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If you take the second comma out, the tags become darkly funny.

So I am...pretty much refusing to acknowledge the devastating news about Carrie Fisher, especially since I also just found out that Doris Roberts (a.k.a. the grandma on Everybody Loves Raymond) passed away in April (though at least she was 90. But seriously, 90?? Apparently she sipped from the Well of Eternal Vigor in Betty White's backyard). And while I have no conscious knowledge of Debbie Reynolds in life (I looked up why she's famous but I had never heard of her before, seen anything she was in, or known Carrie had a famous mother), but I'm very willing to be mad on principle.

I have several posts I keep drafting but running out of motivation to finish / brainpower to make the ideas turn into words, so instead you get a post about my day. I finished work for the year at 11 AM and am now FREE ALL WEEKEND (that's almost three entire days. Plus I only spent an hour on work yesterday), and things I have done today include dishes, making muffins, a 30-minute walk that probably did not burn off even one of those muffins, and then CLEANING.

I hauled up the vacuum cleaner and got very determined to vacuum up all the dust / potential cobwebs that have collected around the book stacks in the corner in front of book case, so that I could handle and rearrange said books. I also cleaned up the skinny spaces between my desk and the wall / other furniture, where stuff tends to fall and be lost in what I call "the abyss," due to my reluctance to put my hand near areas where cobwebs tend to lurk. Things I fished out include:

-Handheld mirror
-4 pens or pencils
-3 empty pop/water bottles
-A small enamel rooster-shaped bracelet charm
-2 socks
-My dry erase board eraser
-A model horse blanket

Things I fished out from within the book stacks include:
-The nice winter headband I lost over a year ago
-A cute little 3-D wall decoration that I am saving for Future Apartment
-The White Stallion of Lipizza, which I almost bought at Half Price last year because I thought I had it but I couldn't find it anywhere, and the only reason I didn't was that someone bought it out from under me.

More importantly, I opened up two boxes and fished out several titles I no longer want to keep, which have been added to my Half Price bags. That's right, bags! I have two ready to get rid of! So far! There's also a third bag of books that are not in profitable shape (ex-library, a textbook, fragile/separating spines), but are going to Goodwill because I can't be the one to kill them. That's the condition I bought them in, so maybe someone else is willing to overlook their flaws.

I have even found a couple of titles where I had duplicates (see, that's what The Inventory List was supposed to help with, except that as far as I can tell, right after I finished it Kym's death triggered full-on book hoarding, because that is the year in which I began to acquire books so much faster than I found/had space for them, gave up on ever updating The List, etc.).

I also tried experimenting with doing a horizontal stack in the middle of the vertical titles, and oh. That does modestly increase the space.

I've never liked the look of that much, but at this point...everything lives in horizontal stacks that aren't even protected by boxes anyway; they might as well be where I can see them and off the floor. I have to be careful not to make those stacks too heavy, but I have a lot of small paperbacks that are perfect for this.

There is not actually a lot of super visible progress, but I still feel great about it. I slipped some titles into the vacated spaces in the box, got 7 more on the shelves without taking any off, and am even making a Volcanic TBR pile of books I bought "to read, which I may or may not end up liking enough to keep," where I am giving myself until January 31st to read them or THEY ARE GONE. Hopefully most of them will be marked to go anyway.

Edit: seriously, this is what it still looks like. I feel like a bit of RS-shaming might help.
[okay but like imagine all those same stacks being higher]
(note: the grocery sacks are things I'm getting rid of, the cardboard box on the left contains the Harry Potter Castle which I'm putting back in the attic as soon as this door you see here is no longer blocked, and the black box near the front is actually holding boots -- with a t -- that is going back in the closet momentarily. The other boxes are actually full of books, though.)
(secretly I'm hoping this will serve as a good "before" photo by the end of the weekend)

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