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Season 8 has been very good to me so far.

It has been so long since I have been in the throes of this much shippy joy in real time where canon was also paying off a Castle-level jackpot on the regular. I don't know how to handle it except by talking so much. There are somehow people in the ship tag who are like "I can't handle the angst!" and I'm like "are you kidding me, this is so good, this is amazing, this is The Ship Arc of Dreams." And I'm not even hating the show around it! I have finally broken through to that plane I've always wanted to be on, where my natural revulsion to Hetty is no longer sufficient to keep me away, which means I get to enjoy all the character things that are not specifically Deeks/Kensi scenes.

8x04: "Black Market" (IDK why I am bothering to remember episode titles)

Densi, part 1: Good morning / "what the hell?"
I love that Deeks is now trying "the smell of fresh coffee" as incentive for her to wake up. He looked pretty dejected at the end of 8x03, so it's nice to see him able to bounce back with determined optimism.

Even though the panic about the missing ring was hella secondhand embarrassing for me, I feel like we all needed to go through it? I love that he thought it would be romantic to leave the engagement ring on her, except how many times have you seen a patient wearing jewelry on TV? Never. Personally, I would have assumed it would be a bad idea just in case of unexpected swelling, especially given that her left hand is the one with possible damage.

As for the actual reason...I love that once again, the Incredibly Nice Doctors are looking out for him (at this point I've decided everyone who works in the hospital is personally invested in this couple and maybe declared Kensi their favorite coma patient), and that they have to gently explain why maybe leaving a valuable ring on an unconscious woman in a place with thousands of people is the not the top choice.

Now I'm just hoping the nice charge nurse isn't an angry feminist who, in the absence of knowing their romantic pre-proposal backstory, is now side-eyeing him for thinking he can claim his property without getting the woman's input first. I feel like her enthusiasm visibly waned after his response to "Did you pick it out together?" Or maybe it was just an odd line delivery, as she seems nice again at the end.

Densi, part 2: "I'll see you in the morning"
First of all, Sleepy Deeks is a national treasure, possiby cuter than a sleeping puppy. A puppy curled up inside a shirt, generally running himself ragged until he no longer has the strength to argue when sent home to rest.

Second of all, I've lost track of how many times I've rewound his incredibly sweet goodbye (forehead kiss!), with bonus awkward "oh hey Hetty. Still standing there, watching."

It's going to be weird when she actually wakes up. I have already grown so accustomed to his role being that of steadfast supporter and one-sided conversationalist, devoted like a guard dog and ever hopeful for signs of response, that it was very strange to go back to season 7 with Kensi being fully ambulatory and trading snappy quips and/or insults with him.

Deeks & Nell
One thing I'm really enjoying is the contrast between Work Deeks & Kensi-Focused Deeks. I like that he's able to throw himself into work as a necessary distraction, that he still cracks jokes with anyone who's available. But I also like how immediately quiet he gets when, say, Nell says the wrong dumb thing and inadvertently reminds him how precarious Kensi's condition is. She's never far from the forefront.

That said: HOW I LOVE THEIR PARTNERSHIP. I would so be the person terrifying my partner with my wild driving skills and using the "I'm used to a  tiny car" excuse. Nell is the best stand-in for me I've ever seen.

Also, when she came out of the coffee shop and he was teasing her, I half expected an accidental "babe" to slip out because she's acting so much like Kensi, and for things to then get super awkward. I may have then become very invested in wanting this.

I may be losing my "totally bros!" filter and sliding full tilt toward "shipping them in an AU where Kensi doesn't exist" state, and/or headcanoning that Nell has a crush on him. That she would never really want to act on, because Kensi is her goddess and the two of them are #relationshipgoals. But one that is undeniably there.

Other Thoughts
* I loved Eric making his awkward but earnest pitch that Kensi is "irrepleaceable." He sounds very proud of himself for saying this, as he should, but it's also excellent and fair that Granger shoots him down with "yeah that sounds nice in movies but it's not actually a thing in terms of practical job needs." Mostly I love that this episode seems to be about how much of an impact Kensi has had on everyone and how big a hole her absence leaves. I now have a very nice image in my head that Eric is as impresed by her as Nell is.

* Can Granger / Kensi's mom not be a thing?

* Parts of Tumblr whined that Kensi responded to Hetty's order to squeeze her hand right after Deeks left, but I think that was good. He needed rest, not a jolt of adrenaline from something that might be hope but clearly wasn't the beginning of her actually waking up. [edit: well, not permanently waking up.]

