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Election-Themed Lyrics Courtesy of "Scarlet's Walk"

I am 1000% percent obsessed with this album again (as is to be expected, as I'm p. sure it's my favorite CD of all time), and every time some of my favorite lines circa 2002 drift out from the vague cloud of familiar sound, they strike me as super relevant to the current climate. I don't want to make any more blog posts about the election (which is not to say I won't), but by god, if anyone is, they should definitely use some of these for titles:

(In no particular order, these are from Taxi Ride, Pancake and Scarlet's Walk)

-So you talk the talk when you need to / I fear the whole world is starting to believe you

-We've all been pushed too far today

-I'm not sure who's fooling who here as I'm watching your decay

-Seems like you and your tribe decided you'd rewrite the law

-I believe in defending what we once stood for

-It seems in vogue to be a closet misogynist homophobe

-A change of course in our direction / a dash of truth spread thinly

-"What do you plan to do with all your freedom?" the new sheriff said, quite proud of his badge

^this one gives me such good chills, especially paired with the one below

-You must admit the land is now in good hands / yes, time will tell that

-Or metaphorically: I will follow her on her path / Scarlet's walk / through the violets*
("violence" would also be a good word substitution for a blog post about feminism / pro-Hillary, right??)

Oh neat, that's the first time I've used this tag to refer to post content instead of to identify a post whose title IS a lyric.
Tags: lyrical post titles

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