RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

*Phoebe Buffay voice* "Oh, no."

Turns out it takes a long time to reread all your Private Practice reviews, even skimming. Long enough to forget about why you started. Turns out you occasionally screencapped the Pete/Violet moments. And that diverts your attention into a different kind of YouTube tour than you planned, spiraling back to where it all began because good lord when this relationship was on, it was on.

There was that time they shared a kiss out of mutual loneliness (there may have been cheating involved on Pete's end, but plausibile deniability is not being able to remember for sure), transforming a really sweet side hug / platonic temple kiss into an accepted invitation to make out.

And then that got weird and love triangle-y for a while.

But then there was the SPECTACULAR season 2 finale. And the fallout and trauma of the violent baby-snatching attack.

And then things got weird again. And went to a Pete/Addison place that I swore I loved more, but which I'm not letting myself have right now because that is a hard switch / switch back and I don't want to go through it right now.

Because they went back, & got married. And season 4 was a place of wonder and joy and almost-Betsy-adopting, much of which is captured here. Hey, you know what, the crying counts as wonder and joy.

...and then nothing was ever really the same after the season 5 premiere, though there may have been a scattered moment or two, better out of context. But I have more than enough to keep me happy for now.

Edit: I saw something in my reviews in season 5 about Violet hooking up with "Scuzzy Prison Vibe Dude," and I had a sudden feeling that I remembered his face, and that face belonged to...the guy who plays Arrow? Stephen Amell?

Why YES IT DID. So now I have a new justification for I always thought Arrow looked dumb.

Edit #2: I have found full-length episodes on YouTube! Which is good, as there are no library DVD sets. May I just say: the crying at the end of 4x18 is spectacularly awful. It can be dressed up in fanvids or used as audio-only, but lord, that is not...good.

Edit #3: Oh dear. I just found "The Good Student" too, and I was hoping that since it's no longer 2011 I would be less psyched about it, but one look at the trailer and yeah, I remember why I really enjoyed that movie.
tl;dr now I'm stuck staying up all night to finish work because I quit at like 8pm to start on TV and just...never stopped.
Tags: private practice, shipping

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