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I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen.*

*a lyric that could be accurately spoken by Luke Alvez, were he not too humble to say so

Criminal Minds,
12x02, Sick Day: This must have been absolute dream come true for anyone who ships JJ and her husband. I halfheartedly tried to AU Deeks/Kensi my way out of it, but her husband is so dead behind the eyes I could not overcome. In retrospect it was a pretty great storyline, a team member recounting the case as a story once safe in their domicile, a case that involved siblings-trapped-by-fire-due-to-sadistic-arsonist-with-no-time-to-save-both, and she was the best character to give this unique narrative style to...yet the best parts of the ep were the ones Luke was involved in.

When it dovetailed with Caring about her well being, I was pretty much reduced to a Homer Simpson "oh, god, it's so unnecessary!" state of being. I already love him, show, you don't have to work this hard! But I mean, please feel free to continue*.

(I like how he's just come in swinging and landed himself at #1 on my favorites list. All the comment sections on internet articles are bitching about Hotch being gone, and I didn't even realize last week was that guy's last episode.)

12x03, Taboo: *Long story short, they continued.

This week starts with Luke taking his dog -- his magnificent wonderful floofy long-haired German shepherd of a dog -- on a run, taking a short break from dog attentiveness to strip off his shirt pre-shower, then preparing her freshly-made people food meal himself, letting us know he spends even more cash on her well being by hiring her a mid-day walker, and otherwise trying to give me some kind of sex appeal-induced heart attack. Could this guy be any more attractive? Maybe if went out with Garcia. Whaaaat! But mostly no. Mostly that is peak attractiveness right there. So much so that it was almost hard to focus on how much I loved that beautiful dog being showcased front and center.

I said almost. I nearly perished of delight at seeing such focus on such a beautiful animal. I would show you a slew of images right here, but somehow no one on YouTube has bothered to upload this scene? Even though it is the most interesting thing that has happened all season?

Update: I am canvassing my most hated TV territory, talk show interviews, because I'm so desperate for more Luke detail, and he says here that he was part of a dog handling unit in the Army, so I'm guessing that is where Roxy is from? I wonder if we're going to explore that more or if that's something I missed while yawning my way through most of the season so far.

Update 2: Found the video clip on Tumblr. So, images:


The plot of this week's epsisode itself was pretty terrible, with incest at its core, and Emily's whole profiling job on Alvez made absolutely no sense (I thought she was pulling some kind of prank, because like...why would you talk like at at work about a coworker? Do you actually THINK he's a serial killer?), but this teaser was enough to sustain me for a month.

Other thoughts:
* Has Reid said anything this season? I know the answer is yes but I've literally forgotten he exists in the face of such wonderful new eye candy. Has he gotten a haircut that makes him mysteriously invisible to me?

* If I didn't know better I'd say that Aisha Tyler is protesting Gibson's removal by destroying her hair. I have no other explanation for why it was pretty for two episodes and now looks worse than ever.

* So cute watching the 3 women squeal over being reunited again. Every time they're together, I flash back to this epic moment.

* I appear to be shipping Alvez & Garcia. Cool, cool. I mean if there's one thing this show LOVES it's pairing up team members, so... /sarcasm

(p.s. HELP! I have never in my life seriously done any inter-team shipping. That's 80% of the reason I couldn't get into this show until Maeve came along. I made it three and a half entire seasons without inter-team shipping anyone, which is a literal record for me + TV shows that have at least one attractive person of each gender. Maybe I will be okay just enjoying their interactions and not need them to kiss, a la Reid + literally anyone who will hug him? I mean, anything's possible.)

p.p.s. The contrast between my love for this guy and my avowed hatred of Torres on NCIS the night before is like the difference between night and THE SUN'S SURFACE, which not coincidentally corresponds with how I feel about the actors who portray them.
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