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The Office - Initial Thoughts

Despite all the effort and fighting involved in setting tapes lately, I've been letting my reality shows roll to tape.  As such, for the past couple of weeks I've had the Office marathons turned on and been half-watching them while at the computer.  I've never watched this show because a) I'm not a big fan of comedies, b) this particular comedy seemed rather cut-and-dried boring, and c) it's in the Gladiator Timeslot, which means it is always beaten out by CSI and/or The O.C. and/or Grey's Anatomy and/or summer reality shows.

But since apparently everyone on the internet watches it, over the months I'd gleaned a few things.  Steve Carell played a central character named Mike, the weird guy's name was Dwight, and there was some often-mentioned character named Jim who was at the center of a national controversy, split along battle lines of which ship you support - Jim/Karen or Jim/Pam.  It also seemed that Kim was canon and Jam was not, although the latter could probably be considered pending, in the manner of Mulder/Scully.  And Pam was played by an extraordinarily lovely and sweet-looking woman named Jenna Fischer, and for that reason alone I figured I would probably fall on the Jam side of things.  If I cared.

Last week I saw about 45 or 50 minutes worth of the block, not consecutively, but last night was the first time I watched two episodes back-to-back the whole way through.  Last week the only storyline I paid attention to was Jim walking out with Karen at the end of the night, and Pam looking kind of forlorn upon seeing it.  Based upon that, and the few ramblings I'd skimmed without context from TV Squad and LJ reviews, my understanding of this whole triangle - and bear in mind that this is based entirely off the impression I got from secondhand internet talk, and never looked up any information on this show - was that Jim and Pam were friends, and had been friends for a long time without ever being a couple, but in the current timeline she liked him a great deal, he was oblivious, and she was too shy to do anything about it, even though she wanted to.

Then last night, I saw an episode involving the Booze Cruise, in which a great many things seemed out of whack.  Karen was nowhere in sight, Jim had brought some random girl I'd never seen (but who was quite cute and likable, despite the fact that over the course of the episode Jim seemed to be losing his obliviousness and realizing he just might want more from Pam) as his date, and then...OMGWTF Pam's engaged?  Has been engaged for three years?  And hey, who is this guy suggesting June 10th for their wedding and PAM WHY ARE YOU KISSING HIM AND LOOKING DELIGHTED?  Because...did I just imagine the part about ten minutes beforehand where you and Jim were up by yourselves on the deck,  in the atmosphere of AWKWARD while making goo-goo eyes over long silences, and making me almost rip my hair out when Jim failed to lean down and kiss you even though he had a giant sign over his head saying "*LOVES PAM*" and you had a giant sign over your head saying "NOW ACCEPTING KISSES"?
V: I think you did imagine the signs.
RS: Bah. 

I know I should just look up show canon and figure out what's going on and how chronology works here, but...I'm lazy.  And I like confusing myself with mystery. 

So, on that note, I can see without a doubt that Jim and Pam would clearly be perfect for one another.  I've seen Karen, like, three times, and my main impression of her is that she's bossy, snippy, probably controlling and emotionally stunted.  While Jim strikes me as quite reserved and sweet (though also surprisingly clever; I can't remember exactly what convinced me of that fact but I'm pretty sure he's the smartest person there), Karen has Ice Queen Corporate Warrior written all over her.  No-no, that doesn't work at all.  Jim and Pam, on the other hand, are perfectly alike.  They would be the sweetest couple ever, like little puppies - *gasps* Yes!  They're my new Puppy Love Ship!  Oh, man, ever since Hodgins and Angela lost the title, I've been feeling empty.  I'm glad there's finally an innocent pair to replace them.
For the record, Jim and Pam make up 90% of the appeal of this show, and I see very little need to dwell on anything else.  However, for the sake of history, my other/overall impressions are as follows:

-I love the theme song, and the cute little sign for Scranton - it makes this show seem like it has so much charm and character.  This is not entirely true, but still, I could get lost in the theme song.

-I cannot get through fifteen seconds of Dwight's screentime without wanting to stab him with a very sharp implement.  I HATE weird, eccentric characters.  HATE HATE HATE WITH A FIERY BURNING PASSION.

-Michael is decidedly delusional, but he's less weird that Dwight and a lot more attractive, so he kind of amuses me.  Comic relief is good, considering that this is a comedy.

-Wait, it's a comedy??  *squints* Are you sure?  Because I only laughed, like, twice.  In fact, if you got rid of Dwight, and changed  a couple of aspects that I'll be talking about below, it could easily be turned into a 1-hour drama.  Hey, aren't they planning some hour-long episodes next season?  Interesting.

-If there are other characters, I didn't notice, and as far as I can tell that's not important.  Except possibly for B.J. Novak.  I can't get over the fact that he looks just like Maxine Gray's boss on "Judging Amy," and therefore cannot believe him in this role.  Whatever that role is.

-The main thing that bugs me, and why I will not watch this show on a regular basis: the talking-to-the-camera bits.  I despise that.  Who the hell are they talking to?  This is not a documentary, nor is it a reality show with a video diary.  It's a scripted television show, and as such, I want to see it from a removed third-person perspective, and either draw my own conclusions or have things explored through actual conversations.  It really jolts me out of the fantasy of the fictional world when the characters are suddenly looking at me.

-I know absolutely nothing about filming techniques or what they're called, I just know when things look weird and different than they usually do on film.  This show does something weird that makes it look like this is the film class project of college students.  Come to think of it, sometimes it feels like the characters are just the students' friends, reciting lines to help out with the project.  That bugs, too. 
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