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"This pains me to even have to say, but: no grenades."

I keep finding new forms of pure delight on this show, and Deeks & Beale: Field Partners is the newest addition. Tears of joy shimmer in my eyes at the memory of every single second they spent together. Deeks very rarely has an opportunity to be in charge of anyone -- Nell may have less experience, but in personality even she dominates him -- and watching his exasperation in constantly having to rein Eric in like a dog putting up with an overexuberant puppy in was amazing. He is so ill-equipped for this and no one is helping him. I do think there was a missed opportunity for Sam to make a "welcome to my life circa 7 years ago" crack, though.

100% of their quotes to follow as soon as I find the clips tomorrow.

Also, oh man, I was not at all prepared for Eric to have an Earnestly Serious moment to talk about Kensi and why she'll be back. "You guys helped me. You supported me. And that's what you're doing for Kensi." I love so much about what this show chooses to be, but the headcanon I love most is the one where Eric & Nell specifically look up to these two as their role models, and anything the show does to validate that thrills me to my very bones.

On the Densi front, first of all, I can't believe we went from "Kensi is just starting to be able to walk" to "Kensi doesn't need a wheelchair at all" off screen; that kind of thing seems like it deserves a lot more fanfare. Is she still staying at the hospital? She's still wearing a wristband at the end but I couldn't tell where they were. The Thanksgiving dinner plans seemed to suggest she would be home for that, but I kind of assumed they would make a big deal out of her going home for the first time.

But I'm going to let go of all that and focus on our one beautiful couple scene of the night. I'm not taking the knife off Sully Boy's throat (what the hell even was that food fight except a giant waste of a banter scene she could have had with her almost-fiance?), though I appreciate Deeks testing the waters for me, but the rest of that scene? Guh. I love Deeks making her verbalize why statements like "I'm never coming back" are hyperbolic. I love that when her mood starts to sink, because he can't promise she'll recover enough to return to field work, he finds a way to simultaneously reassure her of their bond and illustarate the progress of her hand. The hand kiss + her expression in return feels like all I've ever needed.

In other news, Callen had a snoryline. I guess he's gained some family in the form of a half sister and a nephew he's biologically related to? That's nice.
In other news, I've found myself in a world of Big Bang Theory clips on YouTube (they are extremely addictive), and I just stumbled across this clip from 10x09 about Penny's former haircut that is the purest balm upon my wounded soul.

Amy: Ever since I met Penny, I've been envious of her looks.
Penny: Aw, thank you.
Amy: That's why I was so happy when you cut your hair off.
Penny: WHAT?
Amy: You know what I mean! You were still hot, but more like a "why'd that hot girl cut off all her hair" hot.
Penny (to Leonard): You liked my short hair, right?
Leonard: Yeaaaahs, I...loved it. Love you, love the hair, would love to...change the subject...
Penny: Seriously? None of you liked it?
Bernadette: I thought it was brave, does that count as liking it?

THE TELEVISION GODS HAVE SMILED UPON MY WRATH. Show, you are forgiven enough for me to watch full episodes again, should I happen to run across them again.
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