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The Music of 2016: Q4

Like a hibernating bear, I mostly lived off the gluttonous excess of music I obtained at the beginning of the year (or old CDs), and without much radio exposure either, most of my songs are from 2 TV sources. But it'll still be fun!

120. Ingrid Michaelson – Hell No
Mama said that the boys like you never work out anyway

I was debating whether or not I loved it when it got stuck in my head one day while driving out to a country estate sale, and never left. This is quite the self-empowerment anthem. Starting to suspect Ingrid Michaelson has Pink levels of magic in terms of consistently creating hit singles that are irresistible to me, as this is the 8th one to join my library. The video is pretty cute too. Both the one I linked and the one with sign language.

Otherwise, all I listened to all month for new music was...
CD Rec: Butterfly Boucher, “Flutterby”
It is so beautiful and rare to pop in a CD about which you have no prior knowledge, from a singer about whom you have no prior knowledge, and just enjoy the sound of every single track. It's like someone flipped through my collection of singer-songwriter CDs, fed the data into a computer algorithm, and produced this CD tailored to my exact needs. My absolute fave is the super-catchy Another White Dash, which is probably the coolest way ever of describing driving away from everything, and seconded by the sounds-like-a-single I Can't Make Me Love You.

121. Tori Amos – Mountain
She'll be down when the mountain lets her down

I spent 75% of the month obsessively playing the “Scarlet's Walk,” album, but this time I added all the extras that were released online. Some of them I've mentioned before, others still aren't strong enough to merit inclusion on their own, but this one would not let me leave it off the list because it has such amazing music.

122. Community soundtrack – Annie's Song
I see her smile and I want to sing a song
But then I write the words and they always come out wrong
I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes
But then the words get frozen in my mouth like Eskimoes
I like your nose

There's an extended version on Spotify, and that takes its length over a minute a.k.a enough to count, though I'm linking to the video clip because it is adorable. This song is also pretty good proof that your lyrics can be as stupid as you like as long as you've got a nice voice and can play a guitar.

123. Community soundtrack – Gettin' Rid of Britta
Saying goodbye to Britta was the hardest thing to do
But when someone's a bitch and a liar, there ain't nothing left to woo

This is the most pleasant-sounding ex-bashing song ever written. And by pleasant sounding I mean its laid back reggae sound disguises an impressive variety of slurs.

124. Community soundtrack – Pierce, You're A B
Pierce, I just want you to know
I'm hip to your tricks, and you're not my bro

CATCHY EX-BRO BITTERNESS. The rap interlude is particularly spectac.

125. Community soundtrack – Some Worries
Aesthetic: when you think you have no worries but then realize you actually have some worries.

(I honestly cannot believe I have lived the entire past 6-7 years without having any of these beauties save the first one in my life)

126. Crazy Ex-Girlfriendcast (ft. Vincent Rodriguez) – Thought Bubbles a.k.a. “That Escalated Quickly” (+ reprise)
And now the thought and I are fighting in a bar
And I can't beat the thought 'cause he's super swoll
'Cause the thought hits the gym more than I do
If I can't even hit the gym, how can I ever be a good father?

Words cannot express how delightful this is. He's so tiny and stressed by his thoughts!

127. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend cast (ft. Vincent Rodriguez) Ping Pong Girl
When she serves the ball, look how she does it
She's so hot but she doesn't know it
She probably just found that outfit laying around
(Like in the trash!)

Everything about this is so bonkers I am having trouble choosing my favorite lyric. I must say I'm really fond of "oh man, look at her pong that ping" and also "dudes sing these kinds of SONGS!” #sureRebecca

128. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend cast (ft. Santino Fontana) – Greg's Drinking Song
Gather ye round, and I'll tell you a tale
Of all the great times I've had with an ale

Listen, I tried really hard to resist its numerous gross lyrics, but I can't resist his voice + Irish music, okay.

129. Carrie Underwood – Little Toy Guns
I wish words were like little toy guns
No smoke, no bullets, no kick from the trigger when you pull it

I found this in a group of songs I had saved from a Now that's What I Call Music compilation as one that intrigued me enough to consider later. I've found myself playing it on loop. Carrie and I never see eye to eye enough for a full album, but we've shared many a great singles over the years, and this one is both catchy and just the sweetest, saddest song from the perspective of a kid whose parents wn't stop fighting.

130. OMI - Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn/radio mix)
When I lose motivation
My one solution is my queen, cause she stay strong

I've been resisting this most of the year, but I think it's time to admit it's got my ear. Most dudes with a Jamaican accent and anything resembling a catchy beat do, especially if they've added a trumpet solo. This cracks me up because it's like it wants to be really romantic but mostly it makes me think, "oh, so that's how people with 2-year marriages end up thinking they're ready for it in the first place."

131. 21 Pilots - Heathens
Why'd you come, you knew you should have stayed
I tried to warn you just to stay away

I have no idea what this song is saying (so I'm just gonna pretend it's about the singers apologizing for their atheist friends. Unless it's about their vampire / mutant friends), and I tried mightily to resist hearing it on the radio because I had a feeling I'd be a goner if I did, but I failed and it hooked me within 1.5 plays. I think 21 Pilots may be in collusion with the devil. Nothing else explains their music's ability to be this weird yet this addictive to me. I suppose it's all in the studio magic and weird/awesome sound effects.

132. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast (ft. Rachel Bloom/Gabrielle Ruiz/Vella Lovell) -- Friendtopia
A dystopia around our friendship

A.K.A. What if there were only 3 Spice Girls and they were power-mad dictators. This is the first song since "Jap Battle," incidentally, that hooked me in a promo and then made me obsessed with playing that tiny clip over and over until the full song was available.

133. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast (ft. Vella Lovell) – Stuck in the Bathroom
Whoever renovated this house did a terrible job

A dramatic monologue narrating the situation after one of your friends gets stuck in the bathroom. Set to music. ~IT'S ART~

134. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast (ft. Brittany Snow) -- Research Me Obsessively
It's not stalking 'cause the information is all technically public

Hahaha oh my god. It is not only a super hypnotizing beat, but painfully accurate in the lyrics department. IT'S IMPORTANT TO BUILD A DOSSIER ON NEW PEOPLE, OKAY. ("Pay only $9.99 on a background check website to know for sure!") I had perfectly legitimate reasons to create that LinkedIn account.
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