RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

It's a work weekend.

According to RescueTime, I've been on the computer for 37 of the past 60 hours, of which approximately 26 were pure work. I was ahead of the game until I decided to go ahead and sleep a full 7.5 hours, which caused me to wake up at 10:30, so I didn't get started on making contacts until my usual time and now I'm actually a little behind, because I'm waiting on 3 people to reply to me from yesterday's stuff, but I only submitted 1 of the many things assigned to me today so far, and have yet to even review 3 of them, since they all suck and will require long contacts.

A List Of Non-Work Things I Have Done

  • Listen to Taylor Swift's 3 most recent CDs on loop

  • Rank the songs on Fearless, Speak Now and Red in order of best to worst.

  • Attempt to figure out my Top Twenty Taylor Swift Songs Of All Time. Burn out when I remember how many bonus tracks and extra songs she's done on soundtracks that are not on the CDs I own, and can't decide if I should include them or not.

  • Work on updating my book catalog (mostly stripping out the books I threw in sale bags)

  • There are still 564 books on that list, so added to my best estimates for the amount of titles on the floor / desk, it would appear I have approximately 750 to 800 books in total now, ranging from Dickens to Little Golden Books in size. Crammed into one room.

  • Update my "books I STILL want to own" document/shelf on Goodreads

  • Check out old blog entries to see what I was doing in January 2008, my last winter semester of college. I found a really fun "how old were you when you first..." survey that I promised myself I would revisit in 10 years to see if I'd done any of the things I hadn't done yet at that point. I'm gonna give myself another year on that, but preview version: I have now kissed someone, but I still haven't gotten drunk.

  • List all the stores I would like to window-shop in in the near future. Instead of working harder to actually take a 2-hour break and maybe go to some of them.

  • Search random tags on Tumblr like "trinkets" and "miniatures" in search of cool photos

  • Add up all my student loans to figure out how much I still owe in total (spoiler alert, still 5 figures)

  • Longingly Google for blog posts about people who've done major bookshelf cleanouts, inspiring myself even though I've had to abandon that project since Thursday because work

Tags: cleaning

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