RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Hey, let's talk about lots of mostly non-election things!

1. In today's Absolutely Unnecessary Items I Must Have*: a copper cupcake Ferris wheel.

*I would never actually buy this. When would I ever have people over? Under what circumstances would I actually need to display a maximum of 8 cupcakes/muffins elegantly? But man, if I had one of those beautiful mansions I'm always drooling over, this would absolutely be one of the thousands of magazine-worthy decorative items I stocked it with.

2. I've been watching Superstore fairly faithfully all season, and I think I've seen enough now that I can chance tossing out some random impressions that s.2 has made on me without spoiling the magic.

* This show is way more ensemble than any ensemble show I can remember, and that (along with the fact that it's hard to get any sense of a passage of  time -- they're very much like cartoons that way, but in a good way!) is what makes it so great. It's one of those rare comedies that feels like you discovered it in syndication because everything is so put together and just works, even though I think it still has less than 20 episodes all told.

* Amy/Jonah remains absolute magic, all the more so because it is somehow not the focus of the show, and weirdly, I'm okay with it! That said, I don't know why they're choosing to make it so clear that other people are seeing it. I don't know if I love the validation or if I'm upset that this makes it so much harder for them to have secret storage room makeouts.

* Speaking of ships, why...why is Mateo / the corporate guy a thing? Who is watching this with anything other than a general feeling of creepiness crawling up their spine? More to the point, what is this new trend of having deeply unattractive gay couples on TV shows? (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I am looking in your direction, and even you're not this bad) Is this some kind of stand about representing the average gay man vs. the beautiful cliche? Because I did not agree with it when the revolution was about portraying women who looked more like me than most Hollywood actresses, and I don't agree with it now.

* I am still really pissed about the episode with the lovely crow...ending with that freak beating said crow to death against the floor. The fact that the show didn't get itself insta-fired from my view forever is perhaps the strongest testament to how good the rest is, because that was standard grounds for excommunication.

* The Halloween costumes were so fun. BREXIT! I should have been Brexit. Not that I dress up ever, but I should have dressed up like that.

* Garrett is still such a national treasure that he might actually be my favorite character? Like 90% of his lines are quotable. What?? A corporation doing something unethical to protect its own interests? That is SHOCKING!

* Why doesn't everyone want to be friends with Marcus a.k.a. Ryan Reynolds Lite? Have you seen his face. Hint: it looks like Ryan Reynolds.

* HOLD UP the one episode I missed is AN EPISODE WITH DOGS????
3. Remember when I refused to make a fall watchlist because I had so little I planned to watch, much less on time? I think it's kind of interesting to see what I've actually been watching, regardless of any half-baked plans I made before, so let's do one now.

Shows in grey are ones I still really MEAN to watch every week, but so far generally haven't.

7:00 after football: NCIS: LA
8:00 after football: Madam Secretary
(I love having Sunday shows again! It's been 84 years... and it's so nice to look forward to a show on the one night of the week where at least 50% of the time, I won't have work hanging over my head)

7:00: Kevin Can Wait / Man With A Plan
8:30: The Odd Couple

7:00: NCIS
8:00: NCIS: NOLA

7:00: Survivor
8:00: Criminal Minds

7:00: Superstore vs. The Big Bang Theory / The Good Place vs. The Great Indoors
8:00: Mom

4. I am being absolutely useless tonight. I should work, but literally all I'm doing is 30% work on this post and 60% watching election results; I've never been this fascinated by anything political in my life.
Tags: politics, scheduling, superstore, tv commentary

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