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Yes. This is my third day in a row of meme postage.

But I justify it with the fact that I write paragraphs for nearly all the answers, which makes it almost like a blog post.  If you prefer, think of it as me waxing rhapsodically on my history with Harry Potter.   Survey nicked off Xanga somewhere.  Xanga people don't do credit.

'How old were you when you first heard of Harry Potter? 12
How old were you when you actually started reading the series? Same age...that's how I heard of it; Mom bought the first book. And I am frequently and routinely grateful that she did so that I got in on the ground floor; it gives me a sense of superiority to know I was there from the beginning.  (or at least, the beginning in the United States) Because I most likely would not have picked up a fantasy book on my own, and certainly not if I'd heard everyone praising it as the greatest thing ever.
Was it love at first sight? Explain. I don't really remember my first reactions; I wasn't keeping a journal at the time and even so I didn't write about the series in my journal until book 5.  I think I liked it pretty well; I remember being shocked when somebody in my 8th grade Communications class said they didn't want to read it, but...I wasn't head over heels about the books, either.  Not like now.  Thanks, internet!  :P
How many times have you read each book?
8, 7, 5, 5, 3, and 2 times, respectively.  That sounds about right.
Do you read HP fan fiction? Y-es...sort of.  I'm highly selective.  And by "highly selective" I mean that I occasionally follow links to Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione stories recommended by multiple people, but otherwise minimize my world to Mrstater's Lupin/Tonks stories.  The books thus far offer only tantalizing tidbits for these three pairs; fanfic needs to fill in the gaps...but it's terribly hard to find good writing.
Have you ever written HP fan fiction? No.  I am fully aware that I'm not one of the gifted people able to make my writing sound like Rowling's, even if I could come up with story ideas.
Have you ever drawn any HP fanart? Hah! I can't draw anything, least of all likenesses of characters.
Do you have more than 100 posts on any Harry potter website?
Are you known for your obsession or are you an in-the-closet fan? Be hard to be a closet fan after filling out this survey, wouldn't it?  Most people in real life know I read it; we grew up on it.  Although admittedly I only started talking about it with fervor in the past month or two.
Have you ever played Quidditch? Oh yes.  All the time, on my magical flying broomstick in the garage.  *snort* Although...I did play it in the HP computer game.  I sucked.
Do you wish you went to Hogwarts? Why or why not? I could never have done it.  Leaving your parents at age eleven to spend months away at school?  Uh-uh.  Not even if I had a cat to keep me company.  Plus Snape would probably frighten me into hysterics worse than Neville, if I didn't freak out in Defense Against the Dark Arts first.  (I always thought that seemed like rather the most challenging class of all, no matter what McGonagall says about hers)
Have you read all of JKR’s other HP-related books? All 2 of them?  Yes, we discussed this recently.
Do you have a Hedwig’s Theme ringtone on your cell phone? Do you want one?
No.  And no.
Have you gone to any of the midnight releases of the books?
Nah.  Being around other obsessive fans is not my idea of a good time.  HP is something I want to experience all by myself.  (plus I sort of like not knowing precisely when the mail is going to be delivered on release day, and being on the edge of my seat for hours)  AFTER I finish reading, of course, it's another story.  Then it's "OMG PEOPLE GET OVER HERE WE NEED TO TALK!"
How about the midnight showings of the movies? No, Harry Potter movies aren't worth it.
Do you like the books or movies better? Why? The books, because they're longer.  :D  No, actually, because while the first movie was a cinematic stunner and literally brought the pages to the life, and the second was almost as good, but after that the casting and the script adaptations were all shot to hell.  Besides, the books can provide entertainment without electricity.
Which Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher has been your favorite? Least favorite? Well, as Lupin is clearly the best professor in the entire school...I'd say he wins this category.  For my least favorite, I'm going with Lockhart the gibbering idiot.  He was so useless it wasn't even funny.  At least Umbridge had a slightly terrifying quality about her to keep me entertained.
Do you own any Harry Potter media? (i.e. posters, action figures, etc.)? Well...we have the series in hardcover + the two supplemental books, the first movie on video, the second on DVD, and the soundtrack to the first movie.  But for serious HP merchandise, you want my brother's room.  He was obsessed with it the year of the first movie, which meant that Christmas 2001 saw an explosion of Harry Potter related gifts.  We had the dueling set, Harry/Snape/Dumbledore figures to go with, the board game, the computer game, bookmarks, trading cards, a coloring book, and stockings full of wizard candy.  He still has most of these things kicking around somewhere, I think, although he broke the dueling set trying to take it apart and mess with the wires.
What is your order from favorite to least favorite of HP books? 5, 3, 1, 2, 4, 6, with Order of the Phoenix being the best.
Voice: Because it has Tonks and Lupin?
RS: Because it's largely about Sirius.   And is longer than all the others.
Voice: And has Tonks and Lupin?
RS: Yes.
Do you have an HP site, devoted to only Harry Potter? Er, no
Which HP character do you admire or look up to the most?
I happen to be quite fond of Tonks, thank you.  I like her spirit and charm, and her endearing clumsiness.  That, and I think she's about the only witch in the book who's not quite as old as most of the adults in the book but is considerably more mature than the Hogwarts students, which is a nice change in perspective.  I suppose there's also Fleur, but I mostly just want to strangle her. 
Which HP character do you relate to the most? Was Hannah Abbot the girl who burst into hysterics during her O.W.L?  Because I identify with her. I'm not cool enough to be anyone else.
How has Harry Potter changed your life?  Umm...I discovered that is possible to be enraptured with characters who exist in books as opposed to TV, I am slightly less averse to reading novels that involve magic, and I'm happily caught up in the type of cultural phenomenon that I never quite fit into with Lord of the Rings and arrived at too late for X-FIles
Later we will be discussing the first CSI: Miami spoilers of the season.  Later, like when I can do something other than scream incoherently whenever I think about them.

On an unrelated note, o listeners of Regina Spektor, what are your favorite songs by her?  Although I was captivated by "Samson" last year and eventually decided I liked "Fidelity" too, I only just decided to see about finding more of her music.  As of yesterday I am wholly obsessed with both "Buildings" and "Braille."  What other songs should I add to my playlist?
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