RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

The Show Full of Punchable Dudes: Chicago PD

I actually managed to watch this live because I happened to see a Tumblr post about it literally seconds before it began. And may I just say, again...why is this show so! hard! to! tolerate!

I know I shouldn't have expected any different than for him to be guilty in the end, even if it was only super accidental manslaughter, but I wanted to believe. And I know I'm blinded by Billy Burke goggles, but I came out of that TOTALLY on the defense lawyer's "some friend" side of things. Taking advantage of someone's trust to screw them over, deserved or not, is just kinda gross. Take your twitchy mustache and ridiculous cap and go feel shame. [edit: unless maybe it was because in the choice between a murder charge and manslaughter, admitting to the latter ahead of time would lead to the lightest likely sentence? I need this for sanity reasons.]

On the plus side, I got most of an episode of Burke doing his quest-to-protect-young-girls thing, this time in the form of a reformed alcoholic baseball player deciding to use his narrow brush with death to get underage prostitutes out of the business and be "an adult they can trust." And that part, mercifully, was true. Those video interviews were ambrosia.

And then of course there was that really lovely guilt-and-shame-ridden confession, so HELLO interest levels. Deeks has done a spectacular job of clobbering Mitch out of the shipping winner's circle, because who has time to care about the romantic trials and tribulations of a snarky misanthrope when one could have boundless devotion and warmth, but this pretty definitely convinced me that I'll be able to get back on board Mitch/Jamie come summertime.*

I know that I should be laughing at the beard -- I definitely want to -- but I just kept trying to convince myself it was a worst case scenario for how Jamie might find him in season 3*, and it cheered me right up. It's not nearly as egregious as that awful topknot he's been wearing to public events, so.

P.S. I'm cacklin' that even though they had no face to face interaction, I can check this off as yet another project where he plays a guy with a daughter. I swear he flips a coin every time he looks for work these days and goes, "Should I be evil or should I play a dad / father figure to a teenage girl?" (er, I'm pretty sure the very recent Divine Access breaks that mold, but shhh)

P.P.S. I feel like my life would be easier if I could ship...Linstead, is it? But his face is so boring. It's been three years and all I want to do is take my girl away from these ugh-tastic people and install her in A Good Place.*

[*September 2017 edit: damn. This is the most prescient review I've ever had.]
Tags: billy burke, tv commentary

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