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I am working on my Zen Coping Techniques like nobody's business this week, which currently means taking lots of deep, relaxing breaths and keeping most everyone my age in Mental Time Out until they calm down. Thankfully, I have had the great fortune of finding myself a superfandom love whose Tumblr participants generally keep their politics separate from their television, which is really a testament to the prevailing strength of CBS shows and the quality temperament of people who watch them. I am choosing to learn from their example and just let all the Angry Posts pass me by.

It turns out my new superfandom love comes stocked all kinds of extracurricular activities for the new fandom participant, most of them contained on a lovely little site that has somehow passed me by up til now, Wiki Deeks. I haven't seen this kind of multimedia Fandom Central since, like, X-Files and the days of The Haven.

They've got "Classified Previews" that serve as basically a newspaper's worth of background info on each upcoming episode gathered from various Twitter accounts & other boring research neatly compiled for lazy people like me who are willing to wait for home delivery. They've got established Deeks & Kensi character journals which I'm choosing to pretend are at least as qualified as a network-run website's bonus content. They (apparently) feature weekly post-ep fics, not quite up to the standard degree of magic I used to get from flaming_muse for Glee, but then honestly, who can? These are more serviceable than tie-in novels, and their reliability is what's most important.

And then there's just meta everywhere, this wonderful community producing essays and book-club-esque or panel-style discussions and highlighting pretty graphics, in addition to episode reviews with an active comment section, and just SO MUCH STUFF I've barely started exploring.

You know what, it's so pretty I'm just going to have to take a screen shot. Or several, because there are so many different shiny buttons. It's the kind of grid pattern layout I would normally despise, but today it just reminds me of the old Neopets map, where everywhere you click is somewhere exciting and new.
[somewhat large images hidden behind cut]

screen shot 1



And all of it is Deeks-centric, or at least Deeks-and-Kensi related, and I tell you I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE after 100 years of wandering the desert. The other people who reject the commercial branding of Sam & Callen as the focal point of this show, and know who it's really about. To my delight, it seems Hetty isn't too popular with a lot of them, either. Unexpected treat.

I'm also pretty sure the average age of people here is like, 35. The comments are so...unjaded and curse free, and so full of proper sentence case structure.

The Tumblr side of things actually doesn't move as fast as that site, but I feel like a stray dog who finally made it into the dog park and is now sniffing around in search of friends and feeling out the hierarchy. I followed a side blog, sassynell, last year, but she seems to have drifted out of active posting. Still, she's got reliable archives of content. More to the point, Ms. raccoonsmate4life seems to be the sensible adult leader of this group, and I like her blog quite a bit for everything from fic to quality liveblogging to generally awesome thoughts.

And...I don't know if I'm actually paying attention to anyone at this point, though I think there are some other authors I'm feeling out. I have yet to really hit the sweet spot in fanfic, but that also might be my general rustiness at knowing what I want out of fic. The show is just so hard to top.

So that's what I've been doing all day post-work, in addition to binge-watching season 6. I guess that's going to have to go in a new post, but for now I just want to say that watching this show live is like the best kind of work. Oh sure, I still snip out the teasers and anything too Sam/Callen-focused and frankly any interrogation scenes I think I can get away with missing, because the plots aren't QUITE enough to keep me watching. But my hypothesis was correct: when you watch straight through, there is just an obscene amount of Deeks & Kensi footage that is too deeply enmeshed in the case for YouTube to upload as cherry-picked partner/ship scenes, but which is a wonderful bonus for sitting through the plots.

I can't believe it's been over a month since I kool-aid-man crashed this party. My enthusiasm just keeps growing. I still can't believe I'm finally in the fandom I always wanted to love. My face hurts from smiling!
FYI: My new blog strategy is to just make a lot of single-topic posts whenever the mood strikes, so I stop doing these half-finished posts, marking them private to save as drafts, and then never finding the time to go back to them.
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