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The Further Adventures of Garage Saling; HP movies

Yesterday afternoon I was glancing at the garage sale classifieds again, and I remarked offhandedly, "Huh, you don't see that every day.  'Moving to Sweden'."  It was about five miles away so I didn't think anything of it, but my dad thought that sounded like they'd probably have a lot of stuff, possibly a lot of pretty good stuff, and suggested we check it out.  Okay!  We hit a few sales and found some good stuff, him more than me.  And it was such fun going with him that I suggested we start early this morning and make a day of it.  Since my love of a good bargain is inherited from him, it didn't require much convincing.  In addition to petting a mini Schnauzer and getting in tons of practice driving (I'm getting good at parking on the side of the street.  And I'm even starting to have fun driving, rather than it feeling like class), my two days of hunting at a total of at least a dozen sales yielded the following:

  • 'The other two books in the Shiloh trilogy (Collect-Em-When-You-Can list)
  • A cute cute 1960's paperback, Gone-Away Lake (fits right in with all the books of my mother's that she brought back for me after cleaning out her parents' home.  Love!)
  • A Nose for Trouble - Jim Kjelgaard (I saw the title first and shrieked "One of the only Kjelgaard books I haven't read!" And then I saw it was an adorable 1960 paperback.  Double love!)
  • Julie of the Wolves treasury (all three novels in the trilogy bound in one perfect-condition hardcover)
  • Animal Days - Desmond Morris (subtitle: "A love affair with a zoo;" back cover summary says "a life time of passionate animal observation"...sounds like a win to me)
  • Is There a Doctor in the Zoo? - David Taylor(Did I ever tell you how much I love vet stories?)
  • DVD, "Red Fury" (I fear there is a reason they let it go for a quarter, even though it doesn't look real scuffed or scratched...but you know what?  When I see a horse movie, my eyes turn into saucers and I snatch it up)
  • Plastic baggie of miniature metal items...I grabbed it because there was a little birdcage, which scalewise would fit with my Littlest Pet Shops/other mini animals collection, but it also has a scooter and tricycle, a brass dollhouse-sized high chair, and perhaps my favorite, a tiny little cart with old-fashioned bottles of Coca-Cola in it.   It's the kind of random miniature I used to buy for $3+ at the Variety Store.
  • 3 pairs of earrings and a gold chain/green emerald necklace
Total Spent: $3.50

We also saw a mini-fridge, one of the 3-foot ones, which would have been AWESOME, except that it was marked "needs freon" and we weren't sure how much that would cost, or whether it would be worth the hassle.  Damn.  *snaps fingers*

And now an update or two - the silver earrings I bought on Thursday proved both difficult put in/clasp as well as dangerous when they caught on my shirt and yanked my earlobe fiercely enough to draw a tiny bit of blood.  I took them off immediately and was absentmindedly toying with them, woebegone at their uselessness, when I noticed that they made absolutely gorgeous, perfectly-fitting rings.  Ten minutes later I had the frail clasps snapped off of them, and now I have a set of silver rings.  :)

Meanwhile, the beautiful 10-drawer jewelry box brings me a surge of joy every time I walk into my room and see it perched there, like a relic from a historical society home, and I am unfathomably happy that I managed to obtain it after all.
Yesterday we also went to the library again, where I snagged the 3rd and 4th Harry Potter movies.  I've only seen them once each, and I thought maybe the adaptations weren't as unbearable as I remembered them, so that maybe I would want to consider seeing the fifth movies after all. 

I watched "Prisoner of Azkaban" last night, and although it still BUGS TO NO END that they had time for Harry to imitate that Titanic movie fly all around Hogwarts on his damn hippogriff but didn't see fit to explain who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs were...oh, and decided that despite the massive numbers of minor characters they choose to cut, it would be fun to create their own ANNOYING-ASS character in the form of one Jamaican shrunken was quite good after all.  Hard to resist the allure of Lupin on film, even if I'm not enamored with the casting choice.  (I don't hate it, I just think they could have done better)

Although speaking of Lupin...and Sirius...I couldn't help marveling "So THAT'S where all the slash comes from." 
Between the "brotherly embrace" that looks more like they're about to make out, Snape's comment about "bickering like an old married couple," Sirius' random "your heart lies HERE!" attempt to keep him sane (which, HI.  WEREWOLF.  Point of no return has been reached), and Lupin's repetitive use of "people like me" to explain his resignation after being, could they make him sound any more gay?  It's a disturbingly easy notion to entertain.

Final decision on Order of the Phoenix to come after I rewatch Goblet of Fire.  I'm thinking that if I can ignore the horrible casting of Moody, I can overcome anything.  (by which I mean the casting choices for Bellatrix, Tonks, and Umbridge, any significant plot points they chuck or *cough* rewrite, and Sirius' strange long auburn curls)  If not, then the new movie is off the table. 

Oh, and on an unrelated note, I am witty!  For the first time in my life I thought of a funny caption, and placed third in TV Squad's "Subtle Subtitles" contest this week!  I was attempting to make a complicated metaphor about a writer killing himself with a pencil, but then I realized Matthew Perry's character probably wasn't a writer (I don't know anything about the show), so that fell through...and I realized simpler is better.
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