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Other CBS shows I've been watching

Because I haven't time to really talk about TV in like 2 weeks. Though I did just finish & backdate a Criminal Minds post here.

14x04, The Love Boat: What did I say about cases that take place on ships without agent Borin, eh? Also, if you were going to make me watch a whole episode of McGee angsting about marriage proposals, the least you could have done was tell me about Jake's. Let Ellie remember something good about him. You could even have ended it with a point about how a perfect proposal isn't what matters in the end if you wanted (look, I'm doing the work of hurting me for you).

And WTF elevator proposal, that's awful. I would be so angry if I had to tell people "my fiance got super insecure that I might randomly die in the next 24 hours so he proposed to me in an elevator because it was the closest private location." There is a pretty big range of options between his dream scenario and what he chose that he could easily have pulled off in a matter of hours.

14x05, Philly: NHF sad agent Quinn backstory (broken engagement) and still don't care about her. But I will admit that the table dance of distraction before revealing McGee behind him sporting double handguns is the best thing I've seen Torres do. Also, finally believed McGee to be a competent senior field agent when he was warning Torres away from his fancy printer.

P.S. Clayton/Ellie: Best Mates is the best team chemistry I've seen so far this season (that's the problem this year, no chemistry), so I hope to see that keep rolling.
I've also been dutifully keeping up with Survivor while being HELLA bored with it, but I think it finally turned on the charm.

Updated thoughts include:
it was...really weird to see all 3 Asian women booted one after another first (kicking out one old white guy in between #2 and #3 was only a mild comfort), and then one of the black women. This is like the hardest the show has tried to diversify ever, and it's still down to one champion.

Adam, "Homeless Shelter Manager," has been steadily growing on me, and the episode where upon finding the idol, he broke down crying that his mom had stage IV cancer, and what a nightmare it was, cemented him as Very Nice And Polite Boy Of Optimum Mid-20s Marriage Material. I of course swiftly looked up the news to see if it was a happy ending, and...oh no. She passed away in May. OK now that breakdown is at least 10x sadder.

The article where I learned that, but which I currently can't find, also informed me that he and fellow contestant Mari are from the same hometown and went to the same high school, albeit a few years apart and without knowing each other pre-show. But like, what! Did they somehow never talk about that? I feel like we as viewers should have known this.

Model Ken of Gen X is also growing on me. The contrast between his general appearance and his befriending of social pariah David (or is it Paul? I always forget the TV writer's name) is wild, but also immensely satisfying because he is living out that most wonderful trope, "god-like athlete type could be leading the popular crowd but shuns their superficiality to support the sidelined and bullied, causes local females to swoon en masse."

Michaela is AMAZING. She is the Simone Biles of Survivor challenges. I'm totally casting her as the lead character in Don't Fail Me Now when I get back to reading it. She & Adam are tied as my faves right now. Ken is in 2nd place.

I can't get over the fact that Jay's job title says "real estate agent," because that seems like such a white collar job for someone who seems so much like he wants to be a professional anti-establishment stoner hippie. I can see him in a suit, but in a way where the suit would just make him seem sketchy.

I have completely lost interest it Hannah? Of the curly hair and glasses? after her desperate "I just wanna explain my side of things" moment while being repeatedly asked to not do exactly that (that was also the first time I noticed Adam, who tried very patiently to defuse the situation by framing it in terms of "he's not saying he doesn't want to talk, he's saying not right now," not that she listened). Luckily, she's been off the radar.

T-Figgs remains pleasant enough, especially now that I have revised my earlier comparison -- Figgy has Idina Menzel eyes, which is even better. Taylor is cute/endearing in the way a really dumb, happy dog is cute/endearing. Not least because he literally follows her around like a puppy.

Tribe switchup to 3 tribes, woohoo! And I must say I was very happy that CeCe went rather than the lovely Michelle, who looks like she stepped right out of Woodstock, or at least is on her way to go film a period piece.
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