RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Tiny post!

(because this was originally in a draft, and then I moved the draft to a new post but didn't have enough room for this but also not enough other content to make a new post, so one week later I'm just un-priviatzing what remains of the draft post)

I watched The Great Indoors, and all your arguments are irrelevant because JOEL MCHALE HOLDING A TINY BEAR CUB. I think this show would be a lot better without the weird and unnecessary hookup backstory/forced chemistry between him and his immediate supervisor, but so far I am entertained. Provided we ignore the logic gap of "how would a bear that still drinks from a bottle be willing/able to kill and eat a small dog." Also, my favorite part was Jack's Geocities-esque web page from 1996. I miss the design of Geocities pages so much.
Tags: comedies, tv commentary

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