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Son of a....

I forgot I had this window open, got frustrated with endless page reloads trying to play Guess The Right Script Of 29 That Will Let Me Click This Button in a new window, and hit "temporarily allow all" in NoScript, causing ALL my tabs to reload. I seleted "yes" to restore draft, but it restored the draft of what I already posted instead so I lost my whole entry for the day. :(

The shortened version is:
* this is a terrible work weekend and I have already logged 38 hours on work this week w/out breaks and I am still behind
* that's why i skipped the Grammys for the first time in 10 years. :(
* I carved out some precious time this weekend to go to an estate sale where I wanted to buy everything, but since I don't have an apartment to furnish yet, the things would have been useless bulk and I had to content myself with buying nothing and just petting a pair of beaver hides instead.

* on my non-productive time I've been busy using my Scorpion love to re-launch my Katharine McPhee love, which mostly consists of obsessing about Smash (look at this alternately heartbreaking and inspiring Ivy Lynn fanvid!) and playing the soundtrack endlessly, but also a little bit means finding this video clip of her audition episode of American Idol. I am gobsmacked to see she was not always the lean size 2 machine she is now, but she is so incredibly cute. LOOK AT HER LIL' 21 YEAR OLD BABY FACE. She is like a human puppy. And that adorable giggling!

* conclusion: I have gained newfound appreciation for Paige Dineen, and I think Kat might be more suited to her than Karen. That, or I'm just happy that she's finally on a show where she has a huge fanbase vs. where people were always hating on Karen, and also I'm p. sure that Scorpion is a more fun workplace than Smash, which sounds like it was kind of a high speed trainwreck behind the scenes.

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