RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Book Tetris

That is the only remaining solution. My shelves will never be organized again. All that matters is arranging them to fill all cubic shelf and out-of-the-way box space with as little damage as possible.

Most recent cover count shows approximately 85 remaining homeless books (floor, nightstand, dresser), and if I can just square the majority of them away, I'm going to declare victory. I'll make my peace with the other 80-odd displaced books living in stacks on my desk and lined up at the foot of my bed.

I'm not sure there's anywhere else to go, since I've already cracked open all the storage boxes and pawed through them, chucking out those titles which sparked joy at one time, but no longer do (I feel so ridiculous quoting KonMari! But it is genuinely useful). But I'm still trying.

I have pulled out multiple -- actually quite a lot -- of animal books that I recognize I really enjoyed at one time, but which after paging through again today I went, "that was nice," and then put it in a sale bag because I have acquired better books. I'm proudest of being able to divest myself of several coffee table books. I also decided I am now old enough not to be dazzled by Go Ask Alice and if I want to relive my 8th grade experience of reading it, public libraries are likely to keep it in stock.

I'm going to take a break and see if I can recycle Entertainment Weekly magazines. I had a subscription for 7 years, and all too often I'd run out of time to even read it before the next one came in, so I'd just toss it in a storage drawer. They do have a lot of great stuff so I'd like to save special editions, but more often than not I can just tear out the few articles I like and save those (this sounds like unnecessary paper clutter, but I had scrapbooks. I would like very much to update them)

Other motivational tips: last week I happened to watch Man With a Plan for about the second time ever, and it was all about Older Joey trying to empty the garage filled with boxes upon boxes of his wife's stuff, which she was afraid of losing but seemingly not able to actually go through/organize/downsize. That was a pretty great half hour, really lit a fire under me. Fortunately I do not yet have a husband who will indiscriminately pick up all the boxes and drop them off at Goodwill, but that is a nightmare I'd like to ward off all risk of happening.
Tags: cleaning, comedies
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