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I. I haven't written about Surivor in for-ev-errrrrr because honestly, I just keep forgetting I've watched it. It's fun in the moment, but an exciting season this is not. So, random thoughts I've had over the past...I don't even know, 5 weeks?

  • Michaela's shocked, indignant, curse-laden reaction to being blindsided was AMAZING. It was the only thing that made up for losing her delightfulness.

  • It sucked that Figgy got targeted before Taylor. I would say it sucked more that she got eliminated at just the wrong time in order to be stuck with her nemesis and separated from all her buddies, but that was before I learned that Taylor knocked some chick up prior to filming Survivor and is a brand new dad. I am 0% surprised that this is the kind of guy he is, but it's probably good she didn't get any extra time with him.

  • I don't know wtf is up with his half shaved hairdo on the jury, but but I will say that in a very unlikely turn of events, it appears he might look better with short hair than long.

  • Hannah made a comment about how Adam "couldn't just play with the nerds, he had to sit at the cool kids' table," and that is honestly such a good description of what he's like.  I don't fault him for anything he's done whatsoever, but he seems like someone who would be used to (maybe accidentally/improbably) landing in the top social circle.

  • Hey remember that time last week where his group won letters from home, and he immediately burst into tears at the mere prospect? Haha good times leave-me-to-die.gif

  • HANNAH PLEASE DO NOT ADMIT TO HAVING A CRUSH ON / FLIRTING WITH KEN. We all quietly agree on that being an appropriate reaction to his face, but this is my worst nightmare -- the mortifying secondhand embarrassment of an unconventionally attractive woman* gushing about a dude who is a 10 with a personality to match who clearly does not/would not return those feelings but would probably be nice to you about it if he realized they existed. It doesn't even help that she cops to knowing it's 1-sided. Yo, if someone is 20,000 leagues out of your league, standard operating procedure is to lock down your feelings behind 14 padlocked doors unless they Jim Halpert their way through them, and just cherish the fact that someone with a godlike visage actually sees you as a person.

  • *she does get some leeway due to having an awesome figure, but her juvenile giggling makes her seem like a middle schooler, so that just makes it even more awkward

  • Everyone in my house agrees that Zeke is a creepy little 80-year-old weirdo and we want his conniving, mean-spirited butt gone. He makes Jay seem normal.

  • I can't believe they really went to rocks last week. It was great, even though I was not happy with who left. That's what I would have done, but Jess's meltdown was super sad. Like, with the level of devastation on her face, you'd think the eliminees were condemned to human sacrifice.

  • Why is it that 18-year-old Will can't drink beer if they're outside the U.S.? Are a slew of angry PTC members really going to write in all "ZOMG U R PROMOTING UNDERAGE DRINKING" if they don't specifically ban him from it? The internet doesn't seem to have an answer for me beyond speculation that yes, producers are worried about backlash for not following U.S. laws.

  • I still don't like David, but his immunity win was cute and well deserved.

  • I am still hoping either Ken or Adam wins the game, while Sunday has moseyed her way into 3rd place in my heart by process of elimination, She seems like she'd be a real nice lady IRL.

  • Most positive thing I can think of: I'm really enjoying most of the challenges? I can't remember them after they're done, but I do like watching them.

At this point, I am basically a cat lashing my tail from beginning to end for each episode. They're boring, they're irritating, I care zero percent about anyone, all of these things are made worse compared to how much better NCIS: LA is in every way, and the worst part is that I can't spare myself by writing them off entirely because I feel juuuust enough obligation to continue watching* -- and writing about it for record-keeping purposes.  Even though I literally find myself tuning out entire 5-minute segments and snapping out of it with no idea what was said, but then shrugging and not caring enough to rewind.
*I've been with this show since season 3 began. 2006. That's the longest I've stuck with any show besides CSI -- and by this time next year, it will have the crown.

14x06, Shell Corp: The "Welcome to NCIS" sweaters were cute, though what I'd REALLY love is one that just says "NCIS" knitted across the front (fandom? Etsy? You should meet). Also, the victim had a v.cute dog, and I love that the Secret Flash Drive of Hell and Damnation was hidden in said dog's collar.

14x07, Home of the Brave: A nauseatingly sweet storyline about how our immigration laws fail to protect people whose parents are assholes who bring and raise their kids here illegally without preparing them for the possibility they'll be deported because the law hasn't figured out a good compromise between protecting good people and the obvious need to discourage that behavior. It's supported by a simply nauseating storyline I refuse to even acknowledge that because WHY. WOULD YOU. PUT THOSE IMAGES. IN MY HEAD.

And then, lest you think that the only positive to losing Tony was that we would finally be free of his father, oh-ho-ho boy do you have another thing coming. The only positive to this entire episode was seeing Tony's apartment again and knowing McGee and Delilah will get to live there (and take care of the fish that come with it!).

Edit from 2018: It seems you missed a thing that was both positive and tragic -- turns out this episode contains what will be the last-ever cheek kiss for Abby from Gibbs.

14x08, Enemy Combatant: We're back to actively not ignoring Bishop's divorce again, because apparently it's imperative that we have a dating plotline with her. And it's not even an interesting one. On the plus side, she's not dating Torres or ruining her awesome buddy chemistry with Clayton Reeves. On the downside, the dude she IS dating is so boring that I have absolutely no idea who he is/why I'm supposed to recognize him [Qasim Naasir from episode 12x21]. Is it too late to go back and cast my vote for Reeves?  Because now I ship it.

I'm beginning to suspect that the reason Joel McHale signed on to The Great Indoors had nothing whatsoever to do with the premise and everything to do with insider knowledge that he would get to be in close proximity to and/or cuddle a bunch of tame wild animals. I can't believe this aspect was not hyped to the power of a million. He had a freaking lemur on his shoulder in the most recent episode.

Bonus McHale interview quote:

Are you comfortable with the animals on the show?  Are you an animal person?

I love them. It’s the only time my kids will come visit the set because they love animals and they could care less about what I do.  So I’m like, “There’s going to be a raccoon.” They’re like, “Great, we’re there.”  That’s really how it goes.

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