RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

My inner child's Christmas Wish List.

I've been mostly too busy for Christmas thoughts this year, while trying to clean out the stuff I have, so I've pretty much been telling everyone that I a) don't really need anything, and b) I have no specific wishes for anything this Christmas. Which is true. But that doesn't mean I don't have standing "dream gifts." Release the nostalgia!

A couple of nights ago I was window-shopping on eBay for funsies, browsing keywords like "plastic dogs + lot" in hopes that someone would fail to recognize some of the 90s toys I love and price them accordingly, and I tripped over this wonderful, very modern toy set that I, a grown woman, want right now: Constructive Playthings: Dog Academy. It costs an amount of RIDICULOUS (though probably on par with what a large LPS/MLP set cost in the 90s), but -- but -- look at all the little obedience training sets and little dog accessories! Not to mention the wonderful realistic dogs! This is far and away the most recent thing that meets 90s standards for quality realism in animal toys. I thought that era was entirely over.

Once again, I am ostensibly a Real Adult. Yet I also want this miniature doggie daycare set.

I am not actually going to get them, both due to cost and due to definite lack of space for what I've got, but dreaming is so fun.

I am straight-up drooling over all the New In Box / Package Littlest Pet Shops sets selling at the not-cheap-but-not-totally-ridiculous prices of $15-20. I think I want them even more than original My Little Ponies at the moment. Like there is a palpable ache in my chest, remembering the unadulerated joy of receiving the beautiful packaging (none of which I saved and which I would now LOVE to have a whole collection of; argh!), never mind the thrill of opening it up and taking out whimsical yet not cartoonish little animals with moving parts, and knowing I would still feel that way. I may have outgrown most cartoons and dolls and frankly most Disney movies, but never animal toys!

Then I stumbled upon Ertl farm sets, specifically cows. I almost forgot about these! They were scaled to fit perfectly with the Winner's Choice / Mini Whinnies micro mini horses, and while the horses this company made were pretty tacky and ugly by comparison, their lil' plastic cows are wonderful (especially the Holsteins), and my best friend and I used to steal them from her brother's farm set and mix them in with our horses. They make sheep and goats too, and I...might be tempted to actually buy some, since the shipping is low and they're selling sets of like, 20, for $6-8. I still have a few of hers, but I would LOVE to throw in a bunch more.

And lastly, Puppy in my Pockets, original version...LOOK AT THIS DREAM SPREAD. To be fair, I probably have the majority of the dogs, and at least half the ponies too -- but I threw away the cards. And I was sure I had the pink Puppy Hotel stored in the attic, but the box for it is full of books (side note: having the box is wonderful), so perhaps I got rid of it. Kudos to my parents, incidentally, for that dream of a Christmas gift when I was 9 or 10.
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