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Criminal Minds, 12x10, "Seek and Destroy"
I did get very fond of the timid blonde gang member who looked like she'd stepped out of the 70s, and would like to know all of her life story past and future, but mostly this episode just seemed like an excuse to smash up sets and glorify teen partying/vandalism, with a homicidal edge. New New Guy spoke more this week, but his voice has a cadence that makes it sound like he's falling asleep. Or maybe I'm the one doing that. And we never really got a satisfactory answer for why this crazy girl was the way that she was. I guess I'm supposed to just assume she was born a bad seed?
NCIS: LA, 8x13, "Hot Water"

Wait, to be continued in two weeks? Dammit, I knew I should have waited until I had both (all?) parts of this thriller to start watching it. I think it might actually be 3 parts, that's even worse.

Still, what an exciting kick-start! That is the most I've ever been interested in a plot from beginning to end. I even liked all the interrogation scenes, because it was so fun watching our guys take different approaches to the questioning. And if so many team members are in custody that it's basically off-duty-Kensi, Nell and Eric saving the day, with limited guidance from Hetty? WHAT ARE DREAMS, COME TRUE. I'm not even sure what my favorite part was, although I was pretty fond of Deeks and Kensi aggressively defending each other to Snaky IA Lady from separate places. Also Eric's attempt to crack a "where have you been, in a coma?" joke to Kensi, followed by a self-chiding "too soon."

Side note: Deeks not believing in polygamy and presuming Kensi would make a terrible sister wife is gonna be a problem for my OT3.
Tags: criminal minds, ncis: la, tv commentary

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