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Densi Densi Densi Densi Densi (is not actually the focal point of these episodes. technically.)

8x07, Crazy Train: I feel like there was just...a whole lot of shark misinformation in this episode, but I will let it slide for three main reasons.

1) Granger Not-So-Grumpypants, TRUE LOVE'S CHAMP. Banning Deeks from volunteering for undercover work due to personal obligations. Tolerating his insistence on working just long enough and then straight up ordering him back to the hospital. To quote Ted Mosby in First Time In New York, "You sir! I love you!"

2) Sam & Hetty sitting Deeks down in the NCIS version of the guidance counselor's office and offering both sympathy (in the form of time off) and a firm lecture about acknowledging problems instead of just pretending everything's fine. I cannot get over how warm and supportive everyone is being of this little 2-person family. Talk about going to the ends of the earth.

3) THE ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!! asdl;fjasdf, stars in my eyes, nowhere in my realm of possibility did I expect a second heartfelt proposal so soon. It doesn't even matter that she refused; it's honestly perfect that she refused. She went to a real dark place there, however subtly, and that's about the best thing he could have said to correct that. I was happy enough with "you are going to live happily ever after." But it just kept going. I like that, while keeping it lighthearted, he directly confronts what leaving her out there would have meant (time for a happy flashback to how Deeks had literally accepted dying alongside her before he'd leave; that is how you relationship). And that he keeps on with the proposal even after he teases a smile out of her, just to make sure it sticks.

To quote raccoonsmate4life on Tumblr, he says not once, not twice, but three times that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. I love that her rationale is "I am not doing this to you, it is not fair." I know I am not well versed in the nuances of their individual backstories, but I wondered if what happened with Jack factors into any of this -- knowing that a person pledging to stay isn't all you need.

Regardless, I love that she allows that the ring is beautiful, and that he's perfectly okay with her saying no (enough to tease "you want to hang onto it? 'Cause I'm probably gonna lose it"), as long as she knows he's there. I like that this pivots from how her last courtyard scene with him went, and that even though she still ends upset and wanting to go inside, it's with him this time instead of without.

Speaking of, her tears on the last heartbreaking "take me back" are the first thing that's moved me to genuine tears with this arc. I may or may not have goaded myself into crying a lot more in the week hence, because everyone deserves to be upset and have a good cry over this unfairness. What good, good television.

4) BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. A three minute scene felt like more than enough, but NOPE, straight cut to the hospital room and Deeks helping transfer her from the wheelchair to the bed. that is excellent because on the one hand he's comfortable enough doing it, but it also has this slightly earnest yet awkward feel, like he hasn't done it enough to be comfortable (no acting required there), but he's damn sure game to keep doing it. Pulling off her shoes was a nice touch.

And then there's poor Kensi, looking uncharacteristically small and subdued, hand folded in her lap and avoiding eye contact, and my heart is in five thousand pieces, yet still so very satisfied.

Bonus Kicks
* I did not hate Callen's starring storyline. I honestly got pretty fond of not only him & the NSA analyst's friendship, but the two legitimately crazy guys as well. I would enjoy imagining an AU where Callen is locked up for real and this is the world he builds for himself.

* Random Suspect: That's an illegal search! / Sam: That is legitimately funny coming from the NSA. Hah! I'm starting to really like him in the field. Big ol' velvet teddy bear. (or more appropriately, cinnamon roll)

* All the details of Kensi's physical therapy. My mom simultaneously broke her knee and her shoulder a couple of years ago, so while that's obviously not as bad as this since she could still walk (albeit with a cast and very slowly, and only for short periods a day), even that made life exceedingly difficult. She worked super hard at her therapy and exceeded all of the doctors' expectations, so I enjoy being sure Kens will do the same.

* I also like how hyper-realistic her self-conscious laughter at herself was, and her reflexive apologies when she keeps having to grab the walker for balance.

* And darling, stubborn Kensi deciding that two seconds of standing on her first day is pathetic, and she can damn well do more on her own if no one's going to help her. Look, see! Standing...standing aaaaaaaand, timber. It hurts seeing her elation turn into a despondent slump, but again, in the best way.

* Someone mentioned that the reason Deeks avoids the hospital after hearing about Kensi's rough morning isn't avoiding her mood, but knowing that she needs some space to decompress after that. See, this is why I need an experienced fandom around. I trusted the writing, but I was disturbed that I didn't know why, and now I feel better about it.

* Another reason I need the fandom: WHAT UP TOM OLSEN! I knew who he was, but I just thought the character looked like he was up to no good with that fake limp, like he might use it to whack Sam over the head ("betrayal cane!") and dump him overboard. It took a sensible statement from fandom to clue me in that duh, they're probably introducing him to bring him up later in direct conversation with Deeks and/or Kensi, as someone who's been through her kind of injury/therapy. Ooh, that's going to be good.

