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Sometimes I hit up the Tumblr tag "book survey," in search of new ways to talk about the objects I love more than anything in the world, and today I actually found a fun infinite-use one about your current book + last book read. But more importantly, there was the question Why did you decide to read this book?

And a glitter bomb went off inside my heart as it occurred to me that I could go through my books of 2016, answer this question for every single one, compile the data in a neat little blog post and have myself a keepsake.

Because sometimes I include the backstory in my Goodreads reviews, but not always, and it's always such an intriguing question that it would be fun to both analyze the data for patterns and look at it 10 or 20 years in the future. (I've forgotten why I chose many of my high school books, after all) I can't link directly to my Goodreads on Tumblr because I don't want The Mob to have any easy way of identifying me, but maybe if I post something like this there, it will entertain some people who've read the same books for different reasons.

P.S. One thing I always thought would be fun to do is record where I read each book (e.g. the park, car ride, in bed...). I've always scrapped that, because I think that might feel like too much data to put pressure on myself to record, but I often connect really fun memories of the context of book-reading as much as I do to the memory of the stories themselves. And while I obviously remember plenty now, I don't know that I always will. Maybe I'll actually do that next year! Maybe next year is the year I ease up on the pressure to read 100, and focus more on the quailty of each experience.
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