RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I request the highest of fives.

Raise your hand if you've worked more than 5.5 hours before 8 AM!  IT'S TERRIBLE.

Also I am way less than halfway through my work for today. Like...I'm 20% of the way through my assigned # of points. And while theoretically most of the remaining ones will go faster, I am also currently hamstrung because all frickin' 9 of the surveys require responses from people in order to edit that the people haven't sent back yet, and I can't harass any of them by phone until...well, hang on, I can go call one in under 20 minutes, but the rest have to wait until 9AM.

It would be more, but at one point I got so frustrated googling & trying to make sense of this person's vague explanation of what their question about some weird side bet rule in Blackjack was that I just started playing free internet Blackjack instead, and got sucked into it for 40 minutes. (If this were real Blackjack, I would be at least $50 richer right now. And clearly there's no difference between computer gambling and real gambling, right?)
Tags: work

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