* Forgot to work it in before, but I really like the bit in the courtyard where Kensi gets upset and starts hitting the wheelchair, and Deeks hastens to calm her down. That is my new favorite tone of voice. I also like that, given her earlier dismissal of him saying she would walk again + the fact that he never directly addressed what would happen in the worst case scenario, he both makes a Very Firm Statement that she's not going to be in a wheelchair, and point blank tells her that worst case scenario, it wouldn't be an issue. Both things she needed to hear, even if she's not ready to accept them as truth right away.

Bonus Boo wouldn't by any chance be thinking of killing off Granger just as I'm finally getting used to him, would you? And if you are, can you perhaps do a surprise twist and kill Hetty?
8x08, "Parallel Resistors"
The Densi Show:
Oh my gosh, they were so happy in this episode. Kensi's kicking therapy's butt. Deeks is optimistic with good reason, optimistic enough to go sleep at home once in a while and stay gone for the better part of a 24-hour period. I love that he still had the ring, and that he was clearly ready for whatever Kensi wanted him to do with it (in this case: show her the ring one more time, and then put it away until she gets out of the hospital so she has something to look forward to). I laughed a laugh of pure delight at "you're so crazy" / "least I can keep a promise."

Also, here's hoping that she really wants him to propose again after she gets out of the hospital. Television convention says that after a woman shoots down a serious proposal the way she did, she will later do the asking on her own terms, and that would be fine (because really, who makes someone propose three and a half times)...but I just really want to hear a heartfelt yes from her.

The Kensi Show: Pro: more being awesome at therapy! Also, holy hell she referred to Deeks as her fiance to a third party. Can you two idiots just make it official already. (preferably so I can fully enjoy a prolonged engagement stage without excessive wedding planning at the same time)

Con: I want so much to be reassured that Physical Therapy Bro is not a threat. I would love to not irrationally see every random male on television as an immediate threat to my ship, but the last time I attempted to play nice with someone like that, his (fake) name was Logan and he ruined my life on Zoo. So even though I know this is a very different kind of show and in light of everything Kensi said in this episode there is absolutely no rational reason I should be's there. Nettling me. "Seeping into my brain, and making me violent, and angry, and hateful." Fandom wanna calm me down? Fandom maybe have spoilers I don't about why this dude is here?
I feel so ridiculous leaving this juvenile worry up on public record and I keep thinking about just deleting it and posing as a reasonable person, but I don't want to have to refer to it later and find out it's gone. Also, I like my sups-accurate Scrubs reference too much.

The Actual Show: I cannot believe how adorable Sam and G are when talking to and/or being hugged by an adorable 12-year-old. MORE KID STUFF FOR CALLEN, PLEASE. It's thrice as effective as Anna at making him likeable. (I also really liked the kid's super-tight bond with her mom, complete with whispering in her ear to communicate with strange adults)

+ Nell's dress was also adorable. Plus...bonus Nell/Deeks partnership in the field, IN WHICH HER COVER IS IDENTIFYING HIM AS HER BOYFRIEND AND THIS IS MY FAVORITE DAY. If you think I am not immediately falling in love with the AU where they are in fact dating grad students and she's an awesome engineer while he's a poet/PhD candidate for philosophy, you are mistaken. He's gonna go by Martin in this AU, though.

+ Eric's hair was looking exceptionally gel-free and attractive today. More, please.

Up Next: Callen heavy so I am lowering my expectations to the floor until December, and turning my attention to older seasons on DVD. I am bonkers excited to see Eric out with Deeks in the field, though. BROTP!

Our library system only has one copy of most of them (with a new 2nd copy on order), and an average of 2-3 people who want seasons 2-6 at any given time, so I've staggered requests on all of them and set myself up to be a constant loop of having one or two wash in, reluctantly giving them back after a week, and reeling new ones in as they become available until the first round comes back. This should allow me to have at least 1 at a time for the foreseeable future.

Whew! 4 hours of rioting (including watching the episode, writing this post, and the post-posting time to Deluxe Transcribe the good bits), and I think I'm finally satiated with this show for the week.

Madam Secretary was even duller than usual this week (also, I cannot believe how anticlimatic the end of the stalker storyline that sucked me into this show was), but I loved her husband getting misty-eyed with pride at how good his daughter's college essay was. Mostly because I thought Elizabeth's response to it was the most #accurate assessment ever: "You're very cute when you're overwhelmed by intelligence."

(however, in the little I did pay attention to outside that, I felt my heart swell with pride at how good this show is at sensibly presenting opposite sides of political squabbles and sensibly choosing the right one, or better yet choosing a third option of compromise. Why can't real life be this calm? Can everyone just watch this show and take notes?)
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