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I kicked off my time-wasting today by being sufficiently inspired by a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend gifset for "Thought Bubbles" to check out how their music has been in season 2.

I tried watching the season premiere as my first-ever full length episode, but it was so boring and/or gross I wanted to hit something, and what little music there was was so insufficient a counterbalance it actually killed all desire to look up subsequent songs on YouTube. I still don't know if that was just a really bad episode or if I actually would not enjoy this show at all, so for the time being, I'm sticking with my season 1 method of "watching" (A.K.A. whatever gifs Dollsome reblogs on Tumblr + the music/TV promos).

Thoughts on Songs, Best to Worst
++ Thought Bubbles: Awww, this is p. cute and charming. I just wanna chill / on the lawn / like the Obamas' dog / Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo! Break me off a piece of that ambling acoustic guitar + drumset sound.

++ Ping Pong Girl: SO MUCH FUN. Not just for the music, though it is fantastic and makes me want to round up all my fave Generic Radio Band songs immediately, but for the contrasting visuals between the gold-dress version of Rebecca and her clumsy yet confident reality. It would be my uncontested favorite if it didn't need to drop a genital reference.

+ Triceratops Ballet: I mean I don't actually know if I should count it as a song, but Spotify does, so although the music is merely incidental...may I just say, this bizarre drug-induced ballet sequence is probably my favorite thing this show has done since "Put Yourself First."

+ Greg's Drinking Song: It looked like it would be really boring, but OH! Check out that Irish pub music. (That said, I prob. should have listened to my instincts to leave it alone, because the music is amazing but many of the lyrics are gross)

+ The new theme song: Not instant love, but it's cute (and in retrospect: is this foreshadowing for how the season will gradually become all about the ladies?)

+ Love Triangles: might grow on me. Mostly it just makes me want to listen to the "Smash" soundtrack.

+ Love Kernels: It's apparently parodying recent Beyonce and/or Lady Gaga videos, neither of which I have ever seen, but this was still fairly entertaining. Not in a way where I feel the need to hear it a 2nd time, though.

-- Makey Makeover: No. It started out fun and quickly went to hurting my ears and brain. That said, I am oddly on board with Rebecca having longer blonde hair in a very "who's this pretty lady?" way.

-- Maybe This Dream: I tried to trick myself by just listening and not watching the video, but apparently I even hate her voice. Dreadfully high soprano.

-- We Tapped That Ass: This title could not have been clearer about declaring itself poison and warning me away, but that only lasted 4 hours before I was like "BUT WHAT IF. I should just make sure." So I clicked on it, watched to the end, and regret absolutely everything about this decision.

-- We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now: I made it through exactly 45 seconds of this on TV and then I had to shut off the TV before I started screaming.

The few that remain, I am clearly avoiding on purpose.

Brief Thoughts on Storylines
-I love that Rebecca/Josh just imploded. Based on the two songs above, I find him much more likeable on his own.

-I was slightly upset to hear Greg is really off the show (HE GOT A DUI WHILE DRIVING TO TELL REBECCA HE LOVED HER, COME ON), but the actor's explanation that he only signed on for one season due to family reasons made my heart feel better. I am really not that attached to Greg, it turns out. Or anyone.

-I am somewhat interested in watching the episode with the Burning-Man-esque festival, but in the meantime I'm just enjoying the gifs from it while simultaneously being fascinated by how Valencia's sudden makeunder has transformed her into a much more average-looking person. I mean, still pretty, but not the knockout I assumed she was. I am literally dumbfounded to see a concrete example of makeup tricking me into thinking women naturally look a certain way.

-I want to applaud Paula's storyline, but I literally cannot wrap my head around how someone with her job -- which is bas. my dream job -- would want to give it up for the soul-crushingly difficult, awful, boring, hellish nonstop nightmare of law school, much less being a lawyer afterward. Like. Certain types of prison sound better.
After listening to Thought Bubbles 5 times in a row and trying to figure out what other music in my enormous music library sounded like this so that I could listen to versions with better lyrics, my brain wandered back to its usual Densi hangout and wondered if Deeks can sing. Which led to the sudden realization of WAIT A MINUTE, I THINK YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS.

I've loved this episode for ages, but right now my specific love for this scene is pretty well through the roof. Also, Vaughn/Annie is now not only my #1 OTP for this series, it is my only ship on this series ever. Hope that's cool.

In related news, this lil' twirly moment is clearly at least subconsciously why I ship Deeks and Nell. (x)

More importantly, though, while listening to this, I stumbled upon "Gettin' Rid of Britta" (and also "Pierce You're a B"), which I have SOMEHOW NEVER HEARD. How is this possible! How could I have managed to miss an episode of Community after all this time?? BUT I HAVE. Somewhere in season 1 there is at least one brand new bonus Community episode for me. And it includes Vaughn. :D

And in case that's not enough, for once in my life, i actually have immediate access to the media content I want. The DVD set is right here at my fingertips. Time for a Vaughn marathon!

But first I need to listen to my new jam 40 more times.

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