RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

The Lost Manor: FOUND.

Remember last year, when I told you about a Mystery Estate I'd been trying to find for over a decade? Today I tried the simplest search yet: ["deerfield manor" redding shasta california] after switching to Google from Bing, and BAM. First result. That's it. I found it. 26526 S. Cow Creek, Millville, CA. 96062. The future home of my fictional character's dreams.

It is not currently for sale, so there are no photos to confirm, but I know that's it. From the moment it said "gated european tudor estate," I knew I had it, but let's apply some cross-references on public record real estate sites. 6 beds, 6 baths? Check. Outline of the property? That looks right. Last sold in October 2003 for just over 1.4 million and again 2 years later? Either way, that was the approximate time frame in which I found it, and that was the list price. "Adj water rights"? Yup. The only thing I'm not sure about is that Zillow et. al. says the lot is only 9 acres. It was being previously advertised as 248 acres, but mentioend adjacent parcels, so maybe those are counted differently from developed space? I hope.

Regardless, what's important is that it's real, it's really real. I can keep tabs on it in the future, see if it continues to survive, see if one day it's for sale again and I can collect new pictures.

I feel like I have accomplished something great.
Tags: my great big complex fictional universe

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