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Hah, hah, hah...

So I spent an hour tonight painstakingly scanning every YA novel in the library catalog, year by year in reverse chronological order, to find a book I'd rejected at the library whose details were too thin to google (I already tried. for an hour), because I thought I finally had a use for a love triangle where girl is torn between Mysterious Hot/Sad New Boy and devoted longterm boyfriend. Of course it was the library that just closed to move to a new building, so I couldn't go back to check the shelf. But I found the book! (Truest)

Only to remember that the reason I chucked it wasn't just the love triangle, it was because there were sexcapades* at the end. That does not fit the plan I had, so it's out.

*that is my new default term for literally any sex that takes place with the main character in a YA novel. It is always ridiculous and unnecessary.

Unfortunately, much as I tried to screen my eyes while glancing periodically at summaries in case I had misremembered the cover -- and this is the whole reason I was hoping the Goodreads comm would find the book for me first -- my eyes got snagged by TONS of titles, and now there are like 18 new books I want to investigate. On top of the 10 I already have checked out and can't settle down to read, because even though I have an incredibly broad range of topics and styles to pick from, I can't settle on which one I want most at any given second.

Hm. It's always worked well for me when I talk it out to myself, so let's try that. Also, this is entire rest of the post.

Current Options, In Order of Current Due Dates
1. Pax -- middle grade novel about a boy who's been separated from his pet fox. It looks like a modern-day successor of a classic 60s animal story. I'm a little dubious about its need to be set in a vague future with a war backdrop, though.

2. Tumbling -- when you're like, "I wish there was a story about the U.S. women's gymnastics team in novel form OH WAIT THERE IS." (or at least about the trials leading up to the Olympics)

3-4. The Ruby Notebook & The Jade Notebook -- sequels to The Indigo Notebook, which I was dying for at the time but as usual, in the annoyingly long time it took to haul them in (from interlibrary loan), it's now hard to get back in the groove of settling into an international location with a boho-hippie mama and her daughter.

5. The Girl at the Center of the World -- post-apocalyptic sequel to the awesome Islands at the Center of the World, set in Hawaii and focusing more on survival in the aftermath of the initial disaster, but with militia-like threats

6. Emmy & Oliver: Childhood friends, reunited after it turns out his dad kidnapped him, friendship-on-a-slow-burn-to-romance. One of the books I picked out specifically to cast Deeks and Kensi or Nell, except now I might wanna throw some Survivor kids in instead. It just looks like such a satisfying book -- if I pick the right cast.

7. Every Last Word -- classic high school RS fare, girl coping wih/overcoming OCD. I really only got it because I liked the author's previous work. Will probably kick it back unread as a maybe-later.

8. This Side of Home -- black high school senior twins face gentrification in Seattle and differing post-grad priorities. I really have to be in the precise mood to want this story, because I think it's gonna be really good, and I don't want to spoil it by going in lukewarm.

9. Openly Straight -- gay guy lowkey goes back in the closet when attending an all-boy's school, falls in love with some dude. Still deciding who to cast. It depends how likeable the guys are. I'm feeling increasingly like the answer is "not very."

10. Taylor Swift: Our Song -- a brand-spankin' new coffee table book of a biography, with all kinds of cool multi-format stylings.
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