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These two topics are so tonally different that I should really separate them...

NCIS, 14x11, Willoughby

Via a nice talk with Gibbs, we learned that Clayton Reeves is a sad orphan who grew up in foster care and has no friends except Ellie, so now I am hardcore shippin' it. In other news, Ellie flirting with her non-Reeves boyfriend is gross and the comment on "young love" is gross. She is supposed to be a happily settled old married lady thank you.
HOLY S*** SOMEONE JUST SPRAYED THE ROOM WITH BULLETS AND TOOK HIM DOWN THAT IS AMAZING. You got me good, show! I thought that was the end of the episode and I was about to congratulate you on your bloodbath fakeout, but boy, you found a way to make that tradition pull through. Although I am now kind of suspecting that dread bastard is gonna pull through, and make this relationship so much harder to destroy after it gets hurt/comfort all gummed up in it.

Oh my god this show is making up for its lack of quality characters with EPIC twists. No brain function! Nothing but machines keeping him breathing! Reeves being the only person allowed to even see her in this drastically sad hour! ♫It's a waaaaaarm and it's a whooooolesome haaaallelujah.♫
Recent attempts to sabotage my book cleanout: Chris and I went to a Half Price Books last night as a back-up activity when the movie we wanted to see was sold out. I resisted all temptation...but now tonight, I've gone ahead and found a $10 Half Price Books gift card from 2 Christmases ago that I apparently haven't used yet.

I also found a 25% off coupon for Goodwill that expired 3 days ago. *headdesk* And a $2 off Target coupon for disposable razors, though that one expired 2 years ago. What else will I find this evening?? [edit: a $1 off coupon for Glide dental floss, aka the only kind that doesn't slice into my gum or get snagged and fray on my teeth, that expired a year ago. I don't usually need coupons for the stuff I buy, so my organization system for them is non-existent.]
Tags: cleaning, ncis, tv commentary

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