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I'm busy investigating the season 6 NCIS: LA DVD set, and may I just say, the award for Most Amazing Episode I Didn't Know About Previously Due To My Densi Filter goes to 6x09, "Traitor."

I looked this one up after Eric mentioned in a recent episode how he was "held at syringe point" by Brown, to which I was like, "JIGGA whaaaaa, how have I not seen this on the ol' YouTubes??" and then it turns out there are still like 59 amazing things beyond that, including but almost certainly not limited to:

  • Deeks' stony face on "and you're willing to make that choice for them." I love when he and Kensi are a united anti-Hetty front.

  • Deeks & Kensi racing, too late, to cut down Poor Innocent Victim Helen and administer CPR. Also Deeks looking uncharacteristically subdued afterward for something unrelated to Kensi, sitting outside the room.

  • The hilarious meta of Carl snarking about what Eric must have done to get kicked out of his ivory tower and locked in with the rest of the plebes.

  • Nell slapping Eric to make him get ahold of himself. There is a consistent theme of approved female-on-male violence in my CBS shows, and I am very proud of them for supporting gender roles like that.

  • Eric's shocked face after Brown casually slams his head into the wall. Poor thing looks so bewildered at being the object of unprovoked violence.

  • Nell's general panic/fretting about Eric's welfare, which just fyi is something I would like to see again in the future, but amplified

  • Deeks & Kensi casually lying in wait to meet Carl @ gunpoint. "Remember us?" / "Holla!"

I did see the Densi scenes on their own, of course, but they only help make this episode great. Deeks seems to be working overtime in the first half of season 6 to backpedal on 5x21 and beam love rays at Kensi in hopes she'll pick up on it. The "and I love it" when he describes her "softer, lacey lady side" could not have been less subtle, although smelling her hair managed to beat it out. Also, the way he smiles at her sassing Carl at the end is too much for my heart. Aww, he love her so much.

I dont understand why the Eric/Nell scene ends as quickly as it does, though, particularly after Callen literally goes "OKAY THAT'S OUR CUE" and Deeks is like, "this is happening." What's happening?? I wanna see it! Fine, if you insist, I'll just assume this is the point at which they started secretly dating.

Anyway, you'd think I'd remember more things given that I have literally watched this episode at least 3 times at this point AND listened to the audio commentary to fall asleep 4 or 5 times, but I had to return the DVD and I want to post this instead of saving it as a draft for seven months like I actually might have done because I kept forgetting about it; WHO KNOWS WHEN I ACTUALLY MADE THIS POST PUBLIC.
Tags: ncis: la, tv commentary

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