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I found the fic deposits.

The task of seeking out fic in a new fandom is always an interesting one. I try to put it off as long as possible -- wait until I've built up a tolerance to the canon footage so that when I start jonesing before new material arrives, I have an untapped source -- in part because it's tough when you jump in cold turkey, without established friends who write or rec it. Which site has the best offerings? Is it infested with slash and/or porn? And most importantly, can people write in character? How much badfic will you stumble through before you find the good stuff, and will your spirits last that long?

Well, a few stumbling casts here and there, I've determined that Tumblr users raccoonsmate4life, aprylynn, and Tess DiCorsi can typically be counted upon to stand and deliver post-ep/canon compliant fic, and oftentimes other fic. This fandom is very much full of reasonable women around my age and older who keep the explicit stuff to a minimum, something I very much appreciate, AND they are also very big on missing scenes and other canon compliant stuff (I never can figure out why AU is so popular in fandom, or why people think "transformative" is such a key part of fanfic).

Meanwhile, I've finally found enough overall to make myself up a little Fic Primer, so it's time for a Fic Recs post, which I like to consider a rough draft for how I will leave reviews.

Missing Her - raccoonsmate4life
Despite the late hour and Hetty's encouragement to get a good night's sleep, Deeks is awake now and doesn't exactly feel up to going to their room to face their bed alone just yet.
An excellent post-ep for 8x04, one of many excellent post-eps from her really, but just the first one I happen to hae a link handy for.

In Due Time - peanutbutterer
"Kens, why are we sitting on the floor in your bathroom?"
It is aptly named, and that is all I will say except that it's worth a read, and that this was the first writer who made me go THAT'S IT THAT'S THE MAGIC. I had read some good fics prior to this, but in retrospect, none of them really made my heart light up with that super-in-character feeling.

Mending - peanutbutterer
"We all need support, Mr. Deeks. That's how we make it through the day." Post 4x24, D/K
Better than the canon 5x01, honestly.

Breaking - peanutbutterer, again; like honestly I can't believe this person just checked out of writing at some point when they are so good.
The salt in the air mixes with the salt of her tears and it feels for a moment like she's drowning. [K/D tag to 5x01, Ascension.]

Or, when you have to take what 5x01 gives you, someone can still improve it.

Mess We Made - crumpled_up
Post ep tag to 6x19 "Blaze of Glory." The one where Eric tries to apologize to Nell for his behavior in this ep, fails, and tries again. With a little help from the team.

YAY. I don't know what my favorite part is, but the Deeks & Eric brotp section is right up there.

House Rules - raccoonsmate4life
A post-ep for 7x14; or, the night they move in together

The First Day - ncisabbylover
A sorely needed missing scene for the first time Kensi shows off her ability to walk again unassisted.

Partners - raccoonsmate4life
A small yet perfect extension to the checkers scene in 8x09. The one thing this season has not yet given me is a really solid hug, but fanfic is making up for it.

Happily Ever After - aprylynn
Black Market (8x04) post ep fic - Nell and Deeks
I feel like the show did a decent job of course-correcting Nell's immense foot-in-mouth moment in the car, but this expanded later attempt of Nell's to revisit and apologize for it? Beautiful.

The Strong Ones - Tess DiCorsi
a missing scene for an episode I apparently need to see right the fuck now, "War Cries" -- Deeks taking Nell to the hospital and that is all I needed to hear to yell GIVE IT. (also there is bonus Eric fretting via phone.)

Water from the Moon - ifiknowyouatall
This is a collection of unrelated short scenes and one-shots. There are various combinations of characters, but mainly Densi and Nell/Deeks friendship.
^ I haven't finished working through them yet, but it sounds v. promising and I especially like related chapters 23, 24 and 27, mainly because I found this fic by way of an addition to those chapters featuring Deeks in Nell's hospital room.

Triptych - idristardis
(A post-6x03 fic detailing what happened when Kensi and Deeks took Nell home.)

HEADS UP THIS IS AMAZING. To quote the author, "Mostly gen/friendship, with hints of Densi, Shaggy & Velma brotp, and Kensi & Nell friendship," a/k/a ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS AT ONCE. Deeks and Kensi taking care of Nell, with undercurrents of Deeks taking care of Kensi? Sign me up. I have been craving that exact scenario for days and very unsuccessfully tried to imagine versions of it for myself, only for it to appear before my eyeballs in this perfectly crafted fic, which is officially my favorite story in this fandom so far. Like, I never knew how badly I needed the three of them eating pizza on a couch until I saw it. As for the advice given to Nell, I believe I can just quote the fic itself: "You should listen to Deeks. He's been surprisingly insightful today."

Coming to a Head - kensideeks
A post-ep for 7x11 that includes flashbacks to Deeks' abusive childhood home and the circumstances under which he later killed Boyle. There is a tad more vulgarity than I'm typically cool with, but not enough to stop me reccing this.

Or: Aaaand I have finally happened upon the smut. It has been quite a long time since I came across any fic of that variety, so long I'm actually trying to remember who it was. I don't think I let Zoo cross that line, I know Under the Dome never had anything even for me to avoid, and I can't even remember who my OTP was before that. It's incidental here and not the focus, so I let it through to my brain, because I might have at least reached an age where I find it moderately acceptable if it stays more M than NC-17. That or I'm still so grateful when a fandom is less porn-oriented than the Klaine fandom that anything where it's in less than half the popular fics/fics by good writers sounds reasonable to me.
Since Friday was apparently my "obsess over Nell and Deeks" day, I also spent an obscene amount of time scrolling through Renee Felice's Smith's Instagram, and two of my current favorite posts are:
-This delightful mid-scene-shooting video in a car with ECO.  New Make-a-Wish dream: just hang out on the NCIS: LA set all day errey day whenever any of my Top 3 are shooting. It seems like the happiest place on earth.
-This super pretty horseback riding photo where honestly I can't even see her in the picture because WHAT A LOVELY MARE.
-I have also learned that she has 3 dogs, two of them giant. Mastiffs and French Bulldogs are not in my top half of dog breeds, but I am extremely pro-large-dog, and also in favor of people who balance giant doggos with a lap-sized one so that they can have the best of all dog worlds

And in other news, I'm sure everyone else my age has seen this a million times, but I have only very recently been introduced to the wonder and glory that is Couch Commander, and where was this Obama for the past 8 years of my life. #THE SUNGLASSES WALK
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