couple of weeks around Christmas that are totally devoid of new television.  Almost makes it worth looking forward to fall.  (ALMOST)

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