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What a productive weekend.

Further on my strange new love for Scorpion('s OTP), the library was kind enough to have the season 2 DVD in stock for me, and according to RescueTime I have spent a solid 7 hours in the past 4 days skipping and dancing through this set.

Spurred on by a fantastic ship primer I found on Tumblr outlining exactly what the best episodes are and why, I watched all of those and then I sampled everything else in search of enjoyable case-working moments too small to mention. I do not actually have the patience to watch entire episodes, but I can apparently watch large chunks of them provided I can jump past any scenes that fail to contain Toby or Happy.

That of course doesn't include everything I've shaken out of YouTube re: season 3, which I am more and more dangerously feeling like I'm gonna pick up for the rest of the year, maybe, if test-scoring doesn't beat me down first.

And with that said, it's time to make my traditional Character Totem Pole from best to worst, so we can officially identify alphas and omegas to see if they ever change.

Character Totem Pole
1. Paige
2. Toby
3. Happy
Honestly it is getting hard to tell where I stand on these 3; I keep shuffling their positions around. I know Paige is not between them, but that's it. Kat McPhee is my everything and it is very hard for me not to put her first if she's in a show, but Paige also has such terrible character judgment re: men that it's cast a boring pall over her character that's hard to shake. Meanwhile, Toby is the only reason this show even got me, and he's very endearing / more loyal than a guide dog, but the more I see of Happy, the more I love her pluck and grumpiness and V. Sad Childhood backstory

4. Cabe: I had no real opinion of him for a long time, but his emerging Team Dad qualities, and particularly how close he is with Happy, have made me quite fond of him.

5. Tim: to be clear, there is a vast gulf between him & #4, but I can't really say he's a bad character. He's real bland, but he does in fact seem to be a genuinely good dude, and I wish he did not seem so doomed to be a sacrificial lamb on the altar of Paige & Walter's inevitable terrible love.

6. Walter: he really should be at least 2nd worst if not THE worst, but being attractive does wonders for ya. I mostly wish he had fallen off a cliff and died when he had the chance, because not even his Tragic Dying/Dead Sister Tears moved me, but I am trying to make an allowance for the fact that Toby considers him a friend. Somewhere in there is a relationship dynamic that could make him slightly less useless.

7. Sylvester: everything he says, does or has a facial expression about annoys me. Too much nerd stereotype. Not even if I were dying would I be receptive to his advances; I don't understand Megan O'Brien.

8. Ralph: I have never had less use for a child on a television show ever, ever. He's too young to be enjoyable as a kid but not old enough to enjoy him being friends with adults. I don't even feel anything re: Paige's possible mama bear instincts, because he never really seems to need a mother.

Other Show Thoughts

  • I am growing kind of fond of the friend potential between Toby and Paige. Was this mostly sparked by him examining her deeply bruised back after taking a bullet to a bulletproof jacket? Yes. But it was 100% friendship I felt, and I am very pleased by being able to record yet another example of male/female friendship that should not develop into more. In case you haven't met me, that's not something I'm usually capable of doing.

  • I've found her attempts at girl talk /  relationship talk with Happy so far to be very awkward and forced, but when she talks to Toby (say, about his obsessive over-protectiveness as a father-to-be), it's really genuine and sweet.

  • I want to like Toby's attempts to intervene in Walter's would-be relationship with Paige, but I'm just not there yet.

  • The green screen effects on this show are still so bad. Why won't they stop. How do they not see it. CSI: Miami did ridiculous things too, but at least they looked real.

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