* I didn't really catch whether Coffee Shop Customer was part of the evil crew or not, but either way, that was some charming flirting. They should probably date. I know I keep claiming to ship Nell/Eric, but I am easily distracted.
8x05, Ghost Gun

Mama Deeks
I still haven't seen all of her appearances, just a couple short clips, but I have been professionally loving this woman since she appeared on CSI and I can safely say that Mama Deeks is a gosh-darn delight. A kind of melodramatic, demanding, frustrating, lives-in-her-own-world delight. I love everything about their dynamic, from how invested she is that Kensi will be fine and she and Martin will live happily ever after to his exasperated attempts to corral her wilder impulses. That is one lovely parent-child bond you've got there, show. I also enjoy their complementary sense of humor.

"And people ask me why I only have one child."
"Okay, that's hurtful, and unnecessary."

Pep Talk
Someone else mentioned how important this was in contrast to his everything's-gonna-be-all-right mother, to be able to voice his fear that he won't be able to help her even when trying, and for someone else, with some authority in knowing both of them, to reassure him he will. I just really enjoy TV relationships where the strength of the bond is obvious to other people.

Densi Warm-Up
I really like how quickly he shifts from good-natured snark and argument with his mother to immediately sobering up once she's out of the room and wanting a serious update on Kensi's condition and what he can do. The shift in roles from son to future-husband is palpable. You go, lady doc for encouraging him to spend time with her, talking and keeping contact. Not that he needed encouragment to do those things, but the validation that they might really help must be a relief.

Squee appetizer: "OK, baby, you heard her, baby, now's the time. You gotta come back to me."

(side note: is this the week where they determined it's been less than 2 weeks since the accident? Maybe 8 days? Im not sure how many passed in the premiere before that "you have 90 days" convo happened, but we heard "83 and counting," here, right? That's so great. Long enough to feel like an eternity when you're taking it day by day, but not so long that you start to lose hope. That said, 3 cases feels like a lot to investigate and solve in like 10 days.)

Densi, Full Strength
I literally spent 30+ minutes replaying that final scene. How many types of squee do these 147 seconds contain? let's try counting them. We won't succeed, but let's try.

  • His head shooting up like an alert pointing dog at the first sound she makes

  • Kensi's groggy "you rang?" expression when she first looks at him

  • The really wonderful series of wordless expressions through which Kensi goes from confusion to alarm about her left hand, eyes darting back and forth from it to him for answers

  • The like 40 straight seconds of beautiful reassuring noises, so many that I think it would take me at least a day to memorize their exact sequence, my favorite of which is "you don't have to cry."

  • I think my very favorite thing is that the last time I can verifiably remember her being this upset and needing comfort was 6x03, when they were not an actual couple, and it is just the most gratifying thing that it is now Extra Officially his job to soothe her.

  • I was wondering if maybe doctors should be notified about her waking up, but there's a moment right before the tear where he takes his hand off her face for just a moment and is clearly pressing the call button. A+ detail

  • His face + voice on the second ILU. If I gave an annual fandom award to best "I love you," it would be this one, without question.

  • (x)

  • The little head nudge into his hand, even if he's not quite successful in vanquishing her unhappiness

I am still in a daze over how much hospital footage we've gotten so far, both acutely shippy and just general stuff that isn't boring and case-related. It's gotta be an entire episode's worth. I remember reading that they pre-shot 10 episodes' worth of footage before she went on maternity leave, and while I'm not sure when Dani is back or what episode they're filming now, it sounds like she's coming back to work shortly so our Kensi-less time should be minimal, right?

Other Things
-I was very excited to see Fave Warbler Curt Mega, but then we never saw him again. I can't believe he is still not high enough on the TV food chain to get anything better than a "guy who knows the victim" interview.

-Nell's blue coat was so cute. And I'm not just saying that because I have a similar coat. I mean I am, but I still took notice of how sharp she looked

-The dynamic between Granger & Nell is starting to grow on me. I have long wondered why he's a regular on this show, but if he's going to act like a surrogate father to her and give her all kinds of personal encouragement, then I see a use for him.

-I tend not to pay attention to the subtle differences in Deeks' hair length because it is always shaggy enough to satisfy, but may I say, its current appearance is extra wonderful.

-When I saw all the promos, I asked YouTube who Anna was and YouTube was like, "I assume this is all you need to know." I did indeed get so distracted by the beauty of her casually falling asleep on his shoulder that I forgot why I'd looked her up. I still have no idea who she is, but I'm in favor of using Anna to make Callen vaguely relevant to my interests.

-The TV promo for next week was useless. But LOOK HERE'S A BETTER VERSION, with both Kensi & Densi footage. Just a few seconds, but enough to tide me over.
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