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In which Madam Secretary won the "best first episode of 2017" race on CBS.

Criminal Minds, 12x09, "Profiling 202"
[well, that was certainly an episode]People talked. Rossi had a variety of emotions. I think they caught one of their escaped serial killers. New new guy had no room to make an impression on me; he mostly sat still and looked pretty. /Daya reference

NCIS: LA, 8x12, Kulinda
1. Ohhhhh, my god, the amount that I hate Psychologist? Nate, I don't even know if there are words. Hetty is a delight by comparison, okay. He makes me miss Hetty. That dread bastard has been a thorn in my side since this show premiered, and I was so happy they drummed him out of town for season 2, except they failed to kill him so he just keeps showing up with his dead eyes and judgmentally mopey face to inevitably ruin what should be the beautiful emotional recovery episode for my wounded faves. He's done it twice already (Nell, Deeks) and now he's here for the trifecta. Is it too late to call back Sully?

(honestly, that whole conversation was the most painful paint-by-numbers therapist conversation. Let's just cut to the chase: you want Kensi to acknowledge what is still hard for her and make a show of accepting her limitations while still earnestly thinking she is ready to go back to work, not because she ~needs to~ and has no other identity, but because she feels ready. Kensi is full of piss and vinegar because she's afraid of being punished with Ops again if she isn't 1000% confident and physically capable. Both of you are excluding Deeks from this conversation when he might actually be a decent medium.

2. On the bright side, there are also no words for how much I adored Nell patiently explaining to a baffled and somewhat perturbed Deeks how YouTube vlogger celebs who review clothing are born. His face! That is so priceless. I love that Nell not only knows what this is, she acts like it's perfectly normal. I like to think Kensi would have a similar attitude about it. Also, though I hate that I got here from a shippy scene, I'm p. sure I just got a glimpse of Deeks not understanding his future preteen daughter, and it's beautiful.

3. Eric's puppy-like adoration of Kensi continues. "Kensi! You're back at work! Joyous hug time! ....oh. sorry about the whole not asking if you were actually back thing I JUST MISS YOU SO MUCH AND YOU'RE WONDERFUL." I feel like that's at least 90% accurate paraphrasing of this scene. Do you not feel that way?

I missed the first 25 minutes of this episode, and honestly the only reason I even hauled myself to to bother with the missing portion was the hope of Eric/Nell partner banter. It turns out the first half is much better.

4. So I have it on mute, and I'm glancing over to the tab every couple of minutes to see if it's gotten to an interesting part. Callen and Anna are talking, blah blah, let's go prepare to skip ahead and WHAT, HOW, KISSING IS HAPPENING ????????? I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I was getting bored with Anna as a character and would just have to suffer until Kensi returned, but this? Yeah. I can roll w/ this. That is a damned fine kiss, Mr. Carl.

(that said: what is with this team and pouncing on people, first-kiss-wise. It is in fact okay to sometimes not aggressively accelerate into it out of nowhere!)

5. Turns out there is actually extra Deeks in those first 25 minutes, too. Poor long-suffering lonely puppy, sad that Kensi doesn't want to share their former outdoor activities anymore and not really understanding why, but just accepting it as what she needs/wants. I like that Sam keeps trying to get him to talk, and that Deeks keep waffling between wanting to pour it all out and resisting that urge, insisting that things are fine because if he doesn't, it sounds like self pity.*
*That said, this is a really lovely illustration of my previous assessment of him: when he is miserable, he makes exactly zero effort to hide it from the world.

6. AND Deeks/Nell partner stuff?? I'm not really sure, writing-wise, what prompted the random story about Deeks' summer job as a gardener, but I loved Nell trying to rib the punchline out of him, and him bending over to smirk at eye level that the punchline is, there is no punchline.

7. I made the mistake of looking at a regular-website review of this episode, and the comments were full of people hating on Densi and whining about how "Kensi's so much more interesting without a 12-year-old boy chasing after her" and I'm just over here like "what universe am I in. What dark timeline. The horror."

But on Madam Secretary, there is a literal gift horse, and she's the best dun thing that your eyes have ever seen. /Avril Lavigne voice. Her name is Mandy and we've bonded and I'm keeping her. /Barney Stinson voice #I can keep this up all day #that's what he said #I request the highest of fives

click for full size

(I can't believe you sent her to Cuba. Is that really a horse paradise? I feel like that society is two seconds away from collapsing again. You couldn't crowdsource $2 million from people across the states to buy her and put her up on a nice farm? If they can prop up Planned Parenthood on the mere threat of its being defunded, surely y'all can pull together for a more dire cause)

Even though I'm pretty sure there is no way in hell two Mongolian horses have ever produced a horse like that, so did you just mean "a purebred horse bred in Mongolia," or one of those Mongolian/Thoroughbred crosses WIkipedia talks about, or what?

Seriously, I wanna know what breed she really is. Why doesn't anyone ever talk to people about the animals?? That should be your #1 interview question if you ever get a chance to talk to someone from this show. Who cares what the actors think or where the season is going. "So where did you get the horse from? What's her real name? Has she ever appeared in anything else? Who do you talk to in Hollywood when you're like, 'I need to hire an equine extra'? Did you have a specific idea in the script, or did you write the dialogue about how pretty she is after seeing her?"

In other news that is not new, I continue to love her husband and both of her daughters and even the one daughter's fiance like nobody's business.
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