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Lost Treasures Found (In A Drawer)

Trying to find more magazines I can recycle, I emptied one drawer of my 3-drawer storage container, and beneath all the magazines, I found...

  • No fewer than 7 empty notebooks, not new but stripped of 25-75% of their original pages (long ago, as I eliminated classroom notes and other things I didn't need to save space).

  • 2 empty brand new notebooks; NEVER LET ME BUY A NOTEBOOK AGAIN.

  • A notebook 10% full of random story scraps and daydream musings

  • College's spring 2009 English Department course booklet. That was the semester after I graduated so I never got to take any of those, but I still love seeing What Might Have Been if I were a year younger.

  • An awesome North American wildlife bookmark I've had since elementary school, quite possibly from a book fair

  • The folder where I printed off all the best Harry Potter fanfic I found after Book 7 came out, so I could take them with me on vacation. Also featuring my painstakingly transcribed favorite scenes from Sara Gruen's Flying Changes before I owned it, and a few Doctor/Rose fanfics as well

  • A folder with some random paper ephemera from my senior year of college

  • A Ziploc bag containing a few envelopes full of animal clipart -- as in photos I clipped from magazines, pet supply catalogs, and the back pages of old calenders for use in decorating my notebook covers

  • A blank book started in summer 2006 containing rough drafts of my fanfic / story ideas. Only 14 pages are filled, but it was a great concept while it lasted before I decided I'd rather read before bed.

  • OK, these are still magazines, but I forgot I had these 4 Teen Vogues from 2007-2008 that I pulled out of the college dorm recycling room. I regret nothing about this decision because they're so much fun to page through. 100% better than Vogue.

Currently I'm trying to find a blog that someone, somewhere, must have started to document a cleaning-out-their-entire-house project. I will even settle for a "cleaning out my childhood bedroom" blog. Alas, so far I have only find blogs that were abandoned after a few posts or individual posts about a cleanup day mixed into a regular monetized mommy / homemaking blogs. Does anyone here know of any such sites?


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