RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

The sort of thing I might post to Tumblr, except it reveals my age.

When I decided to catch up on my journal this weekend, I started listening to older CDs for ambiance. Or I was, but the first one I picked was the original Lifehouse CD, and WOW that is a joyous nostalgia rush. I equate most of the songs with Mulder & Scully -- thanks to this awesome fansite where this one person made artistic collages with said lyrics arranged over them -- but I also equate it strongly with when I acquired the CD, which was Christmas 2001, and I listened to it a lot while doing homework during winter that year.

It's one of the very few albums by A Dude Band I own -- possibly, in fact, the only one -- and I love how even though all the songs do sound kind of the same in the way that Dude Bands Other Than Nickelback do, and I could not pick most of them out from the others on paper, upon listening to the full set each song has a unique musical...something. I want to say "scent." That sounds weird, but I can't think of how else to describe the phenomenon whereby the combination of music + lyrics registers familiar abstract thoughts or memories that make you go, "ah yes, you." I've cycled through it about 6 times in 48 hours.

...what I'm saying is, anybody else want to reminisce about old school Lifehouse?

I'm also having an intense craving for cheese. That I could post to Tumblr, but I'm too lazy to switch windows. Tell me of your favorite cheeses, especially for the holidays.

(We actually have cheese, multiple fancy kinds even -- white cheddar with cranberry and herbed goat cheese and Brie -- but I've had more than enough of it today, so even though it hasn't completely satiated me I need to cut myself off. I've wasted a rather impressive amount of time tonight trying to figure out exactly which cheese I might want and/or what to pair it with that might actually quiet said craving. It's actually been kind of fun. I've been looking up fancy photos of cheese platters and everything. My ability to get enjoyment out of the anticipation process almost never works with food.)
Tags: food, nostalgia

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