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When will our long national Wilmer Valderrama nightmare be over.

I'm caught up on the first 3 episodes of NCIS: Original Flavor now, and for the first time ever, it has become the least enticing of the franchise. Terrible new character/casting ideas, guys. Terrible.

-I was already 50/50 on Jennifer Esposito joining, because she's pretty but I also can't help think of her as Digestive Issues Lady after the ruckus surrounding her dismissal from Blue Bloods, and introducing her as a jackass messing with Bishop? Not the way to be endearing. Just because Eleanor and I are still not on speaking terms doesn't mean a newbie is allowed to tease her. I also don't want to hear that Ellie was naturally untalented in her probie training class, but her endearing trait was that she kept trying and never gave up. Where was this philosophy when it came to her marriage?

-I don't honestly know if Torres is a jerk, or Wilmer's face makes him a jerk. It is probably both, but either way, please stop hiring him. Also, whose terrible idea was it to make up a renegade character "who needs the team" instead of someone who fit the team chemistry.

-The whole tone of the show is off. They are trying so hard to jam new character backstories down my throat and I just...don't care? Let me see them work first.

-It was weird watching everybody dish on their summer vacations. Is that just how long it's been since we didn't end on a cliffhanger?

-I thought Timothy was competent enough to be a believable Senior Field Agent, but I was wrong, it's just awkward.

-Gibbs and Abby are the only bearable elements so far, between the delightful Old Marrieds thing Gibbs had going with Fornell -- who is now apparently living on Gibbs' (new!) sofa under the guise of recovery and not even slightly trying to pretend they're not married (that is some real fanfic tropery right there) -- and episode 3, where Abby babysits her brother's parrot in the lab for literally no reason other than the writers decided it would be fun to have a pet bird on set for a week. Which I am of course OK with.

In more positive media news, apparently Ransom Riggs (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children author) is coming to one of my very local libraries this month! That's pretty neat. I might have to go.

Also I was very well behaved and only bought two more things at the clearance sale today. With CDs at a dollar, my goal was to find some new music to take an educated guess of a chance on, and I think I picked wisely: mystery singer Butterfly Boucher's "Flutterby," based on sufficient visual evidence that she fit my preferred singer-songwriter genre, and Sarah Harmer's "All Of Our Names" -- I have loved the latter's song "Basement Apartment" since college, and though it is not on this CD, there's a good chance I'd like other things she sings.
Tags: books, music, ncis, tv commentary